*Headesk* – Bad Anonymous

No. Bad! You don’t post this to me after I speak about a family member getting treated for cancer.

[What ensues is a medical related rant from Facebook, I figured that it invoked enough about medicine to be useful. Also? What the hell Anonymous? Thought you liked sticking up for people against bullshit merchants]

The number of diseases we cure is astoniishing. People who say this are people who have forgotten all the cures we have thanks to antibiotics. 

When was the last time you heard of anyone dying to Scarlet Fever? Oh Right! Smallpox? Polio?

OH wait! The dumbasses who said this are the reason why Polios on it’s way back. 

I bet you will say “no cancer cure” which just shows you don’t know why cancer is hard to cure. Same for AIDS. 

For Fuck Sake! Our life expectency has gone from 30 to 85 and you think medicine doesn’t work?

MRSA is due to the fact that people abused anti-biotics. And we have antibiotics that treat MRSA, we are just MORE responsible with our antibiotics today. 

When’s the last time you heard anyone dying from Syphillis or Bacterial Endocarditis or Rheumat
ic Disease? Penicillin STILL works.

My mother is a cancer surgeon. There is no double standards for cancer care. I am planning to be a surgeon. I have never been taught a different treatment for cancer based on a wallet biopsy rather than trucut biopsy.

You don’t understand cancer. I am sorry? Just because someone in your life has cancer doesn’t mean you understand how it’s treated. I mean that’s like saying that if you survive a Car Crash, that makes you a mechanic. 

If you are aware of Sharon’s Cancer? She had Type 3 Cancer on analysis and Type 4 on surgery. Why the difference? Because when they cut her open for the surgery they had to upgrade her. She was given a 30% chance to survive since at that stage of cancer, 30% of people live to be remission free. The problem being that at that stage there is a 70% chance that cancer cells from the original lesion have become metastasis elsewhere. Once that happens it’s impossible to really stop since the horse has bolted from the field and there is no point in closing the gate any more. Now I don’t know what magic wand you wish for medicine to wave but all you need for a metastatic change is a SINGLE cell.

One Cell Can Spell Your Doom.

Magic Johnson has had HIV for 20 years. He was diagnosed in 1991. If he had it for four decades then he would have been diagnosed in 1971. Magic Johnson has been able to pay for newer treatments of HIV and AIDS. In addition is rich enough to seclude himself in a sterile environment and live away from possible sources of infection and so survive. Most of us don’t have basketball millions to create a fortress of solitude from germs. In addition? 

Modern retroviral therapy has dropped in price to the point that people live with HIV as a chronic disease. Prompt therapy with anti-retrovirals leave the disease as a long term manageable condition. For example? Jonathan Grimshaw from the UK was diagnosed with HIV in 1984. He isn’t Magic Johnson Rich. He just took his meds and didn’t stop taking them. 

Drugs cost money to make just like art or shoes or any of the other things you have no problems forking out cash for. However? The system of medicine in most of the western world involves free healthcare. Don’t blame medicine for the failings of your government. 

The medicine works. The issue is that your system of healthcare does not. No amount of dumbasses in white masks is going to change that. Those diseases are not going to go away because of dumbasses in white masks encouraging you to eat whatever quackery of the day they want you to eat. 
For instance?

The article linked runs with the 90% of Chemotherapy not working because the patient dies. Really? ASK ANY DOCTOR. Real doctors of medicine that is. About Chemotheraphy. 

There is Neo-adjuvant therapy and there is post-surgical therapy. There is also non-surgical chemo. 

Cancer is graded by spread. 

Stage 1 and stage 2 are often localised

Stage 3 involves lymph nodes and is indicative of spread but spread that MAY have arrested at the lymph nodes allowing for possible surgery

Stage 4 indicates metastasis. 

Now Stage 1 and 2 are easily treated by surgery. Stage 2 and 3 generally requires neo-adjuvant therapy and Stage 3 requires post surgical chemo. 

The majority of patients who have ONLY chemo? That’s Stage 4. People for whom cancer has left the building. Chemo is the last roll of the dice. Chemo’s job is to force the cancer into remission repeatedly so you can have bouts of life until that is no longer possible. Chemotherapy is palliative here. 

The article with this meme goes on about how 90% of people on Chemotherapy Die. Well without Chemo, 100% of people will die. Sometimes the cancer goes into remission and never comes back. 10% is better than 0%. Stage 4 cancers are generally rarer but in the case of body cancers like colonic and pancreatic and hepatic and lung these cancers tend to be more silent so by the time they manifest with clinical features they have hit Stage 4. 

