Theadore Beale and the Hugos

Theadore Beale aka Vox Day is up for a Hugo Award.

This is just bizarre. See Vox Day is for want of a better description a rather despicable human being.

He’s got the trifecta. Beloved of the Stormfront, the man’s a racist.  A darling of the MRA and Pick Up Artist communities, the man’s an out and out misogynist. And a full blown homophobe. 

There is no actual way to defend him even if you are one of the MRA who try to hide behind a more moderate stance of convoluted thoughts. Theadore Beale is just a terrible human being. Don’t believe me? Well it’s kind of simple to look at what he has brought to the discussion.

Not only have the proposed benefits manifestly failed to manifest themselves, but the opportunity cost of future generations has begun to become readily apparent everywhere from Europe to Asia. One wonders how low birth rates have to fall in civilized countries before the elites begin to realize that the Taliban may not, in fact, be the stupid ones with regards to this particular matter.

Vox on the education of women and how it will cause a fall in population because we are engaged in a war of attrition with the Tyranids/Ork Hordes/Muslims.

No society that wishes to survive should convert all of its prospective mothers into worker drones any more than it should convert all of its prospective farmers into doctors or telephone sanitizers. Sure, it takes longer for a society to die out demographically than starve, but the end result is the same.

Who cares about what women want, Vox wants you all pregnant. But he is willing to give up on the “barefoot” and “in the Kitchen” parts. Because he is  progressive!

Because educating women is strongly correlated with reducing their disposition and ability to reproduce themselves. Educating them tends to make them evolutionary dead ends.

Does PZ seriously wish to claim that not reproducing is intrinsically beneficial to women? Does he really find it hard to understand how not reproducing is evolutionary disadvantageous?

The PZ in this is our very own master and commander… PZ Myers.

And yes this is about how women getting educated tends to have an effect where women want just two kids and to care for them to the best of their ability. Because we have a massive pressure to survive based on the elements.

Because raising girls with the expectation that their purpose in life is to bear children allows them to pursue marriage at the age of their peak fertility, increase the wage rates of their prospective marital partners, and live in stable, low-crime, homogenous societies that are not demographically dying. It also grants them privileged status, as they alone are able to ensure the continued survival of the society and the species alike. Women are not needed in any profession or occupation except that of child-bearer and child-rearer, and even in the case of the latter, they are only superior, they are not absolutely required.

Vox Day is the Science Fiction Writer’s Taliban.

Because only in his mind does forcing women to stay at home and be Uteruses who Clean House create privilege and respect. Also?  If women didn’t work we would hire everyone! Why that female doctor? That inner city youth stealing cars would be a doctor if not for the opportunities she robbed him of!

Because if women don’t get jobs they stay at home and clean. If men don’t get jobs we shoot each other and rob corner shops.

Because female promiscuity and divorce are strongly correlated with a whole host of social ills, from low birth and marriage rates to high levels of illegitimacy.

Can’t you see! He just wants this for your own good!

Because far more women are aborted than die as a result of their pregnancies going awry. The very idea that letting a few women die is worse than killing literally millions of unborn women shows that PZ not only isn’t thinking like a scientist, he’s quite clearly not thinking rationally at all. If PZ is going to be intellectually consistent here, then he should be quite willing to support the abortion of all black fetuses, since blacks disproportionately commit murder and 17x more people could be saved by aborting black fetuses than permitting the use of abortion to save the life of a mother. 466 American women die in pregnancy every year whereas 8,012 people died at the hands of black murderers in 2010.

Pro-Life and A Racist! Will the douchebaggery never end!

 Because female independence is strongly correlated with a whole host of social ills. Using the utilitarian metric favored by most atheists, a few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages, stable families, legitimate children, low levels of debt, strong currencies, affordable housing, homogenous populations, low levels of crime, and demographic stability. If PZ has turned against utilitarianism or the concept of the collective welfare trumping the interests of the individual, I should be fascinated to hear it.

