An uncomfortable truth – Men don’t like prostate exams

It’s a test that both doctors and patients fear, the dreaded rectal examination. It’s one of those social taboos that we do not understand. Why would anyone want to put their fingers “up there” and what could they possibly tell from that.
In women, it can be used to palpate structures much like a vaginal exam. In some cases it can be used to drain fluids that have accumulated within the body cavity.
In men however it has a more prognostic role. The prostate is the male uterus, it’s function is mildly secretory and in the maintainance of sperm counts. However with age comes a lack of use (it’s been indicated that masturbation helps. Gentlemen… go nuts) and with lack of use comes fibrosis. Fibrosis thickens the tissue and makes it difficult to urinate, it’s like compressing a hosepipe in the middle. [Read more…]