Steve Hickey – No Mate. Just No

If the American Indian Movement was inspired by Gandhi, they would probably be around your property refusing to move and keep breaking laws till you look like such a villain.

They wouldn’t be this polite. They would be much much more vehement. Imagine if you will every AIM member suddenly showing up and simply blocking entire roads. You drag them off to jail and they just keep doing it without any fear. No matter what you use… they just sit there.

Water Cannons? Batons? Rubber Bullets? Torture? Rape? Murder? Real Bullets?

They would just sit there until your own soldiers and police would drop their weapons and ask themselves that important question.

Are we the bad guys.

Mr. Hickey, you know nothing of Gandhi. Nor do you understand why AIM are pissed off.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    I don’t know anything about Hickey or the AIM. If I saw this in a different context, it would look as if what Hickey was saying was that he supported the goals of the AIM, but wished they would use different methods that would be more likely to be effective. That, actually, sums up my assessment of the Palestinians — if they’d been followers of Gandhi, they would have had their own state back in the 70s.

    No? That’s not what he’s saying? Too bad.

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