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This one’s from the charming libertarian blog Taki’s Magazine.

So it is home to lots of “non-conventional ideas”. While prior writers have refered to the Chinese as “Chinks and Slopes” (because it is okay to be racist to Asians, they rarely complain, aren’t all that angry and are pretty well off), they also have this piece.

Meg Lanker-Simons, who I’ll presume hyphenates her surname to prove she’s not beholden to the patriarchy, is a bespectacled female wildebeest who grazes the campus of the University of Wyoming, always on the lookout for sexual harassment but never quite able to find it.

On Thursday she will appear in court to face misdemeanor charges that she interfered with a police investigation by fabricating an online male identity who claimed he wanted to “hatefuck” her and thus transform her into a “good Republican bitch.” After this initial—and, according to police, self-generated—post on April 24, Lanker-Simons responded by saying, “I’m left to wonder if there’s someone out there with a violent fantasy about me….”

I’ll bet she wonders that a lot. Or maybe “hopes” is a more apt choice of words.

There are two major problems with this argument.

Firstly? Straw Feminists! All Feminists are Ugly, Bespectacled (Because glasses = Ugly. No man likes a lady in glasses). Tina Fey may as well be a slug beast. These straw feminists wish to be sexual harassed but never are because no man will ever touch them without turning to stone.

The truth of the matter is most women these days have adopted some form of feminism. Even the most conservative would be considered hardcore feminists at some point in the history of feminism. Modern women have come so far from the early days that we forget how much the early suffragettes fought against. It seems daft that someone once had to fight for the right to vote and own property.

Secondly? That online harassment doesn’t exist. Really? Oh when the MRA do it, it is just trolls and trouble makers. Spotty Kids in their basements. It was the same with my contact with racists. No one ever says “I say! That man just called you a nigger! That is not cricket!”. Everyone said “Stop complaining about being called a nigger, that man is clearly a troll”.

Online harassment exists. We know it exists. We atheists have a huge level of support for Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” which fights online harassment of the GLBT yet we claim it doesn’t occur within our own community! We log in countless examples of it.

There are people who make violent threats out there. To say they don’t exist  is to ignore the mountains of examples including the many examples of people who acted out on those threats.

Simons, a blogger that received kudos from Think Progress and is also chums with terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, appeared to bask like a whale shark in the odd sort of attention that only modern-day victims, real or imagined, seem to enjoy. That is, until a warrant for her arrest was issued.

That is rather puzzling. You know? Simons faux claim doesn’t actually change the fact that people send hate mail.

I mean if we are going to start describing  feminists like this one can associate the writer’s libertarianism with the nonsensical bullshit that killed 3 people in Las Vegas.

Rather than upbraiding her for wasting public resources and staining the school’s reputation, the University of Wyoming issued a statement that Meg’s arrest should not be remembered as an example of third-wave feminism gone psycho, but it should be honored in that it “sparked an important discussion” about how the school has “no tolerance for sexual violence,” even if, well, a mentally unbalanced woman is simply imagining it.

Except sexual violence is real. There are countless examples of it. And the only way the libertarian wing of the MRA can push their ideology is by making the claim that the majority of such violence is imagined. Or a lie.

I’ve seen bumper stickers that say feminism is the radical idea that women are people. But in practice, it seems more like the pseudo-religious delusion that women are innocent.

Twisted misogynist that I am, I actually do see women as human and thus fully capable of malice and deceit in order to achieve their ends.

