NRA – People Like Us Fight the Boko Haram

The National Rifle Association were first brought to my attention via Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine and Eddie Izzard’s stand up comedy.

But what a lot of people don’t realise that they have their own “News Channel”. I would have thought it would be gun reviews but it also involves commentating on the news.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: I think [Fox’s] Dana Perino said it best this week, too. She gets criticized a lot for wanting to go, you know, do things and prevent those things from happening. But, you know, this is the fact of the world, you know, there is evil in the world and someone has to stop it. And who do they always call? Us, because we’re the ones willing to do it, and capable of doing it, and we’re the good guys and so, you know, it’s interesting to keep in mind that when people say they don’t want to get involved, until of course something happens, and then all of a sudden it’s, we have to get involved.

Because Dana Perino isn’t going to be called up to punch the Boko Haram in the mouth. Dana Perino is saying these things in the assuredness of someone who doesn’t have to deal with murderous douchebags. It is the battle cry of the armchair general. It’s like yelling “If only we sportsed harder, we would have sportsed more goals than that other sports team”.

You couldn’t find Osama for 10 fucking years and invaded two countries where he turned out NOT to be in and miles away from the second one. To point out how bad a miss Iraq was on the search for Osama? It would be like landing in Brazil and claiming you reached the USA.

And if you go around declaring yourselves the “good guys” you clearly have no clue about what good means. Hint? Other people have to declare you that. It’s like declaring yourself as the world’s greatest lover.

Like you personlly are willing to do it? Go right ahead. Knock yourselves out. Demonstrate the power of your outdoorsmanship…

See the thing is we go back to survivalist vs. campcraft.

Everyone seems to think they are the second coming of Bear Gryllz, rather than the more genteel and sensible and clearly more at home Ray Mears. Ray Mears doesn’t need to thrash around in rivers because Ray Mears wants to show people how not to get hurt and enjoy the wild. Ray Mear isn’t scarfing down raw snakes but showing you how to catch and kill and indeed cook something safely and do thing for the sheer joy of it like making a real bow and arrow or a canoe.

Ray Mears learnt how to track animals and indeed people from hunter gatherers. How many survivalists would do the same?

The NRA appeals to the latter.

EDWARDS: Absolutely. But I would go one step further and say that, you know, when they ask the U.S. for help, we don’t send Pajama Boy to do the job, Katie.

PAVLICH: Right, no.

Apparently “Pyjama Boy” up there is someone from the Obama Care advertisement who looks a bit of a wuss. Because all liberals don’t know how to live off the land and fire expensive guns at helpless animals like the NRA.

See? I understand hunting for game. What I don’t understand is the fetishisation of the gun rather than the emphasis on the game. Maybe I am from the UK where our hunters shoot grouse and maybe deer with expensive but discrete guns. No one sits there discussing their shotgun and how effective it is at killing humans and people spend more time discussing the delicious grouse and partridge and game hens and the food.

The notion is simple. Liberals and City Boys are ruining America. That the heart and soul of America is in small towns. That the rest aren’t real Americans. Never mind the fact that the heart and soul of America aren’t the rugged outdoorsmen the NRA likes to portray themselves as.

EDWARDS: Probably not a lot of people who know and use the [Twitter] hashtag “inners” [fans of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes] going over to Nigeria to rescue, hopefully, those girls.


EDWARDS: There are a lot of guys who look like — who look like they just came from the NRA annual meeting, frankly, who will be going over there and trying to rescue those girls.

You mean that annual meeting where concealed carry wasn’t allowed? What are they going to do to the Boko Haram? Explain calibre of bullets to them until they commit suicide out of boredom?

Frankly? The people who are going to be rescuing those girls won’t look much like the predominantly white NRA but like Nigerians. Because the NRA don’t speak any of the languages, have no idea what the terrain is like and frankly would make things worse since they think that their target shooting entitles them to fight the Boko Haram.

There is a name in videogames that describes this attitude perfectly. Of the sort of Walter Mitty fantasy world the NRA lives in and encourages for its members where they sell them the notion that the average NRA member is a hero capable of rescuing nearly 200 girls from the Boko Haram by gunning down their captors like a father figure in a Luc Besson movie.

When in reality? We know what the Dunning Kruger effect is. We know what happens when barely trained people who have no idea of the land, culture or language of another people try and help against a hostile enemy while nursing a superiority complex and not actually having any real combat experience..

Leeroy Jenkins.

The NRA aren’t strangers to using disasters to fundraise. They compare themselves to the Red Cross or MSF.

The difference though is that the Red Cross is competent.


  1. Al Dente says

    This is the same mindset where the “good ol’ boys” claim they need their guns to fight the ebil gummint to keep congrurrs from taking their freedom. They think them and their trusty Glock can hold off the 4th Infantry Division single handed. So it’s no surprise these yahoos want to take on Boko Haram.

  2. smrnda says

    Yeah, the gun nuts hero fantasies, based mostly on bad action movies from the 1980s and 1990s in which Lone White Gunman saves the day by blasting wave after wave of bad guys, all without ever having to reload!

  3. says

    It’s probably going to take an international force, because it seems the local authorities are about as useful as they were down south when the KKK showed up.

  4. says

    Given the pattern of their behavior so far, they stand a far greater chance of becoming the Boko Haram than standing against the Boko Haram

  5. brucegee1962 says

    I could imagine the possibility of a rescue of at least some of the girls that could be primarily US/European-led — a combination of CIA humint (otherwise known as a guy with a briefcase full of cash looking for locals willing to say what they know), drone operators for eyes in the sky, and a seal or ranger team.

    Even then, though, I doubt the rescuers would be people “who look like they just came from the NRA annual meeting.” My impression is that the seals & rangers, while they may be fetishistic about their guns, don’t think too highly of the NRA type of gun fondler who wants to go handing them out willy nilly to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  6. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @2. smrnda : ” saves the day by blasting wave after wave of bad guys, all without ever having to reload.”

    In fairness Dirty Harry did have to reload or at least wasn’t sure whether his gun was still loaded or not in quite a few of those.

    “I know what you’re thinking, did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself but being this is a 44 magnum the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off you’ve got to ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?” – Dirty Harry, character and movie,1971.

    The people who are going to be rescuing those girls won’t look much like the predominantly white NRA but like Nigerians. Because the NRA don’t speak any of the languages,

    Another minor nit here but apparently Nigerians speak english.

    (Quick wikicheck) yep. Official language English, major languages Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and I spose Boko Haram speak Arabic. So that’s, well, one out of five.

    (Hmm ..another wikicheck fidns this :

    Pointing out there are hundreds of languages spoken in Nigeria and Nigerian english is heavily influenced by French and pidgin. So one out of hundreds – not so great?

    How many speak english in the areas Boko Haram are and how well they speak it is I guess another question too.

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