Creationist – If Evolution is True, then Rape is Good

No. Just No

“You have to start asking questions: Well, if evolution is true, and it’s just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, well, is rape wrong?”

Creationist author Darek Isaacs is the author of ‘Dragons or Dinosaurs‘, a book in which he among other things makes the drastic claim that reptiles are Dragons and Dinosaurs eschewing the fact that reptiles are cold blooded making the huge sizes of Dinosaurs highly improbable. Not to mention that traditionally “Dragon” bones have ranged from those of crocodiles being flogged in Europe to the fossils of dinosaurs. Basically? He thinks that wild conjecture about dragons existing with humans despite not one dinosaur bone ever matching up to a human time line. I mean? If you are killing all these giant monsters, you would think to keep trophies right?

The only dinosaur bones that exist that are dated to human life include the infamous skull of St. George’s dragon. A relic of the Czech Crown Jewels.

Creationist author Darek Isaacs has come up with a baffling counter-argument to the theory of evolution, claiming that if it is true it must mean that rape is not just okay but good and indeed necessary.

One begins to wonder. Are creationists so immoral that they would murder, steal and rape if not for the fear of punishment of their god? Maybe that’s the problem. To them? The child like mind of Adam is a goal. Knowledge and the associated responsibility to use knowledge is considered an anathema. If one is like a pre-fall Human, then one doesn’t know right from wrong. The all powerful god has to dictate boundaries and rules and chores and bed time.

Just as a child has to be taught to share and not hit other children, so must man learn to not rape and murder and steal. They must have learnt it from god, because the Creationist cannot see disadvantages in a society where rape, murder and theft were okay.

Did you know that murder was illegal in the Aztec Empire?

Not Murder!

This isn’t murder. If this is murder then so is this.

Neither is this

The thing is? The Aztec had laws about murder which is the unlawful killing of someone versus the completely lawful killing of someone just like the USA has laws against murder but happily puts inmates to death. The Aztec instead had laws about human sacrifice.

No society can exist without laws to make it stable. And those laws include laws against murder, theft and in many cases? Rape. However? Considering the general attitude to women, rape was usually treated as a property crime or like trespassing or theft of a “woman”.

The rational was quite simple. Men tended to be in power. Men tended to write rules that created society. Society was what allowed us to survive. Humans are not a solo species like a Cheetah or a Tiger. We are a group species as are all our closest relatives on the evolutionary tree except for Orangutans. Even those are capable of being very social.

Theft and Murder lead to a lack of trust which undermined society as a whole and therefore the survival of the individuals within it. Rape too. It’s why these laws came about. It’s why marriage came about too. To indicate ownership of women (and in some cases men to women and vice versa.). In fact Marriage can be defined as an ownership bond between two people of each other and the ring you wear on your finger? A brand to indicate that the man and the woman in this bond are off limits. It’s why all cultures have wedding ceremonies. It is a declaration of exclusivity. It’s why many cultures punished adultery, because in a large society adultery is hardly harmful to it’s structure. But to a hunter gatherer group? Adultery could be sufficient to fracture the harmony of the group resulting in it’s death.

When we leave kids to play? They make laws and rules too. This is something we have developed in order to survive.

“If evolution were true, then how now shall we live?”, explaining how his research led him to study “purveyors of evolutionary thought” like Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens and reach a “very, very dark place” that forced him to ask a lot of “hard questions”.

It’ rather amusing that the creationists think Darwin, Dawkins and Hitchens are required reading in Biology lab. Rather than Campbell and Stryer.

“Evolution is about the man propagating their DNA, and applying evolutionary thought to humanity then it’s basically the strongest male takes whoever he can to propagate the DNA, and it is a scary outcome.”

Evolution is about the survival of the species and the survival of our species and our society is harmed by rape. It would change the world from one where we can afford to be more trusting of each other (even though rapes still happen) and work together rather than one where every home has to be a fortress of individuals. We see such societies occur when greater society breaks down in the midst of a natural disaster. Entire genres of apocalyptic fiction depict how man deals with a society where the law does not exist. We form groups with localised laws. Other people become fair game. The creationist folly is assuming that rape never occurred during warfare in Christian nations. That creationists were good and kind and never raped people.

What society tends to punish is crimes against each other, not against the “bad guys”. It is only recently with the creation of the very human notion of “War Crime” where we punish genocide, civilian casualties and rape. Otherwise? Those were once normal.

“According to the evolutionary world view, if that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress, So it redefines everything about our society.”

Issac tries to push the notion that marriage is the force against rape.

And he is wrong here. The majority of rape today occurs within the bounds of a relationship. Marriage is just a “stamp” of a government on your heterosexual partnership (and now new and improved marriage with homosexual partnerships!). Most rapists are not just known to their victims but someone the victim trusts.

Issac simply fails to understand that evolution of human beings has stopped being about super strong hulks and started being about super smart ones. Wonderful genes began to play a different role when we began to tech up. And indeed the fact that humans are a K-Selected species and so have long gestations and long childhoods means that we require a stable society to survive. Marriage and indeed initial anti-rape (and indeed anti-adultery laws since they were often the same) were just products of this need to survive. We live for our hives. Mine’s called the UK.

But why bring up this argument? It’s simple.

If we teach evolution in schools, our children will grow up to be rapists. It is our duty as good people to not teach evolution. Instead? Have you heard of Jesus?

Issac simply lacks an understanding of what fitness to survive means. It doesn’t necessarily mean being the strongest and biggest and most powerful. You can be built like the Incredible Hulk but that wouldn’t help you survive in the Kalahari or the Amazon. You would need the brains and the skill to build weapons and tools. A group of tiny men such as the San would easily survive while your massive muscles and violence would effectively make you a target. A threat to them. They would watch out for you. Track you. Their women would find that special root that turns even stone arrows into deadly poison delivery tools. Their men would smear that on their arrows and they would track your big stupid purple pants covered arse down in an ambush and kill you like the dickhead that you are.

