Age of Kali – A Small Matter

“One small incident of rape in Delhi advertised [the] world over is enough to cost us billions of dollars in terms of lower tourism,”

This is from Arun Jaitley, India’s Minister of Finance and Minister of Defence.

And he is right, this was a small incident of rape. One among thousands if not millions across India.

The parents of the 23-year-old victim, who was repeatedly raped by six men on a moving bus, sexually assaulted with an iron rod, thrown from the vehicle naked and later died from her injuries, were not amused though. But this kind of puts the issue into perspective of how big the gap between legislative and populace are. To Arun this is just one rape among thousands that went viral. To the victims of rapes they are used to being “just another rape”.

And the joke is that these politicians were quite happy to use this rape to attack the prior government. When they needed the vote, they used Nirbhaya to attack the prior government. But now they are just parroting the same issues as the prior government.

The major problem is that while her death lead to changes and national protests, the politicians seem to think that sexual violence is more an image problem rather than an issue of fundamental human rights as well as law and order. To them the issue of rape is not that women are getting raped, but people will think badly of India. For them? It’s equally important that rapes are simply ignored.

Politicians in India have made a series of gaffes that demonstrates how widespread the problem is. Many have said that rape is sometimes “right” and that rape is an issue of boys making mistakes. Others have blamed mini skirts, spicy food, chinese food and westernisation for this sexual violence.

They are right about westernisation. Rape became a problem due to western influences. Oh I don’t mean that people raped women due to watching TV shows, I mean that people began to take rape seriously and not keep quiet about it. Rape always happened, it became a problem because women in India want the ideal promoted by feminism.

Indian society has failed to relate to women.

No rape is small Mr. Jaitley.


  1. lorn says

    I know the relative size and shape of numerous mythical beasts like unicorns and griffins. I’ve become familiar with their characteristics, coloration, and learned a bit about heir mythical habitats and habits. Would someone please enlighten me about exactly what a “small rape” is and how it might be differentiated from the all too common non-small rape.

  2. noxiousnan says

    I took India off my wish list a couple years ago, and I ambivalently campaign against travel there to a friend that has always dreamed of it. I feel bad about it; it’s long been her dream, but I sometimes can’t help myself.

    Women are at risk of being raped anywhere they go, but if she were raped in India she’d clearly have no recourse against her rapist. The Minister of Defence need only review his own words to get an idea of India’s image problem.

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