Dinesh D’Souza – Forget about the Past


Dinesh fucks over his own argument here.

See? Black people were the most visible face of racism in America. The racism also touched white people such as Jews, Poles and Irish who were not treated all that well. But Indians and Chinese were also treated as “coloured people”. If we forgot about segregation and slavery Dinesh D’Souza would not be allowed to run for power. He owes his political career solely due to the struggles of Black Americans who fought against racism and slavery.

But let us compare the two things. One is a set of social and economic issues that arose from slavery and systemic institutionalised and overt racism that lead to the current status quo. The other was a pointless political demonstration.

The cold war is over. Rather than make new friends and move forward the USA was acting like a spoilt child bullying a tiny nation. It could have been a positive influence on the region, instead it shuttered it’s doors and created animosity.

Dinesh just wants more of the same.

Then again, if Obama said that running head first into walls was stupid, many conservatives would respond that being unconscious at the base of a wall is actually a sign of genius.

I Am Truly Disgusted By Avicenna

This man took the time to make some rather spurious claims  about me. A short back story?

People don’t like the fact I am helping others. To them it is easier to make claims that I am not doing so and denigrate what I do and simply imply that  I am the second coming of StalinHitlerSatan. This culminated in one person calling me a paedophile and another making his indepth investigation into what can only be called ASTIgate. What followed was a hilarious inquisition of three people firing a barrage of questions and not liking the answers they got.

I figured that censorship is the last thing I should do. The last time they did something they photoshopped some very sensible words about helping others and thought it would harm my case. Turns out people are smarter than them and also think that if you harm yourself to help another when there is no need you are quite foolish.

But yes. He’s taking on my PTSD claim and ASTI time line when everyone here knows that I said last March that I was not going to Nepal and would attempt to volunteer with them on a later date. Oh well.

I think you should watch his video. And when someone asks you “what barriers are there to PoC in atheism” then show them this. If you are asked “Why do so few atheists write openly about their experiences in the non-western world” show them this. If they ask you why do we have so few people in charity then show them this.

This has encouraged me to do two things. From henceforth I will be more vocal and involved in meat space. If you have an event you think I should attend and socialise with other atheists then let me know when I am back in the UK.

Secondly? It has shown me the fact that no matter how many hands of reconcilliation I offer these idiots are just going to thrash around like this.

You don’t have to believe that I have PTSD. I mean seriously? Most of my life, PTSD was for soldiers. I had to learn to live with it without the infrastructure soldiers got. Do you think I care what this dumbass has to say? Or you? All I have left is a fear of explosions and a distaste for balloons and fireworks. I will live as long as I don’t have to work as a party clown.

I care a little but that is because I feel saddened I have to defend my life to someone who has never had to endure anything beyond this. And then I realised what sort of guy he is. And because I never imagined getting this hate from within atheism. I expect this from Anti-Vax or from the Animal Lib.

When Malala spoke about education, when Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke about Female Genital Mutilaton and when Taslima Nasrin spoke about misogyny within Islam they were all threatened by people who called them liars and repulsive.

This man is mine. And I will give him a platform to speak. After all, the light kills germs.

If you wish to spite him? Do not donate to me, donate to the Acid Survivor’s Trust International. They were the real victims of this piece. Actually? Atheism is the real victim. We can be good without god. We can also be total tossers and sadly, people will remember him for much longer than they will remember any act of kindness. His acts and his works will leave a dirtier taste in your mouth.

He is a truffle of shit that ruins a box of fine chocolates. Once you have eaten it, you don’t want to eat the rest of the chocolates.

Of and a side note. If people donate enough, I am perfectly willing to write up a response. In fact? Let us create some forfeits to do if we hit different targets. The first one suggested (a long time ago) was if I hit a thousand pounds, I would have to try to eat Durian (the legendarily smelly fruit).

One small truth. I don’t think I write all that well. I am constantly amazed that so many people not just read but write back to tell me that they like my work. It’s been an amazing 2 years and I hope to keep writing and maybe improving year after year.

Updates on Stuff

For those who are aware, yes my laptop was damaged and stopped working.

It is a sort of freak accident. A tiny amount of water got into the case. Looks like the metal case of the laptop causes water to condense from the humid air when I move from my room to go out. This caused a couple of shorts that mean that the motherboard needs replacing.

The blog will still run, albeit without my photographs. I did have posts on cases that people may find interesting and indeed see cases that are simply extinct in the west due to our medicine. I normally do smaller posts from my tablet when I have downtime at work and send them when I have internet anyways.

I am meeting Hera next week and she is loaning me her laptop until mine gets repaired. While the cost of the repair is unknown, I should be able to manage a new motherboard and blog income should ablate any costs [Hera can simply send my ill gotten big pharma gains to me via Western Union]. Please bear with the serious blandness of this blog until then.

If Children are Pakistan’s Future, then the Taliban wishes for the Past

Let us get this out of the way. This was an act of terrorism. A school shooting in Pakistan has left 141 peopled dead. A 132 of them were children.

One of the problems with religion is how it deals with the good and the bad. There is little nuance or understanding. If an action is good by the dictates of scripture or the people who keep it, then irrespective of the effect, the act is considered good.

Militants from the Pakistani Taliban have attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 141 people, 132 of them children. Most seem to have been executed in this deadly terror attack on schools. It is the deadliest attack in Pakistan to date with 7 terrorists killing so many innocent people. Students describe fleeing from assailants. There are stories of bravery, not of the attackers. Who is brave? The man who kills children with a gun, or the man who protects them without? If we are to appreciate Islamic Martyrdom then the teachers who gave their lives to shield students and give them more time to run are true heroes. Not these cowards who seek to deny children an education.

