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Apr 15 2014

A Voice for Me – It’s not Racism if you don’t know the Context

Racism against Asians gets a free ride. Oh come now, we know this. For the most part the face of Asians is either Chinese or Indians (if we ever do get considered as being in Asia.), and we are generally considered an acceptable target for two very simple reasons.

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Apr 03 2014

A Voice for Me – 11 Signs you are a Feminist

I always thought there was one really clear cut sign that you are a feminist. Do you think women are equal to men apart from minor biological differencees and that women should be treated the same as men? If the answer is yes. You are a feminist. You may  fall to your knees and scream …

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Jan 26 2014

Short Hair Blues

There is an article going about about short hair. I started going bald young, I don’t know why, the doctors suggested it was due to injuries sustained when younger. And for a long time it was a terrible thing. I tried everything. Rogaine to everyone’s natural medicine suggestions. Until finally I had to shave my …

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Jan 07 2014

A Voice For Me – Look at Me!

My name is Robert O’Hara and I am the News Director for A Voice for Men and I publicly support every person who spammed the Occidental College sexual assault and harassment reporting form. I ache for an opportunity to get on camera and tell the public how I feel about this. My email [email protected][1] if you …

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Dec 23 2013

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

I will do the dishes if you pay all the bills – Where have all the Cowboys Gone The past for many  MRA is a wonderful world. Where men were MEN and women were WOMEN. Not the namby pamby limpwristed men that we have today. Indeed if one remembers I am one of those weak …

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Dec 21 2013

A Voice for Me – Fake Rape and Not Helping Anyone

One of the problems with the MRA community is that the genuine issues that affect men tends to get ignored in exchange for simply bashing a straw (wo)man. It’s easy to dismiss it as the last hurrah of the privileged losing their privileges. It was the victim of a “fake rape” accusation. There are two …

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Oct 15 2013

A Voice for Me – A Firestorm of Helmet Bunnies, Sluts and Rape

I recently came across this word in a twitter discussion (OKAY, Raging Argument) with Dean Esmay and Judgy Bitch. For those who don’t know who these are, Dean Esmay is one of the big shots up at A Voice for Men and Judgy Bitch is a lady MRA who I came across when she was …

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Sep 15 2013

A Voice for Me – Pax, Roosh and Racism

The Internet is not a private place unless you make it private. In our more networked world what we say online and how we behave is iincreasingly linked to “IRL”. Now for the majority of us this is not a problem. Most of us aren’t doing anything “bad”. Being atheist may get you discriminated against …

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Sep 01 2013

A Voice for Me – Big Mistake

Whaddaya know, a second FTB blogger is currently being accused of sexual assault. He, too has a handy-dandy excuse. As feminists, we must believe accusers. Surely, something must be behind this. But in any case, we shouldn’t make too much of his excuse. Let’s remember this quote from an eminent feminist:

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Jul 27 2013

A Voice for Me – Who Died and made Paul Elam the Rapefinder General?

This I got sent by a friend of mine in my other life. You know. The one where I use my real name. And he agrees with Mr. Elam. It’s always amusing to be told by my friends to read things here. Many don’t realise who I am. It’s kind of like being Batman. But …

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