I Get Mail – Defence of Dawkins

Must disagree with some of the conclusions and comments. Prof. Dawkins has repeatedly made clear his disdain for all religions as forces against reason and the progress of humankind. As well he has made it clear that he is not opposed to the people of said religions themselves, but the religions themselves. I have listened to many of Pat Condell’s rants and agree with some but not all of his conclusions on religion in general and Islam specifically. Doesn’t mean he is not a bigot inside or gets some things wrong but that also does not mean his admonitions to beware the long game of Islamists worldwide is wrong – see ISIS and their plans to reestablish a worldwide caliphate. Same with Prof. Dawkins – I find myself in agreement with much but not all of his conclusions on the evils of religion, doesn’t mean he gets it all right all the time. But to caricature him as a bigoted RW authoritarian or shit-stirring hatemonger is not only incorrect but also reprehensible. Try reading his works, listen to him speak and I think you will find your spurious conclusions about him are not accurate. Sure, criticize where disagreements exist, but you are out of bounds with such base characterizations of him and his postitions. Thanks for playing, try again with a better argument than name-calling and propagating the polarization developing within the freethinking community.

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A Response to Charles Moore – Atheism is not a Sad Business

Charles Moore’s piece in the Daily Telegraph‘s gone viral. It’s created a debate of over 4000 posts and has hundreds if not thousands of views on facebook when I found it.

And I have a response. See what Charles Moore has constructed is a straw man. In fact? It’s so strawmanny I am surprised it doesn’t wander off with a girl from Kansas, her little dog, a tin man and a cowardly lion in order to look for a brain.

Atheism is a sad business is a genuinely daft argument built on denigrating atheists.

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How to fight the Islamic Trojan Horse? Accept Jesus!

There is a double standards in the UK with regards to religion in schools. We don’t mind the teaching of “Christian” values. See Christian values are seen as local and from places that are near to us. So if we hear Christian hymns being sung in schools, we turn a blind eye to it.

If someone utters Allahu Akbar then religion has gone too far.

This one’s about Project Trojan Horse or the plan to infiltrate a mainly Muslim school and create enough changes to provide fundies with a system of recruitment of children turning it into a “Madrassa”. A word here? Madrassa means school. It doesn’t mean religious school explicitly. I went to a “madrassa” when I was younger myself.

But when we discuss it in the west we specifically refer to the madrassas that teach the “Koran”. Part brainwashing, part cram school, part philosophy class, the majority of these are designed to get kids to recite the Koran. The original “korans” were people. It was an oral tradition written down as oral reciters had a bad habit of getting killed in wars. But the problem here was that this school had a fantastic reputation, and they wished to use it to sneak nonsense under the radar. The plan failed. It was a stupid plan (since we have inspectors to ensure schools are doing their job and it would show on the results when you suddenly replaced evolution with Islamic Creationism as a subject). But needless to say it was a plot, no matter how incompetent and silly. [Read more...]

Religious Diets and Freedom of Expression

There are people who would be angry if I put spiders in their food. Why? Plenty of cultures eat them. They are a good snack, why should you consider that an insult? Or a prank?

There are people who will feel angry and violated that there are spiders in their food. I am using spiders as an example because Tarantulas are a delicacy in Khmer culture. The reason?  [Read more...]

Tim Lambesis – I don’t think you understand Atheism or Marriage or Being A Dick

Tim Lambesis was the Front-man for As I Lay Dying. A Christian Metal band. Sure. Whatever.

Tim Lambesis was caught trying to solicit a hitman to kill his wife. The story doesn’t end with him going to jail, the story ends with him claiming it was atheism that drove him to try and hire someone to kill his wife.

Look I find the whole notion of Christian Metal silly. It’s like your grandmother wearing her hat backwards to try to be cool. But if that is what makes you happy then god speed you fancy bastard. Metal has always been about sly rebellion and cheesy over the topness and the fact that Christian Metal is taken so “seriously” is rather amusing. It is like someone thinks Tenacious D is “Real”, not “parody”. [Read more...]

Reddit Post – Life can be Cruel, it is us who make it less so

Honestly, I don’t want points, because this sucks, I just want to be sad and sort of angry.

One of my best friends just found out that their unborn child has a rare condition called acrania. Basically, the fetus does not have a proper skull. The mortality rate is 100% when brought to term. They are terminating the pregnancy because the condition is incompatible with life.

This kind of thing blows my mind. There are so many diseases, illnesses, and conditions that make life miserable for the afflicted, many of which are only sustainable because of modern science.

How can god possibly exist when these kinds of things happen? God is either a dickhead, weak, or non-existent. If we happen to be wrong and god actually exists, then I want nothing to do with him. My friend is religious though and will probably be in church all week.

I’m angry because life can truly be miserable. No one should ever have to go through this kind of thing. I’ll never speak a word of my feelings about this to them, all I can do is be there for my friend…

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A Response to Damian Thompson – ISIS and Iraq

I have made it no secret that I have a mysterious history with Iraq. I have been there on holiday, I have been there as a refugee and I have been there for a variety of reasons.

Iraq is where I picked up my nom de plume. Well the Middle East, there are a lot of Ibn Sina Hospitals out there and as part of my vague past, I was born in one and I have lived in one while my parents worked.

I have long said that Islam is a fractured faith. That the greatest victims of Islam are Muslims. That the religion’s fervour, and fanaticism lead it to be rigid and unchanging. And that with the rise of Saudi Wahabbism and wealth, the language and progress of Islam is being re-written to emphasise the glory of the bedouin tribals whose conservative Islam has become the blue print to aim for.

When the ideal Muslim is portrayed as fundamentalist, then what you see is people trying to beat each other in fundamentalism to be the man on top. Just as the Christians try to beat each other in “piety” and being holy, you see the Muslims do the same. Except the Muslim Ideal in many parts of the world is Jihadi. Young men are encouraged to be brainless, violent thugs and this is glorified. I have been to the camps in Palestine. I have been to Pakistan. I have seen people laud Osama Bin Laden and Lakshar, Hamaas and Hezbollah as heroes. Sure there are other reasons for their popularity (Lakshar are seen as freedom fighters, Hamaas and Hezbollah were the only ones to stand up to aggressive loss of land. Put it this way?  [Read more...]