Gay “Revolution”

Joseph Farah bemoans the “homosexual progress in or society due to the gay revolution”.

In 1991, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, truly one of the greatest basketball stars of all time, retired from the game after contracting the AIDS virus.

The announcement shocked the sports world.

In his first major televised interview on the situation on his friend Arsenio Hall’s show, Johnson vehemently and even pridefully denied being homosexual – and was cheered by the studio audience.

You can see the reaction in that interview in its entirety below, as well as a shorted version with that question from Hall and Johnson’s answer to the question.

Avi? Are you gay? Nope. No I am not.

Avi? Are you a fag? A bender? A poof? A homo? Or one of the many other words we have for homosexuals said in a derogatory way.

No. No I am not, but I am rather amused that you think something is wrong with being a homosexual. Ah yes, those days where you could accuse a man of homosexuality and it would be a horrendous slight on their sexuality. For the love of fuck, a man can be gay and play a sport. Hell, if a man can abuse dogs like Michael Vick or injure people like Richard Dunne or just generally be a cock like Mario Balotelli, a man can fuck other guys. Seriously? I don’t care about Michael Sam. American Football just looks like Rugby where you can pass forwards and the play stops ever couple of minutes. He is gay? Sure! Well done for hiring him! He is breaking a barrier and that is a good thing but honestly? This is just bigotry.

Why is this significant 23 years later?

Because today sports stars who say they are “gay” are treated like heroes by sports franchises, the media and the public as well. Back in 1991, that clearly wasn’t the case.

He is a hero. For god sake, wankers like Joseph Farah still exist who think this man should not be hired solely for his choice in who he fancies. This would be like not hiring Hermione Granger because of her unnatural love for a ginger person…

It’s not like Michael Sam is forcing men to kiss him, he has men who want to kiss other men kissing him.

And what difference does that make?

It suggests the “gay” cultural revolution has been incredibly successful.

For a moment, forget “same-sex marriage.” Forget the fact that so many television shows and movies feature sympathetic “gay” characters. Forget that “gay” is the new black. Forget that “homophobic” is the new “racist” slur. Think about how the headlines that a sports figure gets simply by coming out of the “gay” closet.

Oh for fuck sake! I have to treat gays as people now too! It was bad enough with the coloureds!

I actually agree with Farah. I don’t think sportsplayers should have to be judged by their sexuality as much as their capacity to play their sports. Imagine how idiotic you would feel demanding your waiter be a homosexual? Turning away straight waiters because you are more interested in whether or not the soup will be infected by their heterosexuality. Your children may catch the straight from eating from this waiter. Your lesbian lover (assuming you are a female) may decide that being a lesbianist was just a phase. The mere sight of a female waiter would turn your gay boyfriend into a vagina connoisseur.

It really is that stupid.

Your soup isn’t going to be ruined by the homosexuality or the heterosexuality of the people involved in its manufacture. Your American Football isn’t going to change either.

Today, when a “gay” NFL draftee kisses his same-sex partner, he is congratulated by the president of the United States.

That’s what happened last week when Michael Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL. It was national news.

When other athletes pointed out the gratuitousness and impropriety of the moment, they were vilified – not just by “gay” activists, but by the sports media.

Yet we saw very little statements of condemnation about Michael Vick. It’s kind of hard to take a moral high ground about sexuality in American Football when you hire fucking cheerleaders to dance about at your games. It’s kind of like worrying about gay men sharing a rather chaste kiss on TV while sat at Hooters.

“I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that on national tv,” former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward tweeted. “Man U got little kids lookin at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

We got little kids looking at American Football and we parade around half naked women while lionising misogyny and general dickery. That’s far more harmful than two guys kissing.

“I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media,” he said in a statement Sunday. “I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment. I remember last year when I was drafted in the seventh round and all of the emotions and happiness I felt when I received the call that gave me an opportunity to play for an NFL team and I wish him all the best in his NFL career.”

In other words, speech by sports stars about a moral issue is no longer free. It’s strictly controlled. If you are a sports star who doesn’t think one’s personal sexuality is the public’s business, be prepared to pay a heavy price.

Not really. It is kind of like the racist who spoke out against a mixed race couple saying “If you are a sports fan who doesn’t think one’s personal sexuality is the public’s business, be prepared to pay a heavy price” we would laugh at you. The person is a bigot trying to defend bigotry through the subversion of free speech.

The irony is you demand free speech and expression but the freedom is to deny other people’s free speech and expression of love.

Remember when the rhetoric of the “gay rights” movement was, “What I do in the privacy of my own bedroom is nobody else’s business”? Today, if you adopt that libertarian attitude about homosexuality, you are a victim of the “gay revolution,” which has done a 180 and now believes what people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is everyone’s business. It must be considered a heroic act when a homosexual tells the world what he or she is. Dissenters are punished.