And they would win every damn time because they work together while your behaviour as a rapist, thief and murderer effectively means that no one else would work with you (at least not until they realise what an epic dick you are) lest you steal, kill or rape them.

Survival for humans has not just been physical prowess but mental and social. In fact? Mental and Social prowess ranks higher than  physical generally. We may oggle well muscled young men (so I am told) but what we want are men who can hold a conversation and a job. That’s what survival today means more than the meat head survivalist of the creationist fantasy of evolution.

That’s the thing. The strawman of evolution has them thinking that the ultimate survivor is this violent murderer, rapist and thief. In reality the current ultimate survivalist is probably a man who has a job that requires him to wear a suit who can work with his hands if needs be, cooks and cleans and treats women like equals. Has a social life that is fun and accessible and a skill set and knowledge base that is wide and allows him to function in many roles in society. The ideal survivor in the modern world is someone who looks like you or me. Just a human being, not someone who fits into any sort of mould that the creationists fantasise about.

If you need a god and fear of hell to prevent you from raping then you are not a moral human being, but an immoral pragmatist who only behaves because he fears consequences.


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  1. imthegenieicandoanything says

    Creationists are what they are, generally speaking of course, not merely because they don’t have a clue about life, the universe and everything, but because they are determined NEVER to have one, to refuse to purchase even the cheapest on the most generous on-trail terms, or even accept one given freely and without obligation.

    What I’m saying is, they’re openly dishonest shits enamored of evil, which they sugar over with one or another “belief” – which somehow always excuses them and indicts others.

    Many ordinary people are creationists because of honest ignorance, indifference, and even stupidity, but no one who speaks publicly has any excuse at all – they are the enemies of reality, and therefore in a very real way of humanity and themselves.

  2. angharad says

    I guess us women don’t have DNA to pass on. Nope, evolution is just more of a guy thing….

  3. kraut says

    “Are creationists so immoral that they would murder, steal and rape if not for the fear of punishment of their god? Maybe that’s the problem. To them?”

    That is exactly what I was told by several Christians, who not necessarily were creationists.

    I told them in this case I would cease any discussions.
    One has to keep a safe distance from folks with such low ethical standards.

  4. smrnda says

    This is what I never get about the ‘males raping women to ensure their DNA gets passed on’ – I mean, do they realize that human beings have no obvious fertility symbols, so raping random women (as opposed to having sex fairly regularly with a smaller number of women, though not necessarily 1) is going to increase the chance of a pregnancy?

    Or… humans do not hatch out of eggs ready to handle their environment. Children are labor intensive and take years before they are mature enough to function without a great deal of help. A society of random men running around raping women is going to be kind of unstable. Does he actually think the rape-baby has better odds of survival than the child of a stable couple who live in a fairly orderly society?

    And again a confusion of ‘survival of fittest’ with ‘survival of what my idiotic macho fantasies tells me a man is.’ The Manly Man Antisocial Rapist – how is this guy surviving? How is he *stronger* than a group of people with some serious in-group loyalty going on? Then again, the myth of the individual is a big thing…

  5. octopod says

    Women don’t have genes, silly, they’re just vessels for the homunculus in the sperm to live in until it’s big enough to be born! That’s how that works, right?

    ::checks year on calendar:: Whoops. Hang on, let me double check this.

  6. Anton Mates says

    “According to the evolutionary world view, if that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress

    So that’s why godless liberals all have 12-child families and bitterly oppose abortion and birth control! I always wondered.

  7. Pen says

    The first place he goes wrong is in thinking that if evolution is true then evolution should set our moral imperatives. I find that bizarre.

  8. says

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  9. Oob says

    Once again, evolution is not a moral creed, it is an observation of how life diverges and adapts over time. The problem is, creationists think of creationism as from god, and they also get their morals from god. They project that to evolutionists, and it becomes natural to believe that evolutionists get their morality from Darwin or evolution itself. (Well, in a literal sense, yes, our sense of morality arose through evolution.) To be clear, from a moral standpoint, it doesn’t matter what would be “best for the propagation of my genes”, we’ve reached a point where we can potentially take the reigns, and do better for ourselves than blind short-sighted evolution ever could. Want to know what “living by evolution” looks like? Take a look at the housing market crash. That’s a situation where everyone did what was in their best interests in the short term, plunging headlong into a dead end. The difference is evolution has the excuse that it isn’t aware, and hedge fund managers should know better. Here’s an analogy. I believe the holocaust happened. It is historical fact that it did. However, that doesn’t imply that I actually believe the holocaust was a good idea, or that I support eugenics. Indeed, I reject those out of hand.

    Evolution happened, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    That above is the first and most important thing we have to state every single time. We don’t prescribe ANY moral lessons are to be learned from the fact of evolution! Anyone who does is an idiot.

    However, as to the specific claim, that “rape” would be good. Here’s the thing about evolution, what is “more fit for survival” is ALWAYS contingent on circumstances. GENES, and whether they live on, are determined by SCENES (sorry Hideo). To put it another way, we aren’t ducks! Ducks are terrible people. They evolved to rape and protect themselves from rape, with males as the instigators and females as the defenders. Other species did not, and rape is not encouraged at all in those other environments. However, we as humans get to make a choice. Do we want to live as ducks, with every moment a struggle to dominate or be dominated? Or, do we want to live another way, a peaceful way, a way that doesn’t really care about propagation of genes at all. (If one could learn anything from evolution, it would be that it’s better to be a single celled life form than a multicelled one, the single celled being exponentially more successful).

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