1. Bruce says

    My other favorite photo here is the one of Hera under her umbrella, standing by the stream. She looks very relaxed by the waterside.

  2. rq says

    Lovely photos, looks like a good (though sunless?) time was had! And yes, look at all the ducks! NOT THE DUCKS!

  3. Maureen Brian says

    Great pics. Hope you both enjoyed yourselves.

    Bruce, HB has a huge number of pubs. Some never serve food, some only on particular days, some change with the seasons, some only serve food in the evenings. As the economy depends on the tourist trade it seems rational for the White Swan, which you see there, to indicate that it serves plain but rather good food all day, every day. No?

  4. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    Nice pix…but, brrrrr…it looks really chilly. What was it? 15 degrees?

    In the same picture as the “Food? Served? Daily?”, there is a group of three young ladies. The middle one seems to be a French Mime in Training…stop her now before she’s gone too far!!!

  5. Brucee says

    #5 Maureen, thanks for the info. I haven’t yet been to the UK, and didn’t know that. But it still seems to me that they could use the sign to say something even better, such as maybe claiming “good food served daily”. Or, are there legal limits on that?

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