On The Las Vegas Shootings

I have family who live in Vegas. Let us just say that Casinos need engineers and people need obs/gynaes even if you live in Vegas.

So it read about the shooting.

I don’t have much to say on it. What’s to say? Don’t murder people? Don’t encourage the usage of guns? Don’t fetishise gun use? Don’t encourage conspiracy?

If you complain about facism and totalitarianism by killing two policemen, another gun carrier who believed in the lies of an armed and polite society and then do so under an emblem of neo-nazi swastika (The Hindu swastika generally has its arms parallel to the plane of the ground or the orientation of the object while Nazis tend to have theirs occupy a “diamond” shape) then you have a shocking lack of understanding of history, politics or the meaning of symbols. Unless you did so for ironic purposes. In which case you have the sort of humour that replaces whoopee cushions with land mines.

If you march under the banner of Nazis, then you march under the banner of the most infamous totalitarians on the planet. You stop being good guys and you come off as people who would kill millions for the stupid notion that the colour of your skin meant something more than your capacity for tanning.

While we don’t know whether these killers identified with the neo-nazis or merely sought to mark innocent policemen with the symbols of nazis, it is clear that the libertarian movement with regards to the Tea Party Conspiracy theorists, The American Spring, Gun Control and Open Carry has lost the plot.

Let us be clear. It doesn’t matter if these people had a mental illness. I am sure we would try and provide that as a rationale. The truth is this is an act of terrorism. The sole purpose of this was to create fear. Will we be banning white people from owning guns? Will white people get searched more? Where is Sam Harris suggesting we strip search all white men? As of now? While the largest single attack of terrorism in the USA during my lifetime was committed by Muslims, for number? It has been done by mainly white “looking” people. Perhaps we should start worrying about them?

That would be foolish would it not?



  1. Holms says

    Hey Avicenna? Maybe look into some protection against bots?

    But otherwise, holy fucking hell America, another shooting in another red state with lax gun laws (iirc), but of course the republican mouthpiece Fox News is guaranteed to squawk in indignation at the mere possibility that gun laws might change.

    Oh and so much for public carry being a deterrant to crime. Nevada has both open and concealed carry, but the two shooters simply strolled into a store and started murduring. Apparently an officer fired back, but ineffectively. Naturally the John Waynes of the gun apologists will insist that a ‘good guy with a gun’ could have stopped them somehow. Despite the whole two good guys with guns and training failed to do so.

    With feeling: fucking hell, replublican Americans.

  2. says

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