It takes decades to train a teacher, it takes seconds to take one away. One of the major reasons for the attack seems to be women worked there. Many of the teachers who died were women.

The Taliban claim that the school was targetted in response to military operations after hundreds of Taliban fighters died in recent offensive in the Waziristan and Khyber region

The potent mix of Islam, theocracy, totalitarianism and ignorance have driven the Taliban. To them a gun is nothing more than a device to kil. The metallurgy and chemistry that powers the device is alien to them. They are a cargo cult in that aspect. To them, an education is dangerous. It’s true. Avicenna (the famous one)  said a man can either have faith or knowledge. If you have no way to get knowledge then faith is all you have. You are now forever a slave to an ideology that would burn teachers and doctors alive.

One of the things that I find abhorrent due to my culture is the killing of teachers. To Hindus, a teacher carries more respect than the gods. Part of that rubs off in my absolute abhorrence towards the murder of so many. Pakistan is not alone in playing host to this depravity.

Reports out of Iraq and Syria mention the murder of around 150 women whose only crime was to refuse to marry people they were captured by as ISIL seeks to be as vile as humanly possible. The Boko Haram kidnapped more people today too.

What we are seeing is people who insist that they are 100% right. Whose ignorance and hate is supported using scripture. Islam has a problem. A terrible one. One that it cannot control. Our role in this is that we laid the foundations and our fears is that such hate will appear on our shores. Our response in this sad and trying time is to learn from Australia.

We have to fight these fanatics. This maggot minded starved fanatic breed must be opposed not just by us and through the use of secular values but also by Muslims who agree with us that these fanatics are fucking crazy. Yes the religion is nuts, everyone’s is. Hell? The punishment for adultery in Hinduism is not stoning but getting savaged to death by wild dogs. Every religion has these mad rules, progress is LEAVING those rules.

Christianity is no different. What it lacks and always has lacked is the opportunity. It has shown us that its fanatics are capable of horrors too, it’s just that we have chained the beast of  fanatics under the walls  of secularism and constantly fight their advances.

So what does this mean? This brutal attack may well be a watershed for a country long accused by the world of treating terrorists as strategic assets. Pakistan can no longer afford to maintain its purely Islamic stance and the lack of popular consensus and large amounts of sympathy have proven to be a stumbling block. When the army began campaigning against the Islamic Fundamentalists who once made up a significant part of Pakistan’s strategy towards the destabilisation of Kashmir, the political protection of these fundamentalists was quite vocal. Now it may not be the case. Even the most religious people can understand that a system that thinks the murder of children as a divine and acceptable message from a god is probably not the good guy

Children who escaped say the militants then went from one classroom to another, shooting indiscriminately. One boy told reporters he had been with a group of 10 friends who tried to run away and hide. He was the only one to survive. Others described seeing pupils lying dead in the corridors. One local woman said her friend’s daughter had escaped because her clothing was covered in blood from those around her and she had lain pretending to be dead.

So Pakistan is at a crossroads. Can it realise that it was the theocracy that helped enshrine fundamentalists that created this attack. Or will it attempt to fight fundamentalists without realising the system creates them.

Whatever it is. This will not be the last time that the innocent will pay the price for the cost of adhering to the rules of religion rather than common sense.

Barb Wire – We do Exist.

Sorry… this post isn’t about the secret fans of Pamela Anderson’s seminal work, Barb Wire but me mocking a piece from a Right Wing American Conservative Magazine that thinks Atheists don’t exist because of “Bible Reasons”.

But it does star our very own Greta Christina’s work! Dr. Don Boys (Doctorate in Bible Stuff… Not Sciences or indeed Medicine) takes umbrage to the fact that atheists exist and declares that we don’t exist.

Ergo? I am a figment of your imagination as is your entire existence which is why I am going to post something Freudian.

Oh fine! I will be serious! [Read more…]

Durian and Acid Survivors Trust International Fundraiser

I have an opportunity to eat the legendary Durian.

Many foreigners have the horror stories about this fruit. And I have heard them all. A whole bunch of people love it and claim it’s the King of Fruits. And a whole bunch of people think these people are clearly mad.

It’s infamous for it’s smell that has been likened to that of a rotting corpse. Which interests me, I figure it’s to attract flies like the Rafflesia. I am no stranger to dead people and India leaves them rather ripe. I have a surgical septic ward here where we have patients with gangrene and that is “rotting” meat. So I am ready for it’s alleged smell. But the fruit is banned from public places in parts of Singapore and Hong Kong.

So it’s a fruit with a delicious taste but a horrifyingly grotesque odour.

If you want photos? I will be in Malaysia for Christmas and I shall be attempting to eat it (or succeeding in it). Then think of this as a fundraiser for ASTI. Yes! That’s still running! Let’s see if we can get closer to the target.

Torture is for the Sake of Torture

Torture exists solely for the sake of torture, it is indeed a sad world where we assume that torture is an acceptable way to obtain confessions and information. Sarah Palin’s attempt to portray torture as harmless and “a dunking” is the sort of revisionism you see when people just want to feel better about doing something bad. It’s just water after all. A lot of the torture that the CIA (and indeed the UK government by our involvement with the extraordinary renditions) was involved in was just that. Torture.

Sure you can call it a fancy name. Enhanced Interrogation makes it sound like a particularly difficult questionnaire. No. I am afraid water boarding is torture. And hiring someone else to do it for you makes you just as responsible for the blood their hands. The Republicans have long supported torture. A lot of Americans bought into the necessity of torture. I often joke that as long as Americans have the right to own guns they will accept any real loss of freedoms and abuses from the government because they still think that the gun will protect them.  [Read more…]