“I’ve seen bumper stickers that say feminism is the radical idea that women are people. But in practice, it seems more like the pseudo-religious delusion that women are innocent.”
Yes and the Delhi Rape victim was such a powerful feminist that she spontaneously impaled herself on an innocent bus driver’s iron bar killing herself JUST so that she could doom such innocent young men to the gallows.
Except as we know. While women are fully capable of being malicious, the number who do so with regards to rape are few. Want to know something funny?
It is REALLY HARD to fake a rape. The more evidence you have the more likely a rape is to be prosecuted but also? The more likely it is you are going to get caught faking. Not all rapes are prosecuted. Some simply cannot be prosecuted since our judicial system works on reasonable doubt. Let us look at the Catholic Church Child Rapes scandal. What occurred was not a criminal rape investtigation by a civil case. Unless there is hard evidence like photographs and video it is awfully hard to prove sexual assault years down the line.
The majority of rape cases are not prosecuted and it is because of a simple fact. The evidence is insufficient to make it worthwhile to take it to court. The victim will lose, the courts will lose money as will the victim. It may be simpler to just move on.

But don’t try telling a modern radical feminist that women sometimes lie, especially about the unpardonable sins of rape and sexual assault. She’ll call you a slut-shaming, patriarchy-supporting, dickless scumbag rape apologist who denies we live in a “rape culture” that constantly sends out loud messages that rape is cool and groovy and ginchy and happenin’.

Except last year we saw the Steubenville Rape. The only real difference between the behaviour of those boys and the ones in India was the death of the victim. The adults though….

India behaved abominably, but the people who did so? Were old. They were so insulated from the pulse of the people that they misjudged India and the anger created by the attack. The talking heads were powerful but not the masses.

What was America’s excuse? Wealth? Education? Progress? They all existed. Yet the people of Steubenville tried to protect the rapists. They lied to protect the rapists, they harassed the victim to try and silence her and eventually pushed

That my  friend….

Is a culture of rape. It’s a culture where the victim of rape was denigrated and hounded in order to protect the rapists.

It would be like complaining that a home owner shouldn’t go out of his house if he didn’t want to get robbed and then protecting the robbers. While not an explicit endorsement of rape, it was a statement that rape victim wasn’t as important as high school football.

Feminist author Catharine MacKinnon and her wrinkly, desiccated vagina once wrote that “feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men.”

And your floppy festering penis is rather bad at quote mining.

And I must point out that feminism was originally built on a demand for equal property, taxation, work and voting rights. It’s just that once those were mainly achieved, women began to discuss sexual violence.

If so, feminism is built on a shaky house made of soft tampons.

Depending on whose stats you believe, false rape accusations comprise anywhere from 1% to 90% of all rape accusations.

90% quelle domage.

In the UK out of every 1000 rape accusations just 3 are faked. THREE! Let us discard the 997 rapes to ensure that 3 harridans do not get away with it.

Or you know? Make it easier for the 997, improve detection rates which will also allow us to catch the “fakers” more and more. The funny thing is? Whenever people try to bring up fake rape? It is usually because there is a real rapist out there.

It’s not as if women have ever been caught fabricating rape accusations as a form of revenge against their lovers. They’ve never concocted stories to get their ex-husbands nor their ex-boyfriends jailed. They’ve never cried rape to get rid of a current husband, either. It’s not as if adult women cheat on their partners and then try to cover it by crying rape. This never happens. Never. No, not even once. It’s not as if teenage girls do this, either. Mistresses never cry rape, either. It’s not as if a woman has ever lodged a false rape complaint merely because a man forgot her name after a one-night stand. And it’s certainly not as if false rape accusations motivated by a thirst for romantic vengeance have happened again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

And the denominator?

Whenever I argue about anti-vax tropes, the dialogue is similar to this. LOOK AT ALL THESE SIDE EFFECTS! But no one told me how many people made up the “out of” section. Let us assume the American Cops are every bit as competent as my socialist bobbies who don’t even carry guns.

18 cases listed.

That means this is out of roughly 6000 cases of rape. And these are rapes prosecuted in the UK. The thing is? Even the police and the health system in the UK encourages women to come forward as early as possible after a rape. The hospital can collect the forensic evidence and keep it and log it and it can be held for use. Even if a woman doesn’t wish to prosecute her rapist she is encouraged to come in as early as possible for health check ups. The funny thing is? On the line it is rather rare to see these “faux rape cases”.

