Age of Kali – Would You Ever? Marry a woman who was raped

Trigger Warning – Rape

This is a rather interesting video from India.

While I disagree with the “Hang the Rapists” sentiment with regards to prisoner rights, I agree with the fact that rape is a weapon because it “despoils” the victim and makes them “unclean” and unable to have a happy and open life.

The thing I noticed is the age of the men who stood on either side of the argument. It’s generally the younger generation who treat women better than their fathers. While there exist people like the Shiv Sena who bemoan the fact that “complaining about being raped” is now fashionable. There are people like this who are dragging Indian misogyny out of Indian culture. It’s still got a way to go.


  1. says

    Virtually every woman I know has been sexually assaulted at some point. I’ve married women who were raped, and the majority of the women I’ve loved have a history that includes being assaulted. Why would anyone blame the woman; it wasn’t her choice – the blame goes entirely to the rapist.

  2. says


    I agree with the fact that rape is a weapon because it “despoils” the victim and makes them “unclean” and unable to have a happy and open life.

    I’m leery of this statement, bc it reads like a blanket statement applying to all rape victims. Since they aren’t a monolithic entity sharing the same circumstances, rape victims won’t react the same way in the wake of their experience. Their experiences moving through life won’t all be the same.
    I also don’t like the use of ‘unclean’ to describe a rape victim.

  3. Pen says

    Tony @2 – It’s within the context of Indian culture, no? I think Avi is talking not about how women feel after a rape, but how other people feel about them, because it makes a huge difference in many cultures. The quality of the marriage you can make or the fact of marrying at all is vital to the future of women in many cultures. Similarly, quite a few men barely distinguish between their wives getting raped and having affairs. All this is very, very wrong of course, but it is there, and he’s talking about resistance to it. It’s quite possible that what a woman feels when she’s been raped includes all the things women feel in western societies, plus the way you would feel if someone framed you for some despicable crime at work, causing you to lose your job and ensuring you never work again, while being socially ostracised by everyone you know.

  4. Great American Satan says

    Do they consider whether anyone should marry a man who was raped? Rape-burying patriarchies produce a lot of male child rape as well (see FLDS, RCC, the Middle East, etc…). Are those men dirty dirty soiled soiled? Bleah. Writing this makes me feel dirty dirty soiled soiled.

  5. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Yes. I would marry a woman who had been raped – if she wanted me to.

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