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Jul 10 2014

On Richard Dawkins and Islam

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Jul 07 2014

A Response to Charles Moore – Atheism is not a Sad Business

Charles Moore’s piece in the Daily Telegraph‘s gone viral. It’s created a debate of over 4000 posts and has hundreds if not thousands of views on facebook when I found it. And I have a response. See what Charles Moore has constructed is a straw man. In fact? It’s so strawmanny I am surprised it …

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Jun 30 2014

How to fight the Islamic Trojan Horse? Accept Jesus!

There is a double standards in the UK with regards to religion in schools. We don’t mind the teaching of “Christian” values. See Christian values are seen as local and from places that are near to us. So if we hear Christian hymns being sung in schools, we turn a blind eye to it. If …

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Jun 24 2014

Religious Diets and Freedom of Expression

There are people who would be angry if I put spiders in their food. Why? Plenty of cultures eat them. They are a good snack, why should you consider that an insult? Or a prank? There are people who will feel angry and violated that there are spiders in their food. I am using spiders …

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Jun 22 2014

No JT, It’s Not Stupid, It is hate

I am disappointed to write this. I am a fan of JT Eberhard and I regularly play League of Legends with him for fun. We are facebook friends but I disagree with him because he simply has not gotten the point. What is harmless and appears pointless to one person may be terrifying to another …

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Jun 21 2014

Tim Lambesis – I don’t think you understand Atheism or Marriage or Being A Dick

Tim Lambesis was the Front-man for As I Lay Dying. A Christian Metal band. Sure. Whatever. Tim Lambesis was caught trying to solicit a hitman to kill his wife. The story doesn’t end with him going to jail, the story ends with him claiming it was atheism that drove him to try and hire someone …

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Jun 20 2014

Reddit Post – Life can be Cruel, it is us who make it less so

Honestly, I don’t want points, because this sucks, I just want to be sad and sort of angry. One of my best friends just found out that their unborn child has a rare condition called acrania. Basically, the fetus does not have a proper skull. The mortality rate is 100% when brought to term. They …

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Jun 18 2014

A Response to Damian Thompson – ISIS and Iraq

I have made it no secret that I have a mysterious history with Iraq. I have been there on holiday, I have been there as a refugee and I have been there for a variety of reasons. Iraq is where I picked up my nom de plume. Well the Middle East, there are a lot …

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Jun 14 2014

3,679 Women


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Jun 13 2014

An Answer

I’ve recently started to shun my religious upbringing and it has already led to some great improvements in my life. I was just wondering how you guys personally deal with the fact that there is no afterlife? Do you just try to live the most out of everyday? How do you console yourself, or do …

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