What we see here are photos from the Skateistan School in Afghanistan.

It was a school to try and get kids enjoying something as banal as skateboarding. And these photos were take in 2012.

Since then four have been killed. Victims of an attack by a suicide bomber. Because the little pleasures in life and an opportunity to see children smile?

Is haraam to the Taliban and the fundamentalists who ally themselves to them.


  1. Bruce Martin says

    Thanks for these wonderful photos. They show a side of Afghanistan I’ve never seen. Your blog has some amazing stuff. I hope you recover soon from the effects of the smoke. Best wishes.

  2. rq says

    These photos made me tear up. I especially love that it’s both boys AND girls learning to skate. And I love the photo of the child jumping, with the blue (burqa?) flaring out like wings.

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