An Update on the Saudi Atheism issue

Several people have  been arrested in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for “blasphemous” remarks against Allah and Prophet Mohammed after a video on atheism went viral on a social media site.

Eissa Al-Ghaith a member of the Shoura Council and a legal expert on “Islamic” jurisprudence has called for a re-examining of the way religion is represented.

“Atheism is not a phenomenon in the Gulf or in Arab countries, Atheists deny the existence of God altogether, while non-religious individuals may believe in God, but not practice everyday rituals.”

And do you think that unto such as you. A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew. God gave a secret, and denied it me? Well, well—what matters it? Believe that too!

Al-Ghaith attributes the new wave to the reach of the media. And he is right! The media is breaking through the green curtain. Just as writing, education and the newspaper created waves of educated people who could communicate. People became just that little harder to step on. And governments across the planet are learning that.

From the USA at Ferguson, where what was a case of “Running While Black” suddenly turned into an enormous media firestorm. Saudi Arabia is learning that it’s fighting a beast unlike others. Where anonymity and freedom of speech rules. And it’s bringing the finest thinking of the Koran to fight something out of science fiction.

It’s the problem of the hydra. Every head you cut from the Internet, 2 rise. The trick is how you use those heads. Saudi fears the Internet because freedom of speech is anathema to an entity that relies on believing the zenith of human endeavour was Mohammed. That the glittering spires of Dubai are nothing. Medicine? Nothing. The greatest invention and repository of knowledge is  the Internet. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like the Judeo-Christian god. The deadliest thing to them is knowledge. Information. Free Speech.

“People who have grown up with strict rules may eventually associate religion with oppression and deny its existence altogether, Other reasons include little faith in God and traditionalism, which emphasizes memorization over deep-rooted understanding, as well as frustration over the plight of Arabs and Muslims.”

Amusing how a deep rooted understanding of Islam means that you have to execute minors on faulty evidence and create a police state where women don’t get to drive.

Al-Ghaith’s stance on this is to try and hide Islam from us. Which is amusing considering he thinks he can delete all the Korans from the Internet.

“As we try to attract more people to Islam, we are finding ourselves losing Muslims who have somehow been exposed to misconceptions,”

“Qur’anic verses revealed to infidels and hypocrites are taken out of context, resulting in dire intellectual clashes, We must spread the message of Islam through moderation and tolerance.”

And by controlling the dialogue of the wrong sort of people reading the Koran.

And the only way to do this is to shut down websites that spread atheism according to Al-Ghaith.

“Authorities, however, must then intervene and shut these sites down when people disseminate inflammatory and inaccurate information across Twitter and other social networking sites.”

I would like to see you try to stop Twitter and Facebook. Sure you can ban it. But there are ways around firewalls. And all that happens is create a challenge. There are people like Anonymous who would LOVE to take a crack at you.

And this is why  net neutrality is important. It helps teach countries like Saudi Arabia a lesson. That there are people who would like to point out their ideals to the world so that people can know that behind the glittering spires created by oil are a group of power mad old men trying desperately to create a medieval paradise and stifling freedom of belief.

“That said, the first step to dealing with the issue is investigating and trying to understand the perspective of atheists,”

Oh that’s easy! We just believe in one less god than you. But that means we think that religious rules are pretty much nonsensical.

Our world is so much bigger. I fear that you have lost perspective. Let me put it simply. The Koran is a book, it’s not a very correct book. I find that a single particle of a bacteriophage is infinitely more charming and engaging than it. This tiny particle raises so many questions and gives so many answers to others. There are countless living things out there like this. Most of them amazing. Even something as mundane as a dog becomes amazing when you realise that all that boundless energy and love and dopeyness is powered by chemistry. We are intelligent chemistry reactions. Chemistry reactions that can eat apple pie. You think that’s mundane? An apple pie can contain as much energy as a stick of dynamite. We burn through nearly 2 million calories a day (A biological calorie is a “kilo” calorie) to exist. And we do amazing things like music, art and fall in love.

You think that a Koran is impressive.

I think a kiss is impressive. Imagine two chemical reactions that meet and some intense and complex chemical reactions unique to each reaction occur that make these two chemical reactions want to live the rest of their life together until the reaction stops. And to show each other this commitment? A kiss.  That’s mad. That’s magic though.

You can’t understand us. Because your world and your god is just so small. It’s like trying to understand the entire universe when you are still scared of the monster that lurks outside the light cast by your fire.

“We should focus on equipping our youth with knowledge and understanding rather than just forcing them to memorize facts because they would not do them any good when trying to impact others.”

By ensuring they receive an education of straw men, Allah did its and Muslims are super special people? What Al-Ghaith clearly wants is a world where children receive a more complete brain washing. A world of applied theology. Where science and art is twisted to promote Islam (and Islam alone) to strengthen the bogey man who demands the execution of minors on faulty confessions gleaned through torment rather than forensics.

I am unaware of any readers in Saudi Arabia. But A Million Gods stands with those who face discrimination due to their lack of belief in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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