Racism is Live and Well

The Back Story?

A man  of African American gene locus decided to start a car. What ensued was someone getting angry that he started his car in a manner that alarmed her and her children so much that she decided to go full racist.

Never go full racist.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    The video starts after whatever supposedly triggered the event. I would be curious to see how much (or more like, how little) it took to set this off.

    But yes, racism is alive and well in the US, unfortunately.

  2. says

    That’s a pretty sweet way of dealing with the lady; she’s gonna be temple-clutching wondering how many of her friends/family see it on youtube.

  3. Jackie the wacky says

    Nope. She lost her religion over him being black and staring a car.

  4. John Horstman says

    And, of course, the YouTube comments are filled with misogynist invective, as though the woman’s absurd racism somehow makes describing HER with sexist slurs okay. We need an effective way to make people less awful.

  5. mastmaker says

    Two comments:

    First, how is she bringing up her children? My 11 year old would start crying if I shout at SOMEBODY for 2 seconds with the tone of that lady. Those kids are completely nonchalant about their mother’s tempter tantrum.

    Second, her threats almost reach the legendary heights of ‘Cyber Police/Consequences will NEVER be the SAME!’ guy. A little more funny and the lady would have been immortalized in the internet folklore.

    But seriously, guns and racism are two things that make me afraid to step outside my beloved home area.

  6. A Masked Avenger says

    If I heard correctly, she said she’s not afraid of the cops because, “How many cops have I stripped for.” I admit that this prompted me to make several assumptions about her, her husband, and their family life. If the blatant racism in front of the kids wasn’t enough.

    I’d like a clearer picture though of how one terrifies children by starting a car.

  7. lorn says

    Okay, a pot-bellied stripper with two young kids in tow calls someone a nigger outside a Dollar store in a run down strip mall and claims the police will be on her side because of the number of them she has stripped for.

    It doesn’t get much more white trash than that.

    How does one frighten children by starting a vehicle? Really … I want to know. There are some kids down the block that need a good fright.

    It also exposes a stereotype. In this sort of racist encounter the stereotype is that the woman would be well dressed and she would be going into a higher end store. That is where a lot of people picture white privilege raising its ugly head.

    But he reality is that this location is a fair depiction of the most common location for overt racism. When Nathan Bedford Forest formed the KKK his base for recruitment was the poor whites in the south. A little known dynamic of the south is that poor whites were often as badly treated as the blacks. Poor whites were typically as poorly educated and housed as the slaves. The only significant difference was that blacks were slaves and whites were, at least nominally, free. After the Civil War there was no difference. The KKK was used to raise poor whites up by keeping poor blacks down.

  8. says

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  9. says

    Unbelievable. Mind boggling, really. But then, I’m Canadian and while we still have racism here – plenty of it, just be very clear – I’ve never personally run into it at anywhere near this level. That woman is just downright nutters!

  10. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I’m originally from right near Cheektowaga. And yeah, that video pretty much sums up the area, to be honest. It’s where all the working/lower-middle-class white people from Buffalo fled when “the blacks” started moving in. And now they’re all upset because African-Americans are moving into Cheektowaga.

    The whole Buffalo area is horribly segregated and pretty darned racist. When I moved to Baltimore, the first thing people would say when I told them where I was going was “But… there’s a lot of BLACK people there!” /shakes head sadly

  11. Holms says

    That’s a pretty sweet way of dealing with the lady; she’s gonna be temple-clutching wondering how many of her friends/family see it on youtube.

    I doubt that. She appeared to genuinely believe herself to be in the right, and I suspect most / all of her freinds and rellies are likeminded enough that they may even be proud of her.

  12. says

    Even if we are generous and assume the man in question did something wrong (start to back out without looking, deliberately rev an engine with a bad muffler to create as obnoxiously loud a sound as possible, whatever) her response still makes her look like a bad person.

    1) It is possible to yell at someone without using slurs, dogwhistles, or other degrading language. Yes, even someone who happens to look different than you do!

    2) It’s also possible to just call someone a jerk, snap a picture of their license plate, and then walk away. You don’t need to stand there and look like a raving asshole.

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