The MRA dialogue speaks of women who are just itching to sleep with men to accuse them of rape. Maybe there exist one or two women like this.

Modern feminism also teaches that it is the supremely evil patriarchy whose hairy, talon-tipped hands have molded a society that makes women feel ashamed of their sexuality. Therefore, it is impossible that women sometimes genuinely feel ashamed for engaging in consensual sex and then deal with their guilt by falsely accusing men of raping them. It’s not as if they feel guilty for having consensual sex with strangers and then turn around to falsely accuse them of rape. It’s not as if they sometimes consent to sex with multiple partners simultaneously and then claim they were gang-raped. It’s not as if they feel guilty for one-night stands and subsequently cry rape, so get that thought out of your mind, no matter what you read in the papers.

Yes. Which is why some of the past people who have passed my work on (and I assume have read it) were the Feminist Whore, Nina Hartley and the like.

Newsflash. Straw Feminists are rare. Most Feminists LIKE SEX. Sexual Revolution? Funny thing is? Feminists on the whole tend to have more active and indeed experimental sex lives. I mean? I know staunch feminists who do porn. Feminists who are sex workers. Feminists who are into kink and bondage. I mean really? This argument is just idiotic.

Do you know what the core of the argument is? Consent? Not about how  a woman was asking for it based on what clothes she wears? I mean if there is an outfit that is a signal for rape, then is there one that is a signal for pass the salt?

Look, MRA who do read this?

You know how you have seen a woman right? Well I have dissected them for anatomy. Turns out they have a hole in their head that allows them to make noises. They also have two holes in the side of their heads that allow them listen to noises. You have them two. You use the singular hole in your face to make talky noises that sound like “Would You Like to Have Sex” or words to that effect and the female human  makes noises that sound like “Yes or No” and if she says “Yes” then you have sex. And if she says “No” then you do not.

I know this is a bizarre thing to discuss but frankly? That is all feminists boil it down to.

Sure there are feminists who discuss sex as if it were weird but frankly? No one invites them to dinner parties. They are intensely boring. Frankly? Women like sex. It is pleasurable. And women have their own fetishes and fantasies? Have you ever tried talking to them?

Do you know who  shames women for promiscuity? Society. Do you know who blames promiscuous women for being raped? Can’t rape a slut right? See here is the thing. Your argument promotes the notion that sexual promiscuous women who were raped are lying. And in the modern world?

That’s nearly every woman. Most women have multiple sexual partners and fetishes and wants and desires.


  1. says

    Feminists on the whole tend to have more active and indeed experimental sex lives. I mean? I know staunch feminists who do porn. Feminists who are sex workers. Feminists who are into kink and bondage.

    Yeah, but they probably aren’t into whingy MRAs. Which is the MRAs’ real complaint.

    And that complaint amounts to the USA’s geopolitical strategy, which can best be summarized as “how much do we have to bomb the shit out of you in order to get you to love us?” The MRAs don’t seem to realize that if they just, you know, treat feminists with respect and admit that they’ve got a good point, then stop trying to objectify them as sex dolls and get to know them, hell, they’re kinda interesting and they might wind up liking you and you might wind up liking them and wonderful things can happen. Or, you can try to see how much you have to irritate, objectify, and threaten women in order to get them to love you. Dumbasses.

  2. thetalkingstove says

    From that last quoted paragraph:

    Therefore, it is impossible that women sometimes genuinely feel ashamed for engaging in consensual sex and then deal with their guilt by falsely accusing men of raping them.

    No, it’s not impossible. It’s just very rare and thus shouldn’t be used as the basis to disbelieve a woman when she says she’s been raped.

    If someone tells you their car has been stolen I’m guessing that you don’t accuse them of making it up for the insurance money. And insurance fraud is, I would wager, vastly more common than false rape reporting.

    But no, there’s no rape culture. *sigh*

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