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Jul 22 2014

A Voice for Me – Paul Elam vs Matt Binder

If you didn’t catch it earlier? However? I have a small rebuttal to make. Janet Bloomfield and Karen Straughan. Google Them To See What they are all about. Because some of their stuff won’t show up on google. Janet Bloomfield Steubenville Rape Victim Another Classy Piece Further Class And Karen Straughan (caution… Wall of text …

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Jun 20 2014

George Will – Making it easier to treat rape does not make us the victims of progressivism

Dear George Will The victims of progressivism tries to imply that men (and women) cannot change. That the victims of rape are less important than the people who simply cannot understand the concept of consent. I know who George Will is. To those who are unaware? While my “idea of journalism” mainly came for Photojournalism, …

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Jun 12 2014

A Voice for Me! – Crying Rape

This one’s from the charming libertarian blog Taki’s Magazine. So it is home to lots of “non-conventional ideas”. While prior writers have refered to the Chinese as “Chinks and Slopes” (because it is okay to be racist to Asians, they rarely complain, aren’t all that angry and are pretty well off), they also have this …

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Jun 08 2014

Why I Need the MRA – A Rebuttal

One of the major issues that I find puzzling is the notion of Lady MRA. In short? I am puzzled by the existence of people who wish to be part of a movement that so denigrates women. While the majority of MRA are harmless, just transferring the sticks and stones of normal life into a …

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Jun 07 2014

I Get Mail – MRA and India

India is a deeply conservative country that’s sexually repressive for both sexes. If you took off your sexist gender goggles you might be able to discuss deeper issues than ‘rape’ and ‘rape’ and more ‘rape. There are Cast issues of profound significance. Huge ethnic and religious tensions that spin off into riots. There are Maoist …

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Jun 05 2014

A Voice for Me! – A Response to an MRA question

We cannot be sexist. What about Janet Bloomfield and Karen Straughan? Why would women join us in our fight if we are misogynistic? Why do you ignore their existence?  

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May 28 2014

Thug In Velvet – Revisited

Around a decade ago there was a watershed in Indian culture. We saw a concept come about in India and abroad. It was called the New Indian Male. The very idea of the New Indian Male was a gentleman. He wore clothes that fit and wasn’t picked out by his mother. He understood fashion. He …

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Apr 15 2014

A Voice for Me – It’s not Racism if you don’t know the Context

Racism against Asians gets a free ride. Oh come now, we know this. For the most part the face of Asians is either Chinese or Indians (if we ever do get considered as being in Asia.), and we are generally considered an acceptable target for two very simple reasons.

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Apr 03 2014

A Voice for Me – 11 Signs you are a Feminist

I always thought there was one really clear cut sign that you are a feminist. Do you think women are equal to men apart from minor biological differencees and that women should be treated the same as men? If the answer is yes. You are a feminist. You may  fall to your knees and scream …

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Jan 26 2014

Short Hair Blues

There is an article going about about short hair. I started going bald young, I don’t know why, the doctors suggested it was due to injuries sustained when younger. And for a long time it was a terrible thing. I tried everything. Rogaine to everyone’s natural medicine suggestions. Until finally I had to shave my …

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