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Jul 22 2014

Protective Edge – MSF report from Gaza

I have long written about the withholding of aid to Gaza and the West Bank. But one of the major problems is we keep saying that the information coming out of Gaza is solely in the hands of non-Israeli sources and so is suspect as propaganda. The Facebooks have been aflood with images of London …

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Jul 21 2014

No Honour – The men have to wash their shame with blood

A 10 year old girl was raped in Afghanistan by a Mullah within a Mosque. The problem with people who think the zenith of human endeavour was reached during the reign of a tribal leader in the Middle East circa 600 is that they ignore real progress humanity has made since then. Yes I know …

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Jul 20 2014

Jaclyn Glenn – Atheism + Drama + Strawman

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Jul 17 2014

Kosher Ultrasound

I normally link videos directly but this one’s rather spectacular despite being locked to the site. TLDR? Ultrasounds during pregnancy are not good.

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Jul 14 2014

Pope Francis Says “1 in 50 are Paedophiles”

In a candid conversation with the 90 year old Eugnio Scalfari, the pope seemingly let this candid piece of information slip.

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Jul 13 2014

Creationist – If Evolution is True, then Rape is Good

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Jul 13 2014

Bryan Fischer – Borders do not work like that

In other news? Bryan Fischer doesn’t get how borders work.

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Jul 11 2014

I Get Mail – Defence of Dawkins

Must disagree with some of the conclusions and comments. Prof. Dawkins has repeatedly made clear his disdain for all religions as forces against reason and the progress of humankind. As well he has made it clear that he is not opposed to the people of said religions themselves, but the religions themselves. I have listened …

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Jul 10 2014

On Richard Dawkins and Islam

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Jul 07 2014

A Response to Charles Moore – Atheism is not a Sad Business

Charles Moore’s piece in the Daily Telegraph‘s gone viral. It’s created a debate of over 4000 posts and has hundreds if not thousands of views on facebook when I found it. And I have a response. See what Charles Moore has constructed is a straw man. In fact? It’s so strawmanny I am surprised it …

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