By contrast? Breast cancer at stage 1 has a lump. Cervical cancer can be detected with something as simple as lugol’s iodine and acetic acid. Those cancers are more survivable because they tend to be caught earlier while those aren’t because they are caught later. 

But nooooo it’s got to be some bizarre conspiracy. 

Do you know why the most common female cancer is treatable while the most common male one isn’t? A conspiracy of feminists? Or the fact that the prostate is internal so self checking is not possible while breasts are external so self checking IS possible? Cervical cancer kills less than prostate cancer (percentage wise). Why? Because prostate biopsies are harder and more painful than papinocolou smears. 

Seriously? It’s idiots like this that harm cancer patients by speaking of grandiose conspiracies. 

Oh and FYI? I have cancer survivors in my family and my mother is cancer surgeon. She actually had breast cancer as a breast cancer surgeon. And I repeat. I have never heard of changes in treatment between rich and poor people in the UK. Maybe the USA follows this bullshit but in the UK? Mastectomy either partial or radical and reconstruction is FREE. 

As in you don’t pay anything apart from maybe 10 pounds for your prescription fee. El Zilcho. Nada. Nothing.

Shame on Anonymous if they are pushing this sort of nonsense that harms the people they claim to be standing up for. The system in the USA is broken, it isn’t the medicine that’s at fault but the fact that there is no universal healthcare.


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  1. badgersdaughter says

    Avicenna, this photo is of three people in V masks (typical of Anonymous) holding a blank sheet. The words were added later. I’m not convinced enough that the picture was really of or from Anonymous.

    That said, I went through this during and after my mother’s struggle with breast cancer. Her friends were after me to tell her to try this juice or that supplement or the other prayer meeting, and after she died told me that she wouldn’t have died if she had just done what they had told her. Sorry, but f*** that s***.

  2. Jill says

    The other issue is that most diseases don’t really have a CURE. Sure, a lot of bacterial infections do, but viruses, autoimmune diseases, age-related diseases caused by damage and wear and tear… most of those things aren’t cured, they’re TREATED.

    The treatments keep the diseases at bay, they slow the progression, but they do not eradicate. So, the statement that they “make customers” is loosely true.

    But it’s not because pharmaceutical companies are greedy, it’s because THERE IS NO CURE. The options are treatment (becoming a customer) or death.

    My god. If these idiots think diseases are so easy to cure, then why don’t they stop bitching and have at it.

  3. Athywren says

    Minor correction – Healthcare in the UK is FREE… at the point of access. We still have to pay for it, it’s just paid for by taxes, and without the added cost of turning a profit for unnecessary insurance industries, so the cost is spread around making it lower per person, and it’s lower to begin with anyway.

  4. smrnda says

    “Or the fact that the prostate is internal so self checking is not possible while breasts are external so self checking IS possible?”

    This is the type of sensible assessment of different diseases, which people tend to skip when (in this case) someone wants to go on that the differences between prostate and breast cancer is owing to some misandrist conspiracy.

  5. Ed says

    Even if that one picture turns out not to be authentic, there are any numbers of idiots, in masks or otherwise, promoting this dumb idea that modern medicine is a scam and illness has a simple and easy solution, be it:

    –outright magic or divine intervention.

    –home remedies and folk medicine traditions.

    –you’ll get better eventually by the body`s self healing processes.

    –diet alone(if you’re sick it’s your fault for not eating right and nature conveniently provides a perfect food to cure each disease)

    –modern hygiene alone (if your environment is clean enough, you won’t get sick)

    –stupid “alternative” pills and potions made by quacks and sold for (a lot of) money, but since they aren’t accepted by evil, horrible mainstream medicine, their makers and sellers are for reasons unclear to me exempt from accusations of greed.

    I wish anyone pushing these ideas was required to wear a mask while doing so. That way it would be easy to avoid them. But please use a mask that doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of “V for Vendetta”!

  6. Rich Woods says

    @Athywren #3:

    Minor correction – Healthcare in the UK is FREE… at the point of access. We still have to pay for it, it’s just paid for by taxes, and without the added cost of turning a profit for unnecessary insurance industries, so the cost is spread around making it lower per person, and it’s lower to begin with anyway.

    Strictly speaking that’s true, but only because the majority of us don’t opt for health insurance plans on top of standard NHS care. But the real threat is the creeping privatisation of the NHS, where healthcare in particular specialisms in an increasing number of NHS regions is being franchised out to private companies on limited contracted terms. This is leading to the bleeding away of public money to private profit, along with reduced services to the public (with more difficult cases being thrown straight back at the underfunded NHS). Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly what happened with the railways. It’s just that fewer people died when rail privatisation went wrong.

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