I have long campaigned for the proper care and treatment of people who are attacked with Acid. The entire point of such attcks is to turn the victim into a grotesque and ugly monster to be pittied. It is to take away who you are. It is used mainly against women, with a 90% bias towards them. Men are affected too but it is male on male as a crime and usually for similar reasons.

Perceived vanity.

If this horrifies you? Then fight against Vox Day by doing something good for the women (and men) he considers a utilitarian cost.

Give to my fundraiser for Acid Survivors Trust International.

And this isn’t the worst of this man.

Of course, this is no mystery to the theoreticians of Game. As women achieve a higher level of education, their hypergamy cause them to increasingly focus on a dwindling pool of men with whom they are also competing. Those who cannot score an Alpha or a Beta tend to elect to remain single and devote themselves to their careers rather than settle for a Delta or Gamma as their mothers and grandmothers did. In reaction to their disdain, the lesser men are not only less attractive to these educated women, they are also less attracted to them as they learn there is no possibility of satisfying relationships with them.

I bet Mr. Day sees himself as an Alpha. I think pretty much anyone else who thinks they are Alpha male has done us a favour by automatically declaring themselves to be douchebags.

I therefore suggest that their assertions should be taken with at least a small grain of salt rather than credited to me. And it should be obvious that, being a libertarian, I am not actively attempting to take away anyone’s “most basic rights”.  Jemisin has it wrong; it is not that I, and others, do not view her as human, (although genetic science presently suggests that we are not equally homo sapiens sapiens), it is that we simply do not view her as being fully civilized for the obvious historical reason that she is not.

And naturally? Full Homo Sapiens = White

Because writing science fiction is great but it doesn’t really allow you to claim you  were responsible for Isambard Kingdom Brunel. No, Vox Day is full on proper “Black People are not human” Racist.

The laws are not there to let whites ” just shoot people like me, without consequence, as long as they feel threatened by my presence”, those self-defense laws have been put in place to let whites defend their lives and their property from people, like her, who are half-savages engaged in attacking them.

And what of all the white nationalist terror attacks? Is there a law to defend ourselves from those human beings who think that melanin dictates your genteelness?

During the “Lynching” years there was a sort of social attitude to them. Kids would be brought out. There would be singing. See? The people who lynched and murdered black people didn’t see it as a cruelty or an evil. All those rapings?

They saw it as pest control. Like squashing a cockroach. They even had a roaring trade in photos. A real kodak moment.

It was so vile that the Nazis were appalled. They may be genocidal but they didn’t make trading cards of the victims of their bigotry. Taste among racists. Who knew?

But the thing was these people considered themselves kind and good and lawful. They even called the journalists! Because deep inside their minds they knew what they were doing was 100% right and good for everyone else.

That is what lets people say things like this. Pity Vox Day, deep in his mind he thinks he is a good man and will never ever realise what an epic shithead he is.

Jemisin’s disregard for the truth is no different than the average Chicago gangbanger’s disregard for the traditional Western code of civilized conduct. She could, if she wished, claim that privileged white males are responsible for the decline of Detroit, for the declining sales of science fiction, even for the economic and cultural decline of the United States, but that would not make it true.  It would not even make it credible.  Anyone who is paying sufficient attention will understand who is genuinely responsible for these problems.

Because Detroit’s Car Industry was destroyed by gang warfare. Not industrialisation of Japan and the rise of the Cheap Japanese Import and the unwillingness of the American Auto Industry to improve quality, costs and effectiveness of production.

And the economic decline of the US is due to saggy jeans, not due to men in suits who gambled with securities, cut housing support and then offered cheap mortgages. Men who were mainly white who saw a bust coming and decided to make as much profit as possible before the bust and at the cost of everyone else.

Nope. It was baggy trousers and visible boxer elastic. Sorry! Black people’s baggy trousers and visible boxer elastic! You know how they used to say that rising hemlines were linked to the economic downturns? Well falling trousers are linked to faith in the economy.

