Apr 19 2014

Complaining About Gullibility Is Not A Recruitment Plan

Dave Shifflet of the Wall Street Journal doesn’t quite understand the role of American Atheists in his recent article.

See just because Atheists are outnumbered doesn’t mean we are quiet or a small minority. We are often quite loud. This weekend sees Salt Lake City host the American Atheists Annual Convention and there is a notion at the Wall Street Journal that the relatively small number of atheists means that we are not significant.

See there is a lot of truth in the fact that there are many ex-Mormons out there who are atheist but don’t say so. Perhaps because the price of completely turning to the atheist side is to be ostracised. Sometimes you need a vocal event to show that you don’t have to pretend to believe in a god and that there are others like you. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 18 2014

Stormfront – Murder Machine

I think I am late to the party here. If you haven’t already heard? Ed Brayton is being a sued by a white supremacist. And while I was purchasing a new, sleeker and more powerful hamster to power my Internet, I was reading the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s look at the Stormfront.

I am aware of the Stormfront as I am aware of various racist groups due to contact with racist people on a normal day. It creeps up in a variety of places after all.

And there are some very very strange places where you find racism. Yes even us atheists. For those who haven’t clicked the links? The first is Pat Condell defending the English Defence League. Now I am of the opinion that the best way for English to be defended would be to ban the average EDL member from speaking it. The EDL are racists, the only difference between them and the Nazis is that the Nazis were snappier dressers. They are violent abusive thugs who have made life hellish for the people of the UK who just happen to be brown. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 16 2014

Choice Implies Equal Value

This one’s from Barbara Loe Fisher at USA Today. 

Rather puzzling that the USA Today is giving a platform to a dangerous viewpoint.  Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 15 2014

Not Even Gail Simone is Safe


For those who don’t know who Gail Simone is?  Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 15 2014

Age of Kali – The Doll

Gudiya means doll.


TW – Rape, Child Molestation
Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 15 2014

A Voice for Me – It’s not Racism if you don’t know the Context

Racism against Asians gets a free ride.

Oh come now, we know this. For the most part the face of Asians is either Chinese or Indians (if we ever do get considered as being in Asia.), and we are generally considered an acceptable target for two very simple reasons. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 14 2014

Foundation Beyond Belief’s First National Conference Needs You

To show up!  Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 14 2014

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and CAIR

I am torn, on the one side I am aware of the excesses of Islam and the need to combat its excesses. On the other side I am aware of the right wing talking points with regards to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and some of the things she has said. I disagree with her all or nothing stances because all or nothing does not work, but I disagree with the silencing tactics of CAIR. I think she should be allowed to speak and should be given her honorary degree.

Being an ex-Muslim is hard. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has arguably had it hard but does that excuse her willingness to deal with the right and in particular be the darling of the far right? That’s the major issue here.

I grew up in the Middle East. I may be British but I lived there as my parents worked there. I have been to Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia. I transit in the UAE regularly but that doesn’t really count. And I sort of disagree with her. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 13 2014

Witch-Hunter Apostle in the UK

We have written about Helen Ukpabio before. For those who are unaware of this issue?

Culture and Religion sometimes intermingle in unexpected ways. We often don’t realise how the adoption of a new idea will work. Sometimes you get curry, the combination of new world ingredients and asian spices.

Sometimes you get Witchhunters.


Contains descriptions of witchcraft related torture in Africa and the UK. Contains a Christian Horror Movie Video.

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Apr 13 2014

Islamic Economics of Sex

This one was particularly idiotic. I had written a fair few articles decrying the Burkha and Niqab. Listen, I don’t mind that it’s a cultural outfit in many parts of the Middle East. I don’t mind that it is a choice for some women.

But for most women the choice is very biased. You are free to wear the Burkha or be a dirty slut who is sullied by the fact that light from the sun/artificial light source has bounced off you and dared to enter the eye of a man. Oh it’s not spoken of like that but the implicit notion is that the mere shape of a woman is enticement to sin.

If all things being equal, then the Burkha would be worn like my Sherwani, it is not. It is part of the system that Islam uses to control women. Maybe one day it will be a fashion choice, but right now it is not.

There are many feminists who defend it, to which I say “the day the Burkha becomes a Fashion Choice is the day I agree with you, but right now? It’s a weapon that kills promise and achievement”. Read the rest of this entry »

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