Lazy Travelling – More Photography

For those who are unaware? I spent the last week under the knife. My wisdom teeth hadn’t erupted and had gotten infected. The infection  had spread to my jaw which was reconstructed and the chain had to be replaced. In short? I was in a lot of pain and needed surgical removal of infected teeth and the chain used in reconstruction of my jaw.

Which is why the blog hasn’t been updated. I however had an opportunity to try and put some more photos up. 


It’s a temple on a hill IMG_1170

Crow at the clinic. There are dozens of them around and they are basically pidgeons on steroids! They eat anything and everything, but are considered good luck so people keep them fed.



This is a rural town in Karnataka


Sunset from the Clinic
IMG_1244 IMG_1246

The sort of place I work in. It’s not quite a city, more like a town.


Relief from a scorching day.IMG_1260 IMG_1261

They chew through everything. They are total pests but highly adorable to watch.


Kids playing outsideIMG_1387 This was a picture I took of her to send to her family. It’s the only “big” picture they have of her and her brother and sister. They use their small camera phones for normal photography rather than something bigger.IMG_1390


Dancing IMG_1417 Why did we stop? Cow… IMG_1432Finally! Proof that I am one of those big pharma shills you keep hearing about.
IMG_1706You need to get on my gardening hero level
IMG_1709 IMG_1710 Jasmine isn’t just a princess IMG_1688 Squirrel!!!IMG_1704 I don’t know what the name is but I like purpleIMG_1846 DroughtIMG_1849

I have more photos to upload but I figure this should be enough for the time being!

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  1. Youknowwhoiam says

    Amazing, amazing work. That’s some really good stuff you could sell to magazines etc…wow.

  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Great photos – thanks.

    You need to get on my gardening hero level.

    A little outside my temperate Aussie garden area but for the second image (pink flowers, long leaves) I’d guess camellia and the first, really don’t know, maybe some type of heliconia or related species?

    As for the purple (pink flower, red buds /berries) one, some kind of lily maybe? Don’t know it either.

    Droughts on the other hand we are very familiar with although its currently very cold and wet and wintery here.

  3. Dextrous says

    Flora & fauna:
    Plumeria, Oleander (?), Jasmine, Chipmunk!!!, Tradescantia pallida.

    Have an aunt who used to live in Bangalore.

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