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Mar 11 2014

Jewish Chronicle – I do not think we should teach creationism in schools

This one’s by Abraham Hilsenrath on the Jewish Chronicle. It is rather puzzling to hear non-Christian and Islamic creationists, we often forget that Jews share the same creation mythos and while they may pay lip service to the story they don’t “actively” believe in it. But there are conservative Jews who do if we think …

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Mar 07 2014

Age of Kali – A Blow For Freedom

Pakistan beat India at Cricket. This is a sport. A way for two groups of people to compete. At it’s core a man throws a ball and another hits it in order to score points. People support team A or team B and cheer appropriately. Then everyone goes home and is either sad or pleased …

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Mar 05 2014

Guest Post – An Introduction by Ben Baz Aziz


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Mar 04 2014

Who needs Mammogram when You Can Pray

The last advice from Mark Stengler was bad but this one’s bad. At Stage I and II we have a 95% survival rate for Breast Cancer. At Stage III it drops and obviously at Stage IV it’s low survival due to metastasis. But with our actual scanning techniques we have detected cancers earlier and earlier. …

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Mar 03 2014


An advert published by Capita (a recruitment company) read “Male Science Teacher” for cover lessons. Why Male? Because it was for a Muslim school for Boys. There is an increasing issue with gender segregation and Islam in the UK. The fact of the matter is that gender segregation has gone on for a long time …

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Mar 01 2014

Brian Chambers – Let’s Prey on Cancer Patients

Much as I find praying for the victims of cancer a bit of a pointless if harmless exercise, I find this alternative worse. Brian Chambers is either a deluded fool or a man who is harming people who are desperate. He’s the pusher of a video that claims to have a way to cure cancer …

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Feb 17 2014

Atheism : New Fundementalists

I had a lovely and rather weird conversation with the man sat next to me on the plane. He was intrigued by my atheism, mainly because he couldn’t understand how our morality works. When he asked how progress was perverted by Islam, rather than terrorism, I pointed out the damage caused to science and the …

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Feb 12 2014

Sorry You Got Hacked, But You Did Ask For It

A lot of people are aware that we got hacked.on Saturday and there are a lot of ideas flip flopping about on who is responsible for this and why. My blog is one of the smaller blogs here, so being hit by an outage actually affects me in different ways. I don’t actually get paid …

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Feb 11 2014

Todd Friel’s Evolution Ignorance

You may have seen this on Pharyngula, you may have seen this elsewhere but Todd Friel’s rather bizarre piece is the perfect thing for me to tackle in my post Surgery (exam not as a patient) haze. And it’s been a while, so this is a list.

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Feb 09 2014

The Roman Catholic Church’s New Gaffe

I am tempted to call this article “You won’t believe what the Roman Catholic Church has done now!” Basically? The UN’s produced a report. A report whose TL:DR version boils down to “Why don’t you lot at the Roman Catholic Church have a look in the mirror and have a sodding word with yourself”. It …

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