Having a Beef with Ham

Hemant Mehta is in a spot of bother with everyone’s second favourite creationist (Kent Hovind being the first).

Ken Ham…

Ken Ham of the Creation Museum has blasted an upcoming event at a Kentucky high school where atheists plan to hand out copies of The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide.

Looking rather hypocritical here Mr. Ham. After all? You wished to educate children by denying them biology educations and instead encouraging a religious dialogue.

“The reason for handing out this atheist book is to attack the Bible and the Christian faith-and the atheists really just want Bible distribution by volunteers to be stopped all together. And of course, atheists do not ultimately have any positive message to give. What can someone who says there is no God, and declares that when you die you cease to exist, really offer people except some subjective opinions for living in the here and now?” Ham wrote in a post for Answers in Genesis on Sunday.

Pretty much this. It is frankly a breach of the whole Establishment Clause. The rules apply to everyone. If you can flog the Bible then there is no reason we cannot flog a Koran or a Bhagavad Gita or the Satanic Bible or indeed, the Young Atheist’s Survival Guide.

Have you ever read the book? Of course not Mr. Ham. There are many books you do not read. And you may think there is no positive message, but what sort of positive message is “You have to die for your reward”. Life is for living Mr. Ham, not for dying.

The planned event for June 3 at Boone County High School, which is near the Creation Museum, is being organized by Tri-State Freethinkers, which is partnering with author Hemant Mehta and The Secular Student Alliance. The Freethinkers had asked for the same access to students that those passing out Gideon Bibles get.

Mehta, who is also a high school math teacher in Illinois and serves on the board of directors for Foundation Beyond Belief, maintained that his book, The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide, is not anti-Christian. He wrote on his “Friendly Atheist” blog on Monday that Ham has not read his book.

If Ken Ham had been aware, Mehta is like myself.

We both always were atheists of the Christian gods. Arguably Jainism is an “atheist” faith. It certainly doesn’t worship a standard god like the 3 major religions deal in. I suppose it is a deist faith rather than anything.

But neither of us believed in Jehovah.

The Creation Museum CEO warned that students who read the book might go to atheist websites where they will read “blasphemous statements and ad hominem attacks that are rife through atheist writings.”

Yes but stating the world is older than 7000 years old is a Blasphemy to Ken Ham as is learning about any other religion. Quite frankly if “Science is blasphemous” we should ignore Ken Ham for what he is. A luddite and I know the last time I wrote about him, Mr. Ham demonstrated his “Christian” Values by quote mining me without attribution while his echo chamber attacked me. But Ken Ham is a luddite, because embracing intelligence and realising the universe is not a mystery harms Ken Ham’s world view because to him it makes it mundane.

It is because he cannot see its elegance. How can he? He has stated that the gold standard of elegance is unachievable so nothing can compare to it.

It’s like fantasising the perfect girlfriend. No one’s ever going to match up to that so you keep ignoring real people. Ken Ham has created an unattainable (by his own definition) goal and so everything else is pointless. If we thought like Ken Ham we would still be like the chimpanzee. I assume Ken Ham would simply class that as a state of bliss. Ignorance is a bliss after all. And Ken Ham is orgasmic.

Mehta, who has spoken at Christian churches such as Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, in 2013, responded by suggesting that Ham has a problem with the book because it makes atheists sound like “kind, decent human beings,” and asked why the Creation Museum president puts “friendly” in quotation marks.

“Does Ham believe atheists aren’t capable of being nice people?” he wrote.

Mehta argued that the secular message isn’t negative, but that “it’s a beautiful thing to cast aside your faith because you found beauty in reality.”

“It’s powerful to learn that we’re alive today through the process of evolution over billions of years and that we have overcome incredible, mind-boggling odds to make it to this point. It’s motivating that, since we won’t be around forever, we have to make the most of the life we have.”

While maintaining that the atheist message is “one of hopelessness and purposelessness,” Ham highlighted the Christian message – namely John 3:16 which states, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

And in that ignored all the genocide and torture and so many other crimes. Because to Ken Ham, justice being after death means that gross inequality can exist in this life belying religion’s reason for surviving.

Religion kept the masses satisfied. It fed them on air and hollow promises. We know there is no magic reward for dying. But if you really believed? It was Lenny and George’s Farm.

Oh and if Ken Ham reads this and nicks again? An explanation of Of Mice and Men may be in order. After all? There are many books Ken Ham does not read.

Lenny and George are two men who had a dream in of Mice and Men, of owning a farm. However Lenny was mentally retarded, the book never mentions what exactly happened but George cared for him. Lenny’s massive strength enabled George and him to make a living and George generally kept Lenny’s child like persona in a giant’s body out of trouble.

They dreamt of owning a farm so they worked really hard. But in the end, George kills Lenny to save him from the pain of a lynch mob. And while he does so recites the dream of a house on the farm where Lenny could play with animals.

Because the joke was that was always a dream. It was something they couldn’t attain in Dustbowl America. In Recession America. It is the same dream we push today. It is heaven, something that isn’t real but was used to distract Lenny from his death. And something that helped fool George too. We don’t know how much George ever believed in the dream. But in the end he woke up. If we consider them to be one  entity which they effectively were, The child-like side of Lenny had to die. Killed by the adult George.

It is a tragedy and it is one being repeated time and time again thanks to people like Ken Ham.


  1. Al Dente says

    Ham is upset because some people don’t buy his brand of woo and are willing to say to in public and in print.

  2. jaytheostrich says

    -“Does Ham believe atheists aren’t capable of being nice people?” he wrote.”

    Well, of course he believes that, he has to believe by rote what it says in his silly old book, doesn’t he.

  3. thebookofdave says

    While maintaining that the atheist message is “one of hopelessness and purposelessness,” Ham highlighted the Christian message – namely John 3:16 which states, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

    He wouldn’t have had to go far to warm his audience up for the genocide and torture, either. Ham should have continued his highlighting through verse 18, where he could offer a more honest appeal to tribal affiliations.

    Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

    Translation: you’re either with us, or you’re with the evildoers.

  4. says

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