Being an educated, but ignorant half-savage, with little more understanding of what it took to build a new literature by “a bunch of beardy old middle-class middle-American guys” than an illiterate Igbotu tribesman has of how to build a jet engine, Jemisin clearly does not understand that her dishonest call for “reconciliation” and even more diversity within SF/F is tantamount to a call for its decline into irrelevance. Nor do the back-patting Samuel Johnsons wiping their eyes and congratulating her for her ever-so-touching speech understand that.

Look you guys figured out he’s a racist  but these are things that must be said.

See the notion that everyone outside Rome and Greece are barbarians is part of the whole dialogue of White Nationalists. As if Vox Day had any idea about Rome! Rome was a multi-cultural society (as was Egypt). There were “black” Centurians and Decurians. The Roman Auxilla who made up a huge number of legionnaires were usually not from Rome. In many cases parts of the empire had never seen a proper “Red Dyed Roman Legionnaire” with local equivalents picking up the equipment and the training with the clothes they had. Vox Day’s views were that Rome was some sort of paradise for White dudes lording it over their Black Slaves. Because the fantasy of Rome appeals to racists.

But atheists are prouder, more intelligent, and less emotional than the norm, and are therefore less convinced by deeds than words. So, many of them require their pride in their intelligence to be broken before they can reach a state of mind that permits them to hear the Good News and contemplate it rationally. And this is where people like me can open up their minds, by forcing them to acknowledge the myriad flaws in their arguments and by making them question their previously unquestioned assumptions. I know that I am getting through to at least some of them, because they have let me know that has been the case.

Is there nothing this man cannot be a douche about?

This sick thing about our society is that we are actively dissuading these young women from doing what they want to do, what they are designed to do, and what society needs them to do, in favor of trying to coerce them into doing what they don’t want to do, what they’re not very good at, and what society has absolutely no need of them doing.

We’re seeing more women, like the policewomen in the UK and the female marine in the USA, angrily pointing out that they were set up for failure. And that is exactly what is happening to these “Code Divas” and “Design Duchesses”. Pushing careers they don’t want on them isn’t a way to empower or liberate women, it is a cruel means of turning them from the domestic queens they were meant to be into sterile, sub-par worker bees chiefly employed as office sex toys.

What he thinks about women.

Look, Science Fiction is great. You may be  new reader and not realise this but I LOVE science fiction. I am like the King of Nerds. I even disagree with PZ Myers and his rather distasteful take on Warhammer because I loved the Games Workshop (I think they jumped the Mega Cyber Daemon Shark with the new stuff) but I like the universe.

I loved Dune. I loved Shadowrun. I love Science Fiction, I love Fantasy. I have everything from Asimov to R.U.R on my already read list. I may not have read everything but I love the genres. And there are plenty of non white guys like me. There are plenty of women. There are plenty of gay people too. We are geeks, we are REAL geeks and nerds and what have you.

But we know that the greater “nerd” community is not a place where we are regularly seen. it’s also not a place that people from Minority Groups such as the GLBT, PoC and Women (hah! Only way a majority can be called a minority!) are found in large numbers. Oh most of you don’t treat us badly but it’s just that people say daft things.

Yes we exist. We like it when Comic books give us minorities. We like Simon Baz, we like John Stewart, we like strong female characters. We like it when they include us and make us part of the dialogue. The norm has to be all of us, not just “white dudes”. Because when the norm is that, people like Vox Day can hide in the shadows.

We want to be part of something we like.

But if you encourage a man who thinks I am not a human being? That the GLBT should burn in hell? That women deserve to have acid thrown on them?

Then I am afraid you will lose people. We don’t want to visit any event where you nominated such a horrid man for an award.

I mean seriously? I am not nominated for any awards and you are willing to give the same award that Frank “I Made Dune” Herbert won to a man who thinks black people are sub-human?

Why would we want to be part of this? Oh! Vote on the quality of his work!

Well? PoC struggle to be accepted in a sub-culture but the racist gets an award? We struggle with “fake nerd girls” and you think a sexist should get the award? We struggle with homophobia and you think a homophobe should get the award? Until recently most of Indian representations in Nerd Culture boiled down to “Indiