Broken Hearted

I haven’t been posting over the past few days because I didn’t feel like writing.

Well I felt like writing, it was just that I had no idea as to what to write.

You see, I spend most of my time online fighting against people, movements and things I consider as stupid and harmful. But all that while I completely forgot something.

That the people who say the worst things are often your own family. [Read more…]


So many of you may have realised why I wasn’t posting so heavily.

The truth is that I was on holiday and I found it hard to be mad about things when everything was soft and comfortable. I could get angry or I could go out for dinner.

I also found I had less time to write because I had stuff to do. I could go out for dinner, spend time with my family and time with Tiga.

And I had a lot of fun. And I owe a special thanks to everyone who donated to help get me back home on a quicker flight and who helped me replace my laptop. And all that time was worth it to spend with family and TIga.

And a special shout out goes to Daniel Bruvoli who travelled from freaking Norway to see me. I was absolutely astonished that people consider what I write to be of any importance and was astonished by this man’s generosity and kindness and willingness to travel so far to dreary Manchester to sit in a pub with us. I just wish I could have taken him around to more things than just a simple pub.

I got till February 2014 before I next go home. Until then? Service will resume as normal.

Where I Shut Up and Apologise

Sunil Triparthi is a student from Brown University from Pennsylvania. He has been missing since the 16th of March. His family are distraught and looking for him. He left his belongings and behind and has been missing with the last images of him leaving his apartment. He left a vague note and people indicate that he may have been depressed. People are worried for him and people want him to come home.

I am not in a good mood. Today is not a good day for a lot of Indians and a lot of people are “fucking pissed off”. This is a rant. [Read more…]

Piano Black – A Little Bird Says That Piano Black Has Twitter


My Mentoree (Piano Black) who blogs here has settled down in writing here. As you may have noticed she is awfully chatty and loves communicating with people who read her work.

She loves hearing feedback from you guys both on here and at the blog email on the left. And she wants to hear more about the ideas people have that can help her bring science to the masses. She would also like you to have her work passed on to anyone who you know who may also have a good idea (or 20) about how to improve science education to both kids and adults. Your feedback is vital to what her project entails and she loves to hear from you.


It is clear that I am still all new to blogging as well as networking but I will figure it out eventually! How to embrace science education? It’s a big job and I simply cannot do this alone. In helping the world progress in the quality of life of each and every human, we must begin with ourselves. It is not a matter of preaching or being dogmatic, it is more about helping our fellow man. I know that renovating our ways in how we convey science and fact by using art, less intimidation and simplification are ways I really think we could progress to something great here.

We must start with our youngsters, to show them the wonders and beauty of science, but I believe it is never too late to start learning. Again, thank you very much for reading my work and also a separate thank you for supporting me. Thank you very much, and happy reading!

You can follow me


So a couple of other people have suggested I take advantage of Google+’s hangout feature and get some discussions going on “various stuff” or just plain sit around and twiddle our thumbs. So how many people would be interested in them (I can apparently get them on Youtube as well for posterity).




But have no booze to celebrate. And er… no money in hand since I spent it all on new books yesterday. I should have a “Party Fund” for celebrating such events.

Oh and I got my AC Fixed. And my net is relatively stable and not fluctuating like it has for the past week so I can blog.

Well I feel I should post something of note here. So here goes.

There is a name change I must indicate to you. Piano Black is changing her pseudonym to Nina Maxine…