UKIP Daily – You Must Join Us! Or Else? You are One of Them…

The entire dialogue of UKIP can be summed up by this rather charming article.

Join us or terrible things will happen. So considering I have been writing about Islam and atheism and the various issues Islam has.

And I was accused of “islamophobia”. Which was interesting since I demonstrated a fairly advanced knowledge about the issues that was well researched and indeed well known if you paid attention to Islam in the way that we know about the various reforms of the Catholic Church.

So let us look at a genuine piece of Islamophobia. 

At the present we have entered a state of tribulation between radical Islamism, and all those fundamentally opposed to it. With more than 40% of Muslims in Britain supporting the implementation of the Sharia, it is evident that due to the present growth in the Islamist population, the moderate Muslims will be squeezed out due to their lack of fanaticism, which will in turn result in a clash of religions which we must aim to prevent at all costs.When one looks at the radicalization of the youth among the Muslim peoples, one sees clearly that it is the Islamists who have the upper hand, for the moderate Muslims are being pushed away for collaborating with humanists. Whether it be Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, or the UK, one is shown case after case of Islamist fundamentalists radicalizing the youth via Wahhabist Qurans, yet the governments of these nations do nothing whatsoever.

Rather weird.

Alex Gabriel did a number on this a while back.

I do like the fantasy here… 40% of the UK will support Sharia Law! Let us assume we mean “Afghanistan Style”.

Okay? So that’s 400,000 Mujahadeen…. Interesting.

Versus 600,000 Muslims who are against Sharia Law and 59.6 million who think they are idiots. And even if it wasn’t such a broken question designed for sensationalism.

I do like the idiocy of the statement “Wahabbist Qurans”. As any Muslim would know the entire fucking point of the Quran is that there are no differences between them. It doesn’t matter if you took Osama Bin Laden’s Koran or a copy of mine. You would effectively see they are the same book. There is no “you must be a gigantic wanker” commandment on his.

The fact of the matter is that these nations encourage more unlimited immigration via their membership of the European Union. If this persists, one will see riots and killings in the streets as a norm. It is the Islamists who state that coexistence with the Kufar is non negotiable. Therefore, the necessary legal precautions most be taken immediately, without delay. All of these member states of the European Union must withdrawal from the EU, and exert their own sensible immigration policies. Those who are fundamentally opposed to this will make the case that many of the fanatical Islamist immigrants come from outside of the European Union. This is correct, which is why these nations must also take the advice offered by Geert Wilders, and halt all Islamist individuals who wish to come to Europe from Muslim nations, and ensure the prosecution of those who promote terror, regardless of whether it is on the streets, or in a Mosque.

Why would we see riots and killings in the streets as the norm? Because you know? Race War!

You know I seldom say that Nazi Characters have something constructive to provide to this discussion. But this entire paragraph reminded me of this

The UKIP and the EDL deeply a fear a war that will never come and so they wish to engineer it. The Christian fundies also think  existence with pagans is impossible.

Not to mention this shows a fucking terrifying lack of how UK’s immigration policy works. See the UKIP is confusing two sorts of immigration. In EU immigration where there is free travel without visa within the EU. So I can got to Germany if I so wish and indeed I used to live in Prague. This does not mean a person from India can simply show up in the UK and get let in.

In fact? The waiting period for a UK VIsa is around 3 to 4 weeks. And you have to demonstrate possession of a sizeable amount of money. More money than many British people would have lying around. My aunt had to demonstrate having 50,000 quid worth of assets.

And those fast track visas? They are needed for people who do a valuable service. These immigrants tend to be highly paid. So they pay heavy taxes, are often very quiet and law abiding.

Unlike Mr. WIlders party  members and indeed the EDL and BNP whose old supporters now support UKIP. What Mr. Wilders and indeed many UKIP want is a two tier system of citizenship where rights can be revoked for some. They say it won’t be racist but it seems awfully likely that being swarthy is going to make you a second class citizen.

And if we are deporting “terrorists”, I wonder where we will deport the EDL to?

