Age of Kali – Still Safe?

Tara Sachdev is an national level shooter in India. [TW – Rape, Assault]

Basically? She’s part of a group of young Indian hopefuls to represent India at the sport of shooting. A sport that is on the upsurge after India’s good showing in it. 

Tara Sachdev was wooed by a man who claimed to be Ranjit Kumar Koli. A man who used to visit her while she practiced. After getting married this July in a rather large ceremony the problems began. Ranjit Kohli was an Alias, his real name was Rakibul Hasan.

On the first night Rakibul Hasan brought Muslim Haji priests in order to force Tara to convert to Islam. When she refused she was beaten and attacked by dogs. Rakibul also tried to rape her.

I had a charming conversation with MRA a few hours ago about how MRA are championing the fight for all groups and that I as a feminist am merely someone who writes online. That I only blame rapists for the crime and never the woman who should reduce risk.

My question here is? What precautions must Tara Sachdev have taken in order to avoid dickheads such as Rakibul? How long must her skirt be? How much of a fight should she put up? How loud must she yell? She shouldn’t fall in love with strange men? Well that’s scuppered all dating then since  the point is for strange people to stop being strange. We are all strangers once.

I am sure the charming MRA will come up with a 20/20 hindsight picture of how to avoid this particular fate but no actual solution on how to prevent rapes. And will probably claim that India is an incredibly safe place for women.

As of now? Yet another story to add to the litany of screwed up ways women are treated by the Indian culture. And another which I am sure the MRA will crawl out of the woodwork over glass to deny to maintain the precious illusion that India is some paradise for women who rule over men with an iron fist while having little to no idea about the place.


  1. S Mukherjee says

    Fortunately for MRA’s the perpetrator in this case is Muslim, so they can rant about ‘those Muslim’ and forget about everything else. BTW I thought all the clamour about ‘love jihad’ was just nonsense — does this sort of thing happen often?

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