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Apr 13 2013

Greta’s Book – Bending

Greta’s book on erotica is out and it’s quite the book. I got a copy for Tigasuku who has been getting some interesting ideas from them… If you want to read more about it? Here is Greta’s page on it. And you can pick it up from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Mar 18 2013

Piano Black – A Little Bird Says That Piano Black Has Twitter

It is clear that I am still all new to blogging as well as networking but I will figure it out eventually! How to embrace science education? It’s a big job and I simply cannot do this alone. In helping the world progress in the quality of life of each and every human, we must …

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Mar 13 2013

Honoured Hero

Oh look! Someone’s won an award! You should totally go down and say hello!

Mar 05 2013

I forgot my own Anniversary

A Million Gods turned 2 on February the 18th and I forgot to do something for it. So I am thinking of running some sort of contest. The Prize? Hindu Comic Books.

Mar 03 2013


So a couple of other people have suggested I take advantage of Google+’s hangout feature and get some discussions going on “various stuff” or just plain sit around and twiddle our thumbs. So how many people would be interested in them (I can apparently get them on Youtube as well for posterity). Avicenna

Mar 02 2013


PASSED EXAMS! But have no booze to celebrate. And er… no money in hand since I spent it all on new books yesterday. I should have a “Party Fund” for celebrating such events. Oh and I got my AC Fixed. And my net is relatively stable and not fluctuating like it has for the past …

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Mar 01 2013

A Conversation with a Reader – Photography

I love photography. I feel we are living in a renaissance of the art of photography. There are cameras for all levels and despite many people being snooty about the value of point and shoots and camera phones there is a kind of immediacy and charm to them. Let’s just say that nearly every single …

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Feb 24 2013

Dynamic Duo – Give a Warm Welcome to Piano Black

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Feb 01 2013

Angel Haze – Rape, Religion and Music

Just read this… Seriously just read this. (Trigger Warnings – Rape)

Jan 24 2013

The Lappy is Dead. Long Live The Lappy || Charity for a Charity Case


My laptop died last night, it died in ignominy. It’s an old HP Pavillion, nothing new certainly and it’s pretty old (verging on its 7th year which I hear is like 300 years old in terms of laptop age) but this is where the problems start. There are effectively no parts that can fix it. …

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