Now some individuals and organizations will take this to be Islamophobic. This most definitely is not the case. There are many decent Muslim men and women throughout Europe that obey the laws of their host country, and do not spread hate, or preach terror in the streets. However, what we see is that as many as 40% of the Muslims living in Europe want to enforce the Sharia. This percentage is higher among the Muslim youth, and will continue to grow drastically if unlimited numbers of migrants are permitted to come to Europe in migratory waves. The majority from Muslim nations will unfortunately be Islamists, and they will further cause tensions, not only with the indigenous populations, but also with the settled immigrant communities. If one truly cares about the well being of the moderate Muslims, then it is inexcusable to permit fundamentalists to roam the streets preaching death to the Kufar, and calling for former Pope Benedict to be executed, as the infamous Anjem Choudary did.

Apparently not. See the question was effectively “Do you think Shariah Law is good”. Which is like asking Christians about Levite law being good and then claiming they want to recreate slavery, throw rocks at Elton John and ban the eating of Moules Mariniere.

And Anjem Choudhary is a douche. No one likes him. Not even Muslims. Mostly it is just him and his small set of fanboys. He is a tiny minority. Like the Westboro Baptist Church. We lionised him because we threw out Abu Hamza and we needed a new villain.

We have entered a period of radical change. Either we in the western world take it upon ourselves to implement the necessary policies to preserve the European continent as humanist and tolerant, or we permit the Islamization of Europe, as the late Muammar Gaddafi called for. The choice is not simply those of the Europeans, but of all men and women of decency and good faith around the globe, who wish to see tranquility, instead of warfare in the streets. The only non racist political party that offers a plan to deal with immigration and campaigned against Islamism in the UK during the 2010 election is UKIP. With a UKIP government a sensible approach will be taken to deal with immigration, especially the Islamist threat. The LibLabCon has failed to properly address this issue, henceforth why the electorate must take it upon themselves to vote for a political party that will deal with the situation at hand. If you want to protect not only the indigenous populations and the non Muslim migrants, but also the moderate Muslims, then vote UKIP, and demand a halt to the entry of all Islamists, who are without a doubt a direct threat to the security and stability of the State.

We have to preserve the humanist ideals of the EU by destroying the EU and becoming right wing racists. It is for your own good.

The only “non-racist” party is UKIP? Funny? Your party keeps haemorrhaging MPs because they keep saying things like “Bongo Bongo land” when speaking about Africa, calling women sluts and suggesting we let Africans die because “they are Africans”.

Saying “we aren’t racist, but” or “we aren’t racist, look at our non-white friends” doesn’t stop you from being racist.

Protecting the Indigenous People of the UK? Yeah? Fuck You. Independence from Europe, but not for Scotland. The UKIP does not wish to allow Scottish Independence irrespective of a referendum. In effect one of the “people” Indigenous to the UK and whose culture, language and history were effectively dominated by the English want Independence from decision making centred in England and the UKIP don’t want that.

I haven’t seen any demands for the compulsory teaching of Scots Gaellic and Welsh in British Schools though.

See the difference in dialogue? I wrote an interesting piece of historical information about the development of Islam and how an event shaped it’s beliefs. This man has written a piece invoking racists, a total lack of knowledge about Islam, bad statistics and xenophobic fears.

This my friends, is Islamophobia. Pure and Simple.

The literal choice being offered is this. The other political parties aren’t doing anything about the EU. So vote for racist, far right movements.


  1. Ally Fogg says

    I love the word ‘Wahhabists.’

    It always makes me imagine the person using it as Elmer Fudd.

    Shhhh. Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. I’m hunting Wahabbists

  2. Pen says

    Some people on this network get upset when you point at the Holocaust. I can’t help it, though. These policies look to me an awful lot like the early stages of policy on Jews in Nazi Germany. The actual genocide part didn’t begin until years later but it was the inevitable consequence of a beginning like this. UKIP are dangerous in that they are starting to be taken seriously by the media and we have created an unpleasant and fearful atmosphere in which people of little brain may vote for them for specious reasons, with no thought of the consequences.

    PS. This ‘indigenous person of the UK’ wants freedom of travel and residence in Europe, the right to marry a partner of any nationality, race or religion, and the subsequent right to raise our families in the UK, with our children and partners unconditionally accepted by our fellow citizens, thank you very much. I went to some lengths to be able to vote in this election, just to thwart UKIP.

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