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Nov 30 2012

Bread and Circuses – Gay Marriage

Why do they fight against gay marriage? Gay Marriage is the modern Bread and Circus. It’s used to distract from the real issues in the USA. In this case?The cynic in me says this… It was election year and Obama is rather competent. Republicans have nothing else (and to be fair, Obama is guilty of …

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Oct 29 2012

Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working …

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Apr 15 2012

Hail to the King

Apparently the Catholic Church in the USA wants to raise awareness of freedom and wants to spend a fortnight trying to raise awareness and campaign for it. But I wanted to do a bit more poking around so I found the actual letter which the bishops wrote and I don’t think they know what freedom …

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Apr 12 2012

Fear of A Black Planet

Racism in America is not dead. Trayvon Martin’s death is a catalogue of errors and poor thinking. What basically happened is a nice young man was gunned down because of the colour of his skin and the clothes he wore by George Zimmerman. What is being decided is whether George is guilty of any crime …

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Sep 23 2011

Help! Help! I am being oppressed.

Don’t worry Madam! I am a medical student. Let me call you a Waaahmbulance! Prayer doesn’t belong in schools, it’s exclusive. It treats only a specific brand of Christianity as acceptable (I am pretty sure you would consider the song Jerusalem blasphemy and indeed sedition despite being a Church of England hymn) and worse it hurts any …

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Aug 11 2011


It is official, the Rock Beyond Belief event is going to take place with support from the US military. It’s good to see people finally accept that there are military atheists and that the overt bias towards christianity in the US army has negative consequences. However, you do see a lot of little niggling things. Rock Beyond …

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Jul 03 2011

Rights of the Silent majority – We’re not in Kansas Anymore

The people this will hurt are women and the poor. Abortion is a right for a reason, because it’s the woman’s choice to decide and for most women abortions take place in the first two trimesters. The reason behind that is that most abortions when personal take place in the first trimester. Every woman knows …

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Jun 15 2011

It Gets Better – Dear Arch Bishop Dolan

I did send a response to the Archbishop of New York about his stance on marriage,  However as his comments are moderated, I assume that my post will be deleted. So I shall post it here as a letter, hopefully someone will read it and it may reach him.Dear Archbishop DolanI disagree. Your nation was founded …

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Jun 04 2011

It ain’t easy being green

Now you know how it feels! It has always been a problem. Humanity by its nature is destructive to the environment, but we can by our nature help protect it. It’s a fine line we must tread between using natural resource and preservation of the environment. None of us can blithely say that the rest of …

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May 22 2011

Dear Minessota

Dear Minessota I am not a particularly angry atheist. I am just a rather well informed one but surely SURELY you guys have realised that the man giving this invocation is a horrific and backwards individual who is trying to take your nation back to the days when people couldn’t fly! This man has misrepresented …

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