Didgeridon’t – Rolf Harris and the harm caused by Trolls/MRA

The heroes of our youth in the UK are no more. They died in ignominy. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville turned out to be paedophiles. While Glitter became synonymous with Child Molestation and went to trial quickly, Sir Jimmy Saville was beloved of many and a knight to boot.

He died and his legacy went down fighting against charges made. Now some may say the victims should have come forward earlier while the man was still alive so he could be punished. Maybe, but do you think we would have listened?

[TW – Rape, Sexual Assault, Paedophilia, Harassment]

Put it this way? In the aftermath of the Jimmy Saville inquest, I pointed out a major player in the Men’s Rights Movement defended Jimmy. It didn’t get much play at the time, but yes that is Judgy Bitch AKA Janet Bloomfield who was part of the organisers for the recent International Conference on Men’s Issues run by AVfM.

The latest Children’s Celebrity to go down is Rolf Harris. He was found guilty of 12 charges of Indecent Assault with Minors. And is sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison.

One of the victim’s was his daughter’s best friend. The charges came to light after Bindi (his daughter) pushed her best friend to prosecute.

The attacks that happened have made me feel dirty, grubby and disgusting. The whole sordid saga has traumatised me. I have panic attacks and suffer from anxiety. The effects of the abuse have been with me for many years. I started drinking at the age of 14 to 15 years old. This was to block out the effects of what he was doing to me.

This has had an effect on my relationship with my parents and people close to me. The slightest thing would upset me, I would get so angry, my reaction would be disproportionate and over the top. As a young girl I had aspirations to have a career, settle down and have a family. However, as a direct result of his actions, this has never materialised. I have never had a meaningful relationship whilst sober. I have also never been able to hold down a job. This was down to the need to block out what he had done to me through drink.

During the abuse I was in two minds about telling my best friend, Bindi, what was going on. I was not able to tell her or anyone as this was the great Rolf Harris, entertainer and artist.

Rolf Harris had a hold over me that made me a quivering wreck. He made me feel like a sexual object. He used and abused me to such a degree that it made me feel worthless. With his manipulative behaviour, I honestly felt that no one would believe me. I had to start dealing with my alcoholism on my own. My loved ones could not understand why I drank so much until I told them what Rolf had done to me for so long.

Fortunately they believed what happened to me. I was then strong enough to get help for my alcoholism. I have been dry since the year 2000. I am still suffering from panic attacks and severe anxiety and as a result, I am unable to communicate and socialise with people. I therefore confine myself to only my immediate friends and family. This has made my world very small.

Rolf Harris, knowing what he has done to me, put me through the ordeal of appearing at court. Not only this, but his arrogance has put my elderly parents, who are over 80 years old, through the worry and stress of giving evidence.

I feel that he has tried to humiliate me by getting me to talk about the abuse I have suffered in a public arena. He has tried to make out that I was lying. I believe he thought he would make me crumble like I used to. But I am better than I was and having gone through the court process will continue to recover.

His demeanour and attitude has shown a total disregard and respect for me and others. His flippant behaviour in court I find astonishing.

I suffered abuse at the hands of a person who thought he could get away with it. He made me feel that I would not be believed and as a result I suffered in silence. This has had a detrimental effect on my health and life outcome.

I would therefore encourage anyone who has suffered or is suffering any kind of abuse to come forward because you will be believed, especially by the police and Crown Prosecution Service who bring perpetrators to justice.

My nightmare is finally over and I feel that justice will finally be done. I can now live my life with no fear and anxiety and can concentrate on building my life.

Rolf Harris’s daughter was furious when she found out.

But this is old news isn’t it? Bad man got sent to jail. Let’s go get pizza and beers! Except…

Remember Janet Bloomfield’s horrific post? Two sort of famous people came out in solidarity of the victims of Rolf Harris and pointed out his abuses. The response has been nothing but “Bloomfieldesque” from the various MRA Trolls that populate the Internet.

Linda Nolan said she and her sisters were supporting the Australian entertainer on a tour of South Africa in 1975, when she was 15, when Harris hugged her in a backstage corridor in Johannesburg.

