We aren’t Racist! – UKIP

Lest we forget that Nigel Farage is himself not the most race aware person?

Look at our intern,” and he points to the young woman who delivered us a cup of tea. “She’s half Hindu!”


You are a better Intern that I was Gunga Din.


  1. Jenny says

    yeah sure they arent racist.. they just dont like those eeeeeevil foreigners who’s sole purpose in life is to come over and steal british jobs and destroy our culture while laughing maniacally *rolls eyes* speaking of which on a good note i find it funny that the supposed influx of bulgarians apparently seems to have gone the other way, ie loads of retired british citizens migrating there (cheaper cost of living i suppose) :D of course UKIP dont like to point out that since the freedom of movment came about there are very slightly less british citizens living in other EU countries than have migrated here from other EU countries (difference of less than 20,000 i belive) but dont let pesky little things like facts get in the way of a good argument heh

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