1. says

    I’ll be there. Going after work so probably talk then food somewhere for me :) Sure I’ll manage to say hello in between.

  2. angharad says

    It would be lovely to be there. I have family in those parts. Alas I am on the other side of the world, in bed with a cold. Have fun though!

  3. Wrath Panda says

    Gutted that I couldn’t make it last night, but my freezer finally decided to call it a day and replacing it (plus getting a suit and accoutrements for impending Best Man duties) took all my spare beer tokens for this month.

    One of these days!

  4. johngreg says

    Say, Avi, when at Hebden Bridge, is it Dear Robina, Dear Hebrewina, or Dear Missourina.

    I can’t quite recall the proper protocol.

    Ponder, ponder, ponder.

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