“He came right up to me and got me in a huge bear hug. He rubbed up and down and started kissing and licking the back of my neck. It was horrible. I was totally dumbstruck. I didn’t tell a soul. But after that day I just knew I never wanted to be on my own with him again. And I made sure my sisters, especially Coleen who was only eight, weren’t either.”

After trying to escape his clutches for a couple of minutes, Nolan said, he stopped and laughed it off, telling her: “Don’t be silly, I’m only giving you a hug.”.

Now here is the thing. I bet someone will say “How is this different from how you behave with a girlfriend” or “How else am I supposed to pick up women” and I have to say this.

Consent! Consent is vital. There is a difference between flirting with a woman in a bar and progressing through the dance of flirting and simply grabbing said woman. There is a difference between doing this to the man or woman you love and doing this to a complete stranger.

Vanessa Feltz, the television and radio presenter, said she was assaulted by the disgraced entertainer in May 1996 while interviewing him live for the On The Bed segment of Channel 4’s Big Breakfast.

She said she was lying on the bed in a full-length evening dress with Harris sitting very close to her. His wife, Alwen, was in the studio along with the crew. For those whoo are unaware? The show’s format had the presenters start the show “in bed” and it was basic “morning TV” to be watched while people got ready for work/school.

“I suddenly felt a rustling at the hem of my dress, I was on live television so I could not look down, but I sensed that his hand was at the bottom of my dress and he was slowly gathering the fabric up and moving his hand higher and higher up my leg. He was carrying on talking as though nothing was going on, smiling and joking, as he moved his hand further up. His hand reached my knee and then my thigh before getting inside the elastic of my underwear…. I had to cut to an ad break to repel his advances. I have not a shadow of a doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing and he was getting excited about it, doing what he was doing while he was on live television.”

The thing is the people who brought him to justice stayed anonymous. The celebrities? They got the flak from the MRA/Troll legion.

So Linda Nolan (who admitted to being broke in BB) has decided now is the right time to tell us she was groped by Rolf Harris.

Yep! Linda’s a gold digger! Don’t you know? Being victims of sexual assault make you super duper rich!

Linda Nolan claims she was touched by Rolf Harris. Funny that a skint Z list coming out the woodwork. Why wait till now?

If she came out 10 years ago she wouldn’t have had to put up with twitter wankers.

I’m glad Rolf Harris abused Linda Nolan, fucking bitch!

I know you don’t mean it like that but what it comes off as this person has a dreary day  at work. He comes back to his sad existence and turns on the TV where he learns that Linda Nolan has been sexually assaulted.

And it pleases him. It brings a smile to his face!

Why did Feltz stay quiet till after the trial?

Same reason lots of victims of sexual assault stay quiet?

Blatant self publicist and attention seeker. And she wonders at her unpopularity. Why does she blame misogyny? It’s her. (on Vanessa Feltz)

Yes because Vanessa Feltz made Rolf Harris a sex offender. Because men have no agency and are Pavlov’s dogs of sex crimes. Just ring a bell and we assault women!

No wait. That’s not true. We are not scorpions, it is not in our nature to sting. We are in control of our bodies and when people start claiming the victims as the real cause for the assaults it helps no one.

Can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to grope you Ms Feltz. Not a pleasant thought”

Ho Ho Ho! You can’t have gotten raped! Rapists have taste!

Look for those who are unaware? Vanessa Feltz isn’t “TV Hot“. She’s not thin, she is overweight but she didn’t become famous because she was hot.

If this was on live TV, how was it the film crew did not see it,or even comment at the time,or even report it?

I thought Rolf Harris went in for ‘little’ girls, this woman hardly fits into that category, still, it’s said that there is such thing as bad publicity so this implausible allegation has certainly worked.

VF to me has a very masculine face, a distinctive brow ridge and a strong jaw line. I’m sure Rolf feels insulted about these additional accusations.

Sometimes, it is better to remain silent. This was one of them.

She’s responsible for “enabling” Rolf Harris by keeping quiet, so is everyone else who was too cowardly to report him,

Vanessa, you do represent the ‘modern woman’. Because of media hype and the sycophants who are so eager to prop-up females as the greatest thing since sliced bacon, you often apply mouth before engaging brain. Because of your job, couldn’t you envisage a backlash?

