The Sisters of Bon Secours and the 800 children of Tuam

I wrote about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home.

I wrote about the abusive conditions and the work being done there by Catherine Corless. So I wrote in to her to find out about how the fundraising is going. And it is not going great.

So far? The Sisters of Bon Secours who ran the home that cost the lives of so many children have donated a frankly paltry sum of money considering the Catholic Church’s vast wealth. The victims of this crime can never be brought back, nor will anyone face justice. But at least they can be remembered.

Lest we forget, it was not gods who inflicted this on these children. But mankind. Fools who thought suffering made you closer to god and punished the made up sins of innocent women and children with torture, starvation and death. They may not have pulled the trigger of any gun, but the denial of food to children is death as were the conditions.

This is Marasmus

And this is Kwashiorkar

These are forms of malnourishment. Where you  simply waste away or lose all control of body fluids due to the loss of protein. I have seen such cases before. Due to famine. I have read of such cases before in the developed world. Due to abuse and gross neglect. This was not famine that caused their deaths, it was abuse.

And these were promoted by the Catholic Church and the SIsters who ran the Home. And the price of that was 800 children. We don’t know how many of those children would have lived  had they received proper food and medical care. But they died of diseases created by such conditions. Malnourishment runs down your immune system and makes childhood diseases deadly.

What benefits did the Church gain from this torture of children, we shall never know. It simply boggles the mind, because I cannot fathom a single benefit from this. It is an atrocity. A crime against humanity.

They are trying to raise money for a memorial. A garden, a plaque and a place where people can come to remember all those who went through those walls for a moral code of shame and sin where there were none.

It won’t bring back the dead, it may however remind us to never do it again. And it is for that reason I think atheists should raise money for this and do something humane. Belief in the divine didn’t make these men and women of god moral, it is our humanity that does. And we need to show it by helping out.

So pass it on. Here is the link for the memorial. If you cannot donate, help spread the word and get others to help and donate. So that we may remember the most important words with regards to this.

Never Again.


  1. says

    Those saintly sisters were delivering god’s most precious gift which is to know the suffering of Christ.
    Remember soon to be saint Mother Theresa who adamantly refused any medical treatment, especially analgesics for her victims charges who she believed were sent to her by god so that she could sadistically enjoy commiserate with as they were blessed by His most precious gift.

  2. Mary in Austin says

    How many of the nuns died of starvation? I would be very interested to know that, as apologists for the Irish Catholic way of doing things allege that Ireland was a poor country and deaths of institutionalized children from hunger and disease were not preventable.

  3. HTBSpiders says

    It’s not enough to have a memorial. That’s exactly what the church wants – a religious ceremony and a stone and then they can walk away. No! Not enough, not by far. I’m sorry but 1961 wasn’t that long ago, and I know people born in those homes. If my family had stayed in Ireland some of my family would have died in those homes. We have had enough of this patriarchal abuse of power, and we want a real criminal investigation done.

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