Golden Rice

It is simple. Rice is cheaper than Carrots. Carrots drown, rice grows in the waters left behind in fields on monsoons. Carrots don’t grow everywhere. 

Do you want to know what Monsanto’s Contribution to it was? 

 When Golden Rice was first made and offered people didn’t want it to be able to spread. The rationale was to prevent it destroying other traditional strains. Okay.

So the makers of it got together and made other strains. One of the technological donations was a license to use the terminator sequence of genes. From Monsanto. Now we had an issue that the seeds were being patented and farmers had to buy the seeds and couldn’t cross the rice.

So which is it? GM Rice with carotene that could be bred and cross bred? Or GM rice that could not be cross bred. What people wanted was a strain of rice that could be cross bred but not accidentally which was laughable.

There are drought resistant, pest resistant strains that would pay for their extra cost in a single crop. And not one group wanted it because “ZOMG! WHAT IF CARROT DNA AND RICE DID SOMETHING WEIRD”. The experts on GMO are not the scientists or the people who work with them but the people who have no idea on how they work.

Children have been blinded for ideology.

The thing is? This rice has one major advantage over carrots in that it promotes self sufficiency. These are poor communities that grow rice and may not be able to regularly get large amounts of carrots. Yes, I understand your veggie garden grows carrots but you live in the UK and the USA where the soil is good for that. Try growing carrots under an inch of standing water or growing rice after the field freezes over and you realise that crops require certain conditions to be met. In places where rice grows, it is easier to meet those conditions for rice. And there are carrots in India. They are pricey though and not everyone can afford them.

From Japan to India and Africa there are nearly 3 billion people who eat rice. 

The current system is unfeasible. Children and Adults still go blind and even die from a lack of vitamin A. And we are destroying the environment to get clinically viable Vit A. Where do you think VItamin A comes from? 

Remember Cod Liver Oil? That’s our current gold standard. Huge doses of Vit A from that. As for the cost? It is damage to fish stocks and environmental damage. Not to mention the simple fact that we could process the rice to make rice oil with Vit A and alleviate fishing pressure. And finally there is the price.

It cost us $125 Million to develop Golden Rice. Pricey right? It would be cheaper to grow carrots right?

It costs India alone $125 million per year in the world’s largest supplementation program and even more money for indirect supplementation which means “carrots”. The dialogue makes it seem like no one thought about carrots.

We could have saved billions of dollars, saved lives and helped millions if we didn’t faff about listening to people who say that GMOs are deadly and dangerous while using Insulin.


  1. says

    It cost us $125 Million to develop Golden Rice. Pricey right?

    Actually, that sounds insanely cheap to me. They need to have an ad with a bad furniture salesman telling you how the price of that R&D is SO LOW! Sale ends Thursday!

  2. says

    If you have a thing about weird vegetables getting mixed in with your rice, I just hope you’ve never accidentally eaten jambalaya.

  3. says

    Not you, specifically, Avi, you in general.

    Sometimes I don’t think about how a sarcastic tone of voice doesn’t come through in text.

  4. Codi Johnson says

    Putting all unwarranted fears of GMOs aside, what Monsanto wants is patents on seeds that can’t be ‘heirloomed’ so that people are completely dependent on Monsanto to get their seeds each year. The “buy from us or starve” model. THAT is what people should be most concerned about and most afraid of with GMOs.

  5. smrnda says

    I remember hearing about this rice quite a while ago. I didn’t *get* the ‘why don’t they just grow carrots/sweet potatoes’ or whatever since if nobody was doing that, it must just not work.

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