Vanessa is a Jew, not a Christian. Just saying!!!!

You call that limboing under the bar of good taste? WATCH THIS!

i believe she was pissed of with rolf as he refused to paint her, seemingly he said he could’nt find a big enough canvass and that got her skirt up sorry back up!!

Lady! Your ego is showing and you are making a fool of yourself. No-one cares anymore about you or the incessant show business antics that go on with all the unsavoury stuff of Savile, Harris and Hall. There are no doubt many more but you are too late and what people really believe is that you are crying wolf for yourself and you alone. That makes them not like it or you. You should have kept your mouth shut. However, you will have the on-going problem of people thinking of you as another tart out for what she can get.

“#VanessaFeltz claims #RolfHarris assaulted her on live TV. I remember it well. It was the episode of Animal Hospital with a beached Whale.”

“Rolf Harris touched up Vanessa Feltz in 1996. Can’t help thinking of the advert ‘should have gone to Specsavers'”


The funny thing is? Linda Nolan’s sister Coleen was part of another enquiry.

The Saville Enquiry.

Linda said she had kept quiet until now about the alleged attack because of the abuse Coleen got when she revealed she had been assaulted by Jimmy Savile at 14. Now you know why Judgy Bitch got a shout out here. Coleen Nolan was the victim of Jimmy Saville and of the MRA/Troll brigade who defended him. Vanessa is currently taking the most flak but Linda’s effectively gone off the board in order to avoid harassment.

Coleen felt brave enough to mention it in a 1990s documentary. Then a couple of years ago when the horrific details came out about Savile she spoke very briefly about it and she was completely ­crucified. She got so much stick I was a bit nervous of sticking my head above the parapet about Rolf.” 

Linda Nolan’s silence was bought by the arseholes who do things like this.

Look? I don’t like vapid TV and Vanessa Feltz’s Big Breakfast was vapid with the a capital V. Call me fancy if you like. But if we are talking about attention whore celebrity there are far worse. I am assured that I should name drop TOWIE and Geordie Shore here.

Let’s face it. The bulk of the backlash against Vanessa is simple. She’s fat and not super hot. Therefore is lying.

But here is the thing? Vanessa has been putting up with this sort of garbage for decades. In her own words? She was absolutely fine, my life wasn’t ruined, I wasn’t traumatised and I slept fine that night.

It’s why she didn’t go to the police at the time or make a big fuss. Because she thought she was the only one and it didn’t go anywhere else. In addition? She probably knows the sort of flak she would take for speaking up about it. Vanessa said she really hopes that the negative reaction she has received won’t put other victims off from speaking out.

“I think it’s terrible that I tell my story about a convicted abuser and I get met with a torrent of abuse, People should come forward and tell and it should be taken seriously. I really hope this doesn’t put people off coming forward.”

And an important note? Both Nolan and Feltz refused to sell their stories. Neither of them have profited from this. Both stated that profiting from this would harm other victims. They have spoken candidly, freely and non-exclusively.

And both make a valid point. Why would you stand up to sex offenders and child abusers if the MRA simply defend them by turning the Internet into a hellscape of harassment and suffering  until they give up.

And if it means protecting sex offenders then that makes you firmly in the camp of the MRAs like Judgy Bitch. Now the defencce the MRA are simply going to use is that these quotes are from trolls and that the REAL MRA would never defend a paedophile. Which is rather funny considering a paedophile defender was involved in the biggest men’s rights conference held to date. So either your entire movement is made up of trolls or you got serious problems with your membership and your entire dialogue is based on harm.

The reaction Feltz and Nolan received is the point. Victims fear it sufficiently to not come forward. It is a straight forward decision to us because none of us were sexually assaulted. It is a decision that is terrifying and it is a leap of faith about how people will respond. In Feltz’s case? She is being re-victimised, her attack is denigrated and is ignored for the sake of fat jokes. Because fat people don’t get raped right? You can’t accuse someone of “playing the victim card”, when coming forward as a victim means public humiliation.

