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May 11 2014

Todd Starnes – It’s the sex that is inappropriate

Todd Starnes is rather angry about a book being made available in schools.  The book is Jodi Picoult’s Ninteen Minutes and I am rather amused for the reason why. Let’s first see what his arguments are.

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Nov 19 2013

Eye for an Eye

This one’s being doing the rounds. It is rather weird to me to see people bully someone who is fighting cancer but apparently it happens.

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Jul 20 2013

Update on the DuWayne Brayton and Dave Malarky

So the results of the fundraiser. We raised a lot of money. In fact a LOT more than we needed. Nearly 200 pounds between us. We raised enough to get not one walker but TWO out there to Dave. The logic is this. For indoor use there is a walker (A zimmer frame with two …

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Jul 18 2013

This One is Strictly Off The Radar

Listen Very Carefully Because I will Say This Only Once (To any who get this line, you are either British or very very weird or possibly both). If you are Ed Brayton? Fuck off! This post is not for you. Go away and get mad at conservatives. This is plotting. Secret Plotting.

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem – You Are Who You Choose to Be

People ask “why do you study and work in India” to which I respond “It’s because of who I am”. Because I had an opportunity to study Medicine and an opportunity to learn here and the experience is fantastic even if it is sometimes challenging and difficult. The best things in life are hard.

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Mar 23 2013

How to Break your Heart

    There is nothing happy in this post. There is however something you can do to make others happy. Just writing this broke my heart and genuinely made me tear up. I couldn’t continue writing what I had written without crying. The following post is just that sad. You can’t make this kind of …

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Feb 07 2013

A Beehive Of Erotic Exploration – Fear Mongering About the Scouts

Now that I have your attention… This is a perfectly safe for work article. Except for the title. We all know why you clicked here. It’s to satiate your sordid bee lust. And yes I am not above sinking to sexing up my boring articles with pictures of titilation. Want more? Well then you just …

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Dec 07 2012

Sugar and Spice

Madeline Kara had diabetes. Childhood diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases of children with type 1 diabetes affecting around 1.7 per 1000 Americans and a varying amount for type 2 (because ethnicity and socio-economic status plays a role). I said “had”, because Madeline Kara passed away from a diabetic HONK coma. (Hyperglycaemic …

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Nov 08 2012

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – Rachel’s Water

I am a big fan of Russel Howard’s Good News (It’s a british comedy show) and every episode ends with something good. News generally is just horrible things. Good things rarely make the news. And for all my rants about various really sad issues and about idiots who think ignorance is an equal viewpoint to …

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Sep 29 2011

A Foundation built on lies is no foundation at all

Ah! The simpler life of barn dances, buggy ridesand kalashnikov Erin Friar, thinks that religion makes a strong foundation for children. I believe it makes one of the weakest of foundations, because it is a foundation built on the concept of culturally acceptable superstition. To put it into perspective, I had a couple of americans …

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