If a straight athlete kissed his girlfriend we would not be going “EWW” like we are 8.

It was always cool to be an athlete. But now it is especially cool to be a “gay” athlete. Consider the recent flood of self-outings:

I don’t think guys are fancying guys out of a fashion choice.

What’s the takeaway? What am I suggesting?

  • I believe there it is unhealthy for a society to obsess over sex – especially abhorrent sex. Let me say it loud and clear for all those professional athletes who have been forcibly muzzled by their franchises under cartel control.

Except the person clearly obsessing over sex here is Joseph Farrah. I mean really? I don’t think gay people are obsessing over gay sex as much as Joseph Farrah is at this point. When a gay man (I assume he is like me) obsesses over sex it doesn’t lead to the downfall of society and a slippery slope leading to the legalisation of bestiality and maybe hellfire and people getting turned into condiments. When Joseph Farrah does it though… Phwoar.

  • It wasn’t long ago that most Americans would have agreed that homosexual activity is sinful. I don’t know what the polls show today – or even if anyone would dare conduct such a poll. Today, our culture celebrates sin. I’ll let you decide for yourself if that’s a good thing.

It wasn’t much longer ago that Americans would have agreed that the “negro” was being uppity and it was a good idea to teach him some manners. And it wasn’t much longer ago when a woman who wanted to be treated as a man would be shown the back of a hand at high speed.

Let us just say “yearning” for the good olde days doesn’t make you inherently moral.

  • Innocent children are among the most enthusiastic consumers of sports. Has anyone besides Derrick Ward considered the impact this shift in cultural sensitivities has on them?


More Gay Kids are going to feel like they have a representative and engage in sports. In addition? Maybe we may see more tolerance among people for children. Then again? Joseph Farrah seems to think like this.

Oh My

  • And, lastly, can someone please explain to me why the announcement of a preference and practice of a certain type of sexual activity is considered a heroic act? I don’t get it. I’m eager to hear from those who agree or disagree.

Of course it isn’t heroic. The entire dialogue of people like Joseph Farrah is to tell us how put upon Christians are because they cannot run around telling gay people they will burn in hell, cannot deny gay people equal rights and cannot encourage the bullying of children. The only reason it is heroic is because he doesn’t have to pretend that he is gay. He doesn’t have to have a pretend girlfriend. He and his partner can be in the mainstream without him pretending to be something he isn’t for the sake of Joseph Farrah’s sensibilities.

It isn’t heroic to be gay. What was heroic was to face down people like Joseph Farrah and indeed the hundreds if not thousands of homophobes out there. He is a hero because he decided to not hide his sexuality and voluntarily be a positive role model.

One more thing: Now that I have unearthed Magic Johnson’s vociferous denial about being “gay,” will he, too, be called on the carpet by the speech-control police in the NBA?

Not really no. Magic Johnson doesn’t play for any teams. In his own spare time he can be a terrible homophobe if he likes. He is not endorsing anything. I didn’t watch the video to be fair.

The thing is? The people not being role models? Are the ones throwing their hands up in the air, snuffling about and thinking of ridiculous arguments as to why Michael Sam should have to hide his sexuality while no other player has to.


  1. smrnda says

    I recall one right-wing teacher i had in school when Magic Johnson was found to be HIV positive. The teacher said that no, there would never be a cure or successful treatment for AIDS, and that Magic would go into hiding to conceal the truth of the fact that AIDS could not be treated, and would probably be dead. The teacher was, of course, going on a tirade about how Magic Johnson would be used to make it seem like casual sex wasn’t so dangerous since Magic got AIDS but some drug will keep him alive and kicking.

    So the right-wingers weren’t that different with Magic. If he was asked if he was gay, it was that back in those days it was assumed (falsely) that you only got AIDS through gay sex by many people in the US.

    On GLTBQ people having the nerve to be ‘public’ – Christians don’t shy away from reading their Bibles in public places, wearing t shirts proclaiming their Christian status, or slap bumper stickers on their vehicles promoting Jesus. They have some nerve to talk about people rubbing something they don’t agree with in their faces, since that is, kind of what they do all the time.

  2. elpayaso says

    wearing t shirts proclaiming their Christian status

    I don’t understand WHY they get upset when I refer to it as “Cross dressing”…………

  3. says

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  4. culuriel says

    Yet another Christian complaining that people who aren’t his kind of Christian can still be seen publicly enjoying their lives.
    Short answer to Joseph Farrah’s “question”: Gay people used to hide their sexuality. Coming out changed both the public’s perception of them, and the opportunities the public became more willing to share. Hiding only helped the LGBT community survive in silence and misery. Oh, and if you expect gay people to never “share” their sexuality with the public, I’m going to ask that you never bring your wife into public. Or acknowledge her in any of your “writings”. Or talk about the kids you might have with her. Because that’s how you want gay people to live.

  5. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Well writ Avicenna.

    Well writ.

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