Not the Ducks! – AVN and Meryl Dorey Defend Child Abuse

There is a common anti-vax trope defending child abuse.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is commonly attributed to vaccine damage and originally it was an attempt to defend a child abuser. 

Questioner: Yeah, hi. I was wondering with the SIDS: I’ve heard that a lot of fathers, and sometimes mothers, have been jailed for, I guess, [it] being said that they caused the deaths from shaking while their babies were sleeping or something. Because the vaccinations actually cause bruises as well as instant death. Do you have any statistics on that, or something?

Subdural hematomaretinal hemorrhage, and cerebral edema are the triad of findings consistent with current medical understanding that infer child abuse caused by intentional shaking. In a majority of cases there is no visible sign of external trauma but it can be associated with bruising and broken bones particularly greenstick fractures which are more clear.

This darling of the anti-vax is it’s most frightening. Because the dialogue of anti-vax often ties into the conspiracy theory notion, the current idea is that this allows a government to jail an innocent parent.

Alan Yurko was the first.

There are trigger warnings for this paragraph.

Consider a ten week old dead baby. On autopsy there was cerebral haemorrhage as if the brain was bounced around the skull. There wear tear haemorrhages were bleeding around the eyes and spinal column. There were bruises on the sides of the head and four broken but healing ribs. There was a pattern of physical abuse. Alan Yurko admitted to holding his child upside down and punching him shortly before death.

This man is a hero to many anti-vaccination lobbyists. Including being championed by Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network. He was considered a martyr to the anti-vaccination movement and was the bogeyman for them. If you vaccinate your child, your child can die and make it look like you beat him.

Alan Yurko was let out early and this was leapt on by many anti-vax. The truth was that he didn’t get let out because  the autopsy was incorrect but that evidence was mishandled.

Meryl: I don’t have statistics. But there is a book we carry. It’s called Sudden Infant Death. I can never remember the whole name, it’s quite long, it’s written by Harold Buttram who’s an MD, a GP who has been studying this for a long time and he has actually engaged an engineer of some kind, a mechanical engineer I think, to test what sort of force is needed to shake a baby in order to cause brain damage and bleeding behind the eyes, which are basically the symptoms they look at in shaken babies. And it is impossible, according to this expert, it is impossible to shake a baby hard enough to cause that sort of damage without breaking their neck.

Harold Buttram is a hidden gem among the anti-vax in that he doesn’t speak or handle any direct contact with the usual groups. That is mainly because he often says things that are clearly false. He is just someone they like to reference to and hope no one checks up on. He is the cause of the antivaccine movement claiming that SBS is in reality vaccine injury.

His bogus hypothesis has been featured in the journal of the crank organization, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. He also is referenced by  Medical Voices, which ultimately became the International Medical Council on Vaccination. 

The argument is faulty. There is evidence of spinal injury in SBS. Also we forget that a lot of people instinctively hold babies with cervical support since babies can’t hold their heads straight which may prevent fracture. And no the paper written on the biomechanics of shaken babies was not written by Harold Buttram and we would not hire a mechanical engineer to discuss human biomechanics but anatomists and forensic pathologists.

But glad to see Meryl is sticking to her forte.

I mean even if you hold the baby’s head and body at the same time and shake them, the neck has to break. So Shaken Baby Syndrome again, like SIDS, is a waste basket. It is a way of blaming the family for what may have been caused by the medical community. And bleeding behind the eyes, retinal bleeding is something that has been known to follow vaccination, it has been known to follow hypoxia or lack of oxygen.

Which is consistent with smothering rather than vaccination since vaccines don’t affect your breathing.

Meryl I must point out is anti-SIDS diagnosis because she likes to blame SIDS on vaccines. The joke being that the meta-analysis shows that SIDS is slightly less common among vaccinated children.

Yes, this is from Meryl and yes this is her defending child killers and child abuse. I am not saying that child abuse is common. I am just saying that it does happen and the anti-vax are trying to defend the perpetrators.

There are so many things that can cause that symptom and in Australia there is a doctor by the name of Archie K who also put a lot of those symptoms they’re looking at with shaken baby down to lack of Vitamin C. He even believed that vaccinations caused a deficit of Vitamin C and [that] would cause the bruising and the broken bones that a lot of people were seeing in their babies, as well.

Ever heard of scurvy in the USA or the UK or Australia? The fact of the matter is we simply consume too much citrus to worry about “Vitamin C deficiency”. No what Meryl means is “Quack Levels of Vit C”.

Basically? If you aren’t overdosing on Vitamin C you get this issue. And note this is an attempt to hide away broken bones.

Vitamin D is required for calcium deposition in bones. Not Vitamin C.

Yeah, Shaken Baby Syndrome is being used, so is Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

Yes… apparently vaccines cause some people to poison their children.

There is no depth to which Meryl Dorey will plunge to fight her “war” against medicine and that includes trying to poison the well on child abuse.


  1. says

    That is incredibly stupid, and vile, and unconscionable.

    Because the vaccinations actually cause bruises as well as instant death.

    There are so many things wrong with this sentence, I don’t even know where to begin.

  2. Jamie-Beth says

    There is no Avn they were forced to change their name to Australian vaccination skeptics network and a public warning was put out by the NSW government warning people about them and their unfounded and dangerous claims so I dont understand why they are currently been given leg room or be allowed to use any other name then the name that they are legally called.

  3. Holms says

    …he has actually engaged an engineer of some kind, a mechanical engineer I think…

    A mechanical engineer is of course an expert in physiology. Funny how engineers appear to have authority in so many subjects!

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