And India Cried

“It’s because India is crying.” – A Random Protester

I was supposed to go down to two different protests, one a general one and the other a more quiet affair, the turn outs were low for two reasons. The weather was frankly atrocious making movement hard and people less likely to want to protest and because many people didn’t feel that it was appropriate to protest about the rape the day the victim died out of courtesy to her family who must be suffering a lot even without politicising the day.

The second event took place though with a small gathering of people who stood and spoke, recited poetry and told each other what they would be doing to fight the culture of rape.

A truly sad day but one where you realise that there are people fighting this who do require a voice and who often do not have one.

Some interesting mentions…

1. A man who had turned up in a suit to the first protest with the words “I am a Philanthropist, but you still cannot mug me”.

2. The KFC outside which the second protest walked joined in for a few minutes to show solidarity.

3. The poetry recited

4. The people who organised it even if it was a small, short event.

It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things but it’s a stance and a stance that has to start somewhere. Yes, there were some outlooks that were reactionary but there always are. There are also cool heads and we have to hope that they prevail.

My camera didn’t survive the day but here are some photos…

Cults and You

I spent most of the weekend reading the very lovely Suzanne Schumacher’s blog about leaving a cult. The cult is quite famous as the Follower’s of Christ. They were involved in a bunch of people refusing medical care for their children and praying instead.

I advocate reading Does Air Exist, but urge readers to be respectful. Her beliefs are a product of a cult and she is not an atheist. It’s hard to be polite regarding this sort of thing considering the level of information control the average cult has.

It’s a good read to see what life was like in a cult and she has said that she will be having a faith healer on it as a guest blogger. It’s interesting to see what the medical luddite movement really believes in and it’s interesting to see what arguments they use as a learning experience.

Pimping Is Easy

I also have a gold keyboard!
And my mouse is encrusted in rhinestone.

A friend of mine has recently decided to start a blog and I quite liked his first post and figured that you guys may too.

D-Michaels makes an excellent point with regards to how a separation of church and state could be applied to corporations to prevent corporate interests from sticking their fingers into every single pie the US has and how we should place legislation to prevent the current shenanigans from ever happening again.

If you enjoy my rants then you will certainly enjoy his diatribe

Every Little Helps

I lied, this isn’t a little. This is a lot. James “Fat Boy” Onen is on a crusade to bring skepticism and free thought to Uganda and is taking on witchdoctors and pentacostal christians in his quest to do so.

He speaks out against superstition, he speaks out for gay rights, he speaks out against mass hysteria and possessions which often results in exorcisms (A euphemism for mental illness.). He even speaks out against the spectre of child sacrifice.

Catch him on his blog at Freethought Kampala.

It Get’s Better – Let Joe tell you a Story

Ricky loved Madonna made my heart break a little.

We often forget people after they become statistics. In 2007 alone out of roughly 250,000 men who have sex with men (the term Gay Man is not used anymore because it ignores people who experiment and people who are bisexual), roughly 5000 a year die.

But remember those are rough figures. And that those who die are people just like Ricky. Just like you and me. They have dreams like us. They had things they were passionate about be it questionable pop music or writing stupid blogs.

But most of all remember that we could avoid this and we can stop more of these stories. It should be Ricky Loves Madonna, not Loved. And we can do it, we are humans. We touched the fucking moon and killed smallpox. We can kill HIV once and for all.

Support those who fight or fight yourself against it. Wear a red ribbon, give money, support needle exchanges, support gay rights and proper sex education. Teach your boys to take responsibility and use protection. Teach your girls to do the same too since the numbers of straight people getting the disease are on the rise.

And above all remember that statistics merely give you a picture, but the picture is made up of real people. We are all statistics at some point.