No Blurred Lines

What follows… is a response to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Let us just say that Blurred Lines was pretty damn  shady. Okay it had a catchy beat. Okay it’s video basically was pornography. It was popular. But it was tasteless and had issues with the way it treated women and the rapey context of the lyrics.

A context? Goodness Gracious Me was a British TV sketch show about Asian Comedy and was widely regarded as insanely funny. It was “race” comedy but it was silly and light hearted and was a way to poke fun at our harmless weirdness of being Asian. Some of it was hard hitting though. In between all the silliness were sketches about Voluntourism (The practice of volunteering for a week at a charity in a third world nation solely for cool facebook photos while doing precious little useful work), the lack of understanding among groups to deal with spousal abuse in Asian families and amusing takes on Asian issues such as “Going for an English” which shows a role reversal of an “English Restaurant” in Mumbai and how  similar behaviour among Brits would be in India. Or the “Jonathan” sketch where a white guy in India is treated like Indians in the UK where people cannot pronounce a simple “British Name” and instead mutilate it and get angry when the poor Jonathan requests that his name not be mutilated.

In light of the rape accusations in India and the changing reality of the Asian Man this does it perfectly. If the show is back, count me as a big fan.


  1. cartomancer says

    I’d really like to see it back too, but for now there don’t appear to be any plans for that. This sketch is from a special, one-off, twenty-years-on reunion show (eek, has it really been that long?) as part of the BBC2 50th anniversary celebrations. There were two Fast Show specials in the same series as well.

    But you never know – Red Dwarf came back after the same interval, they’re doing another series of The Kumars at the moment, and the BBC is still trying to improve the ethnic diversity of its output, so it’s possible. I guess it depends on whether the four main stars of the show want to do it again – they all have successful acting careers elsewhere now.

    I still think Sanjeev Baskar should be the next Doctor Who though.

  2. says

    Cosmic coincidence, I only heard about Goodness Gracious Me and Going for an English for the first time last week.
    As for Thicke: He’s getting worse by the day. His last album is all about “getting her back”. His wife left him. In the video to the song the woman who is a stand in for his wife (there are obvious visual parallels) ends up dead when she doesn’t heed his pleas…

  3. Daniel Schealler says

    I really disliked the original of this. To the point that I couldn’t get on board with people who enjoyed Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’ because every time I hear him I think of Blurred Lines and it spoils everything.

    But I’m *really* liking some of the parodies. This one was fun.

    Hard to pick a favorite between this and the Auckland Law Revue one. They’re both really good.

    I still think Sanjeev Baskar should be the next Doctor Who though.

    I wanna see Tilda Swinton as the next Doctor. But Sanjeev would be good too. :P

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