We have a warped and twisted view of sexual violence. There are famous journalists with Pulitzer Prizes who have gone on record to describe victims of rape (usually female) as a “coveted state that confers privilege“.

I am pretty sure that any privilege Nolan and Feltz got out of this is nothing that I would want. And this problem is widespread. Look, all of us have this problem. This is not women’s problems, this is a human problem. And if this much flak is applied to the female victims of sexual assault? Imagine what men have to go through considering their sexual assaults are considered humorous. Way to go MRA for sticking to the status quo.

People are desperate to be believed and face a whipping gallery of hate to stand up to their abusers, but that isn’t helped by the idiots from the MRA who continue to perpetuate victim blaming, myths and misconceptions that make coming forward so fraught with danger.

Even people in power have this sort of thought.

“It’s sad to see a man of generally good character in the dock for such a serious offence. I do not regard you as a classic rapist. I do not think you are a general danger to strangers. You are not the type who goes searching for a woman to rape. This was a case where you just lost control of normal restraint. It was almost out of the blue that two girls turned up late at night, very, very drunk, at your home. The victim was the worst for drink out of the two of them. She was completely out of it. I accept that evidence. She was a pretty girl who you fancied. You simply could not resist. You had sex with her.”

– Hull Crown Court, the incident is up for evaluation. Rape is a crime in the UK irrespective of the woman’s state of inebriation and being an Avant Garde or an Expressionist Rapist rather than a Classical one does not give you a free ride.

Oh don’t look so smug America… Remember Steubenville?

“It was incredibly emotional, incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students literally watched as they believed their lives fell apart.”


This is the problem. We think it is other people’s problems. We looked at all those idiot politicians and Khap Panchayat members from India who blamed jeans, mobile phones and chow mein for rape and found it hilarious. Then went back to saying things like this to our own victims.

We can’t blame the boys who did this! They ate chow mein which apparently is Viagra mixed with Spanish Fly while those girls had tight jeans and mobile phones = Yes!. Or they had promising careers cut short by that harpy who had the good fortune to pass out from underage drinking and repeatedly throw herself vagina/bum first at these poor men’s erect cocks over and over again and compel them to take videos and photographs and post them online.

If they were “good” students they wouldn’t be raping girls. And if they were so smart they wouldn’t be raping girls let alone taking video evidence of their goddamn crime and posting it online. You can’t claim to be “smart” and then do something catastrophically harmful and then do something catastrophically moronic that gets you super duper caught.

But that’s the thing. We create these narratives about the perpetrators and are willing to blame anything and anyone but the abusers. The victims are always too blame or were so unattractive that no man could rape them and that they must be doing this for the pleasant attention of these charming people. She was asking for it. She encouraged it because she didn’t say no loudly, hit him, scream and threaten to give him a Bobbit Circumcision. The young man was lead astray. He couldn’t control himself.

It is not a misfortune to be raped. Misfortune is being attacked by a shark. Human beings are not shark. We are capable of controlling our actions. I can say no to chocolate, no to a second (Okay! fourth…) helping of lasagne and no to a woman who is inebriated and passed out. We speak of women getting raped as if they fell into the web of an instinct predator like a spider that kills on impulse. Men do not rape on impulse.

Welcome to the Internet, Here be Douchebags.

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  1. says

    Technically, they are sub-helpings of lasagne. Since a full helping of lasagne can’t fit on many plates, we must eat our portion in smaller, more manageable parts.

  2. Trebuchet says

    Harris’s most famous song, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, was also blatantly racist. He changed the lyrics in later years.

  3. Gerard O says

    It’s also worth remembering that Jimmy Savile was closely connected to Britain’s security services, Royalist militias, the Vatican and the IRA. Those who may have come forward during Savile’s lifetime would certainly have been subject to intimidation and threats — they would have been putting their lives on the line.

  4. Rich Woods says

    @Gerard #3:

    It’s also worth remembering that Jimmy Savile was closely connected to Britain’s security services, Royalist militias, the Vatican and the IRA.

    Royalist militias? What the hell is one of those? And the IRA too?

    Whatever you’re smoking, I don’t want any of it. For once.

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