Yes we have a new blog

Yes, we have a new blog. And yes I kind of like it.

Look, no website’s perfect. FTB’s got a huge writer pool and our old problem was that new blogs languished at the bottom of a front page that was designed according to when the author joined. This was fine when FTB was half a dozen authors. We are on 32 and growing. If we simply alphabetised it then I would have the advantage (if you note? Since my blog starts with an A, I would be at the top of the Blog Roll). So we decided on categories. A way to get people to read according to interests rather than blog loyalty and to help many of the guys at the bottom of the blog roll with greater awareness.

And also for people to realise we aren’t just “SJW” (Social Justice Warlocks) but we write on a myriad of topics.

If you have any suggestions to improve how we work, leave em in the comments.

The Drop

This is the drop. The final jump. It’s been a long long ride to get here and I have just one thing left to do.

I wrote both my knowledge papers. I have a good feeling about this year’s papers in general. So all that’s left is the scariest part of being a medical student. The last jump. The final drop.

I am to be tested for my capacity to perform Paediatric Medicine at a safe  level. I have my OSCEs and Viva tomorrow. And on Sunday I do the same for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I am not nervous. I just have enough butterflies in my stomach to make a lepidopterist very happy. All that’s left is going through my notes on the way to the exam and trusting to luck and skill.

I leave you with this….

Donations to help Avicenna with a Travel and Exams

For those who are unaware? The reason the blog’s been on and off for the past few days is because I have had exams.

For those who are aware? I am travelling back to Manchester on the 5th of August and am currently running a fundraiser for the purpose of being able to pay for my ticket and travel in the UK along with equipment and vital things like clothes and new pants that I need for medical work. I am also saving up enough money to be able to pay for my PLAB. It’s the qualification exam for me to practice in the UK.

If you fancy helping out then here is the link to my Paypal.


I understand I have had a lot of new readers today as my posts reblogging an email on the SDCC attack went viral.

But if you fancy helping out, I will offer an incentive.

A lot of people have shown interest in my photography. Should you donate, I will offer you any of my photographs from now into the future that you like for personal use as whatever you like! I will also take requests for topics to write on. Just mention which ones you want and I will have a full sized print sent to you via e-mail.



I also have some old photos from my old camera that will go up when I have better Internet during the holidays and they will be available for purchase from the Million Gods art store too.

If you fancy helping out Alex Gabriel who is also in need?

Ava Paige

My first posts were about Negotiation is Over.

An odious website that encouraged death threats and attacks against students. Negotiation is Over was the brain child of Camille Marino who plagued the University of Florida. She and her band of animal liberation fans created a dialogue of fear and threats to the staff and students of Biology. [Read more…]

Pitchguest – Sling your Hook Mate, You are Barred

It’s quite simple.

I run a three tier comment policy. Red/Yellow/Green. Red is basically a safe zone topic. It’s for people to discuss the issue in a positive way. I use it rarely. Most of my posts are in the green which is practically anything apart from bigotry goes.

I know for a fact that only one person was banned outright and that was for threatening my family. In the same time I have given people like Larry Silverman and various trolls, bigots and ne’er-do-wells ample opportunity to play by my incredibly relaxed rules.

Much to the chagrin of people who think I should simply ban on sight. But this is my blog. I moderate under my rules and my rules are pretty relaxed. I have seen other bloggers on other sites operate stricter policies.

In fact to be banned here, you must be a spectacular shit head. Simply incapable of understanding the rules or abiding by them. And they are very relaxed. In fact this is a regular issue in FTB where I am told to ban people outright but refuse to do so because “Everyone gets two chances here”. And Pitchguest blew both. [Read more…]

Dear Salon, What The Actual Fuck Man!

Dear Salon

If this is what passes for good articles today then sign me the fuck up!

Seriously! My grammatical error laden anger rants are more factually accurate and less idiotic than this drivel. I could certainly use the extra cash flow over August to make up for the hit I took during my exam time and this writing malarkey looks pretty easy!

Have some standards. If you let these drivel mongers then how are you any different from the Huffington Post’s fascination with woo?

Your’s sincerely.


(PS – Serious about the writing thing, hire better writers)

Jillboots – The Goal of Feminism

This was rather puzzling, in light of a post I had this shoved into the inbox of my email.

Again, people insist the MRA have nothing but the best intentions for men. And I repeatedly say “they do not, they just hate women and want women to suffer”. They bemoan the loss of historical privilege. Their big complaint is that they have to treat women as equals in a world where they are expected to be considerate of others.

So this is a list, a hilarious list of things that are wrong about what I do. The joke is I never really considered myself as a feminist. Others did. I picked up feminism through simply treating women as equals and being considerate. That’s really all I think you need.  [Read more…]

The Price of Failure

I have had time to think about failure a lot these days.

For those who are unaware, I am a medical student. A product of a large amount of work. For those who are unaware, I was set to graduate this week and be a full fledged doctor. For those who are unaware, I did not graduate since I failed two of my four subjects. Obstetrics/Gynaecology and Paediatrics.

It is a disheartening event, I am unaware of what I did wrong to cause me to fail and I am unaware of the things I must do to correct this at the moment. I will have to learn that when I go back to India.

You heard me right, I am going back. To do the same things I normally do and to try and train myself better so that I do pass come June/July. In order to pass I have to put up more work in the two fields I failed in.

This does mean a few things. [Read more…]