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Mar 19 2014

Masimo Pigliucci – Abortion ethics without the experiences of real life is just inadequate

I thought the debate was over. Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life? We sit and debate ethics in the ivory tower when we should base our ethics on real world outcomes. It is for this reason we have recently clashed with Secular Pro-Lifers and the rather puzzling stance. In every case they don’t think women or doctors should …

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Mar 18 2014

God Is Not Dead

It’s awfully hard to die when you don’t exist.

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Mar 17 2014

When Have Atheists taken the Rights of Theists Away

To expand, yes there have been some specific instances where atheists have taken the rights of theists away.

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Mar 16 2014

Atheism is Not Intellectual Snobbery

You are too intellectual, that’s what you are. You live a snobby house and drive a snooty car. The Atlantic’s Emma Green has written an article called the Intellectual Snobbery of Conspicuous Atheism where she goes on the assault against the “conspicuous” atheist. In other words? People like me. So it’s only fair to defend …

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Mar 15 2014

Free Speech – Birmingham Mosque Bows Before Extremism

The BBC is an institution in the UK. Home of Dr. Who and some incredibly good TV, the BBC is generally the gold standard of Brit TV. And they had a show called “Free Speech” where they discussed things that were controversial. Asifa Lahore posited the question. “One Question I would Like to ask the …

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Mar 14 2014

Austin Ruse’s Hate Speech

While filling in on the American Family Radio for the normal presenter, Austin Ruse had this to say about us. That is the nonsense that they teach in women’s studies at Duke University, this is where she learned this. The toxic stew of the modern university is gender studies, it’s “Sex Week,” they all have …

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Mar 14 2014

Of Gulags and Guillotines and indeed Gas Chambers – A Rebuttal

Father Dwight Longenecker from Patheos’s Standing On  My Head takes on atheists with his latest piece lauding the actions of another conservative writer and I fear he fails to understand atheism or indeed the alleged atrocities linked to it. Joseph Pearce reminds us here of the genocidal legacy of atheism. The atheists like to suggest that these …

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Mar 13 2014

A Response To A Pro-Life Atheist and The Friendly Atheist

I am a fan of Hemant Mehta, as one of the few asian atheists online, reading his work got me writing my own stuff. However I disagree with his guest blogger, Kristine Kruszelnicki who is the president of the Pro-Life Humanists. I value free speech and differing opinions. I figure Hemant Mehta has the same ideas, …

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Mar 12 2014

Has Kevin Swanson actually seen Frozen?

So American talk radio host Kevin Swanson and Steve Vaughn were up in arms a few days ago about Frozen (the Disney movie) being a way to indoctrinate young girls into the sapphic arts and turn them into lesbianists. If you think this sounds stupid then it really is.

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Mar 11 2014

We’re Cross – Atheists and the 9/11 Cross

If two lines intersect at right angles, the shape they form is a cross… We use crosses a lot in making the world we live in. They are a vital structural shape. So it is puzzling to witness the kerfuffle about the 9/11 cross. For those who are unaware, it’s a piece of the World …

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