There is no Racism in Atheism

And we wonder why there are so few atheists from minority groups who are visible when one of the major anti-FTB twitter accounts posts things like this.

So when are we going to ship out the RIRA? They have had more terror attacks in Belfast than Islamic Fundies in the whole of the UK. As for the White Nationalists? Last year had more terror attacks in the UK? Where should we send them?

See at its core is the belief of a two tier citizen system where there are “natives” who have inalienable rights and there are “newbies” who can have their rights taken away. 

Of note? This fine chap was one of the charming brigade of “PTSD is not caused by twitter” people. (No, not starting that argument here again. It’s caused by harassment. Twitter is just the delivery mechanism in the same way that PTSD is not caused by Newtonian physics and Chemistry)

There is no racism, you cannot be racist against Muslims since Muslims aren’t a racist.

But from the Boston Bombing, there are lessons we can learn that you can be racist about what Muslims look like. Remember Sunil Triparthi and the flak his family took while they desperately hoped for his safe return home. Remember the definite discussions on places like Fox and Alex Jones that it was him. Remember the hate.

Now remember how our own little claim as enlightened due to our lack of gods makes us capable of ignoring our own bigotry.

There is no racism, I am sure he would deny it. Hide behind a joke.

This is why we need more Muslims actually speaking out against Islam rather than guys like this. Otherwise the dialogue will be dictated by people who know nothing about Islam.

A simple example of ignorance on a field. I know many of my readers are not familiar with Hinduism.

So? The most common food restriction in Hinduism is “no beef”. How many would know the exhortations to not eat any meat? What about weird fasting schedules? Restrictions of root vegetables? Onion? Garlic? All these combine to make it very hard to fast and be Hindu. Particularly if you are a woman since many fast to purify themselves after that dirty menstruation period….

So you know. After blood loss, women go on fasts. This precipitates anaemia in a diet already low on Iron.

You wouldn’t think a little food restriction in beef was going to be as harmful if there were no Ex-Hindus to tell you what it can be like.

Try and read and listen and encourage a diverse set of atheists so that you learn of all religions. Not just Christianity.


  1. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @ ^ Kent Hovind : Are there? How many? How defined? Higher than mainstream populations? I’m not sure. I’m not saying you are wrong btw just,well, we need something more than an unsupported assertion of that I that.

    There is no racism, you cannot be racist against Muslims since Muslims aren’t a racist.

    Emphasis added. I think that’s a typo for “race” which you may want to fix isn’t it Avicenna?

    I also think we do need to be careful with the word “racist” and not abuse and misuse it when it isn’t warranted as a general insult against those who disagree or as a silencing tactic eg. as used against the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

    Words have meanings and its its best if we keep those meanings meaningful I think. Racism specifically means assessing people and groups on the basis of their “race” (usually skin colour, also some phenotypic genetic features e.g. nasal morphology, eye colour and shape, hair, body size and shape to some extent, etc ..) Racism isn’t about any given groups religion, political ideology or culture and,for example, legitimate criticism of Islamic culture and the Islamic ideology are,well, just that, legitimate and fair criticisms about things that can be changed for the better.

    I think a lot of Muslims are themselves racist aganst others – even without including the reality that many Muslim communities are steeped in anti-Semitism a.k.a. Judeaophobia.

    Fear of Jihadist terrorists attacking innocent people and places is legitimate and is really unavoidable given the news we see everyday and the recent history of Islamic relations with the rest of the world. Probably about two-thirds of terrorists are Muslims and I don’t think its unfair for people to note that fact and what it implies about Islam and its followers even though most Muslims are NOT in fact terrorists.

    It is true that Islam isn’t a race any more than Christianity is, or Hinduism for that matter. More “brown people” are probably Catholic than any other faith considering the numbers in South and Latin America that for that dubious terminology.

    Do I really have to state, after noting these facts, that I still think there is no justification for abusing , mistreating and harming people because they are Muslims? That whilst criticisms of Islam are rational and well justified, people harassing, bashing and worse against individual Muslims is NEVER okay?

    Muslims are people and need to be treated like all individuals on their individual merits with a baseline of respect as human beings. Islam is an ideology and like all ideologies deserves no “sacred cow” status exempting it from fair and tough criticism.

  2. dgrasett says

    I was raised in a society permeated with christianity. So, after a sufficiency of study, that is the religion I do not believe in. You can understand that due to circumstances I had less exposure to hinduism, buddhism, animism, wicca, mormonism, scientology and individuals dancing in the streets of Toronto while wearing yellow cotton gauze. My previous experience leads me to not believe in them either. That is what makes me an atheist.

    People may believe whatever silliness they wish to to make their lives more livable. I merely object to their requirement that I believe it too.

    But, and it is a very large but, if their belief makes a statistically significant number of believers behave in ways that endanger others, this behaviour will reflect how I regard the individuals who believe in a certain way. I can’t help it. I only have a limited amount of time.


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