Female Genital Mutilation

This is not safe for work, this is not safe for life, this is not safe in general. The following contains images of FGM and vaginas. If you do not wish to see these then please do not read further.

One of my more recent criticisms of A+ was over the value of photojournalism. In that we debated the Photographer’s Dilemma, do you take the photos or do you help.

My stance is to take the photo then attempt to help. I am heavily influenced in my photography by the War Photographers who told stories with their cameras. Of the Burning Girl and the Man Being Executed. Of the Fires of Iraq and Kuwait.

I grew up with war, I saw my first warzone aged 5 and my first refugee camp later that year. I will admit that my choice of career and upbringing gives me a harder stomach than most and that what others find as disturbing is probably really disturbing but an upbringiing tempered by warfare and medicine has made me innured to what other people may find squeamish.

What follows is an image and a discussion on Female Genital Mutilation. It is a complication of the procedure.

When we discuss why a medical condition should be made public particularly of genitals we forget that while people are squeamish, many will say that the usage of squeamish images is insulting to the victims.

My question is this.

How on earth are we to discuss a problem. How are we to discuss a procedure. How are we to discuss the damage caused.

How are we to do ANY of these things without knowing what it looks like? Hence my warning.

The image linked is gross, gory and to many it would be considered a variety of things that are bad. I would point out that without imagery like this we cannot train up the women and men who fight this dreadful practice. If you are offended by this then that’s your choice, but bear in mind there are people who live with the practice and this is something I have witnessed in the past.  [Read more…]

Gay Propaganda

There is a book ot called Gay Propaganda and it is a collection of original stories, interviews and testimonies in English and Russian. It is an anthology designed to capture the lives of the GLBT in Russia both at home and indeed in exile. It is a provacative look into the life and the love of of the GLBT and it is set to be released prior to the Sochi Olympics in 2014. 

All “good” people need a bogeyman to fight against. Someone who you can unite behind unquestionable hate. Sure you may disagree with your neighbour over taxation bands and how that money is spent on healthcare but both of you can agree that those homosexuals are evil and have it coming to them. 

This was the case for Indians, Blacks and Jews too at one point.  [Read more…]