5 Lies About Homosexuals – From A Christian

So I got this in my “to be mocked” e-mail list. And figured that in light of the recent emphasis on  dealing with homophobia I should take a look and laugh at some of the arguments that the anti-GLBT brigade believe in.

LIE #1: Some people are born homosexual.

FACT: There is no conclusive scientific evidence for any genetic trait causing homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgendered desires. 

There are a number of twin studies where homosexuality is tracked between monozygotic twins. In effect clones.

There seems to be a higher chance than normal (between 10 to 30% depending on study) that if one twin is gay, the other one will be too.

This indicates that there is a non-significant genetic component and that it is more complex than Mendelian inheritance. It also indicates it is a multi-factorial inheritance linked to other things including environmental effects.

That being said? There is a flaw in that any such recruitment for a study can  result with more Gay Twins agreeing for the study.

When compared to dizygotic twins there is a significant difference in inheritance so it still proves a genetic component though (Since the selection bias of “Gay Twin” would apply there too and cancel out any increase in recruitment).

LIE #2: Homosexual activity is harmless, so no one should criticize it.

FACT: The consequences of homosexual behavior are devastating, and risky homosexual acts continue even when community acceptance increases. In San Francisco, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among homosexuals remains very high, despite a tolerant climate. Substance abuse and suicide attempts are much higher among homosexuals.

Everyone knows homosexual behaviour attracts adverse weather conditions. The mere act of kissing a man summons the deadly gay tornado.

I have explained repeatedly that STDs transmit faster among Gay Men because they never had a reason for safer sex. The main reason is STD prevention and no one wants to admit being a STD carrier. In straight people the main reason is to prevent pregnancy the STDs are a happy side effect.

It’s not tolerance, it is the fact that homosexual populations are small and tend to go to the same socialisation spots. There are also a lot of gay men who have a casual sex culture so this all couples to create fast spreads of STDs.

Substance abuse occurs for many reasons. None of them are from “because you fuck a guy”. Suicide is high among the GLBT due to people who write lists like this.

LIE #3: No one chooses to be homosexual, so it must be inborn.

FACT: While homosexual desire may feel very natural to some people, this does not mean it is inborn, positive or unchangeable. There is overwhelming evidence that homosexual desire arises from traumatic childhood experiences, such as sexual abuse or a troubled family environment. These desires can be overcome through counseling. And—people always choose sexual behavior, even if the feelings aren’t chosen, unhealthy desires don’t have to be acted upon.

Yes, so follow your dreams. Do not let anyone tell you to not to be different. Be yourself.

Except if you like men. Then you must pretend.

Even if homosexuality is a choice  it is not a bad choice. I consider it like marmite. Not for everyone, some people don’t like it. Some people love it. If people banned you from eating marmite because they liked peanut butter then we would consider it nonsensical. The only reason homosexuality is bad as a “choice” is that the argument is “because it is a choice, it shouldn’t be protected so I can be a homophobe”.

If people get angry over choices in sports teams to support without realising that even the sports team you support has more to do with where you live (Hint, a lot of people in Manchester Support City and United because they grew up in areas that support their local teams and if you didn’t? You got punched.). Imagine how daft they can behave over a “choice” like sexuality.

LIE #4: A homosexual can never change to become a heterosexual.

FACT: Thousands of people have overcome homosexual desire. A network of ex-homosexual organizations called Exodus has several hundred affiliates around the world. Exodus helps strugglers through Christian support groups, prayer, and biblical teaching. Some psychologists can help homosexuals overcome homosexual desire through individual counseling as well. Many ex-homosexuals go on to marry and have children.

And thousands of them live in depression and fear. What they are told is that they are inherently sinful and torment and torture themselves until they live an unhappy life. Many regress, many hide in fear and many simply pretend.

Exodus has been regarded as harmful to human health due to it’s attitude of “praying away the gay” and is widely regarded to be at best quackery, and at worst harmful to the human psyche and dangerous to the well being of its victims.

LIE #5: The Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuality. Therefore, a person can be a proud homosexual and a Christian, too.

FACT: Scripture is very clear about homosexuality. There are dire warnings in the Bible about homosexual practices, both for individuals and for communities. Read Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:10, 2 Peter 2: 6-10, and Jude 6-7. Some say that because Jesus did not explicitly mention homosexuality, it must be permitted. But He never mentioned rape or incest either—are we to believe these are acceptable? And Jesus was God, who had already made His will known in the Old Testament. Jesus affirmed in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 that marriage is ordained for one man and one woman. How can those who call themselves Christians deliberately twist the word of God?

The Bible also says you shouldn’t eat pork, shellfish, wear mixed fibres and that rape is a property crime and slavery is okay.

Let’s not utilise bronze age barbarism in our humanist world.

The BIble is also not the King of America or indeed the UK and we live in democratic societies where decisions are made based on people rather than the demands of superstitious literature.

Homosexuality is sin, but it is changeable. There is hope for all of us sinners, as expressed so beautifully in 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

So is being left handed.


  1. smrnda says

    3 – the ‘overwhelming evidence’ for the childhood trauma is mostly just a bunch of Freudian-esque theories which are unfalsifiable and therefore not scientific theories.

    4 – again, the evidence for this is so weak it’s laughable.

    Good point that without a need for STD prevention (no pregnancy) safe sex practices decrease.

  2. says

    Freudian-esque theories which are unfalsifiable

    You don’t have to attack Freud for being unfalsifiable – attack Freud for not having evidence showing cause and effect to back up his claims. The guy was – to put it nicely – a quack.

  3. smrnda says

    True, the more I’ve looked into the early pioneers of psychology like Freud and Jung, they seem to be a lot like today’s peddlers of woo.

    Now, Jean Piaget? That’s someone who at least had an idea of results you could replicate.

  4. thascius says

    @1-The childhood trauma theory isn’t unfalsifiable. If, for example, it turned out gay men and lesbians had a much higher rate of childhood sexual abuse than heterosexuals then that MIGHT be a possible cause of homosexuality. Of course, the question has been explored, it turns out that they don’t, so there is no correlation, let alone causation. Likewise various childhood environmental factors (i.e. domineering mother, weak or absent father) have been explored and likewise disproven.
    As for Freud, on this issue he was right. He was one of the first to publicly state “homosexuality cannot be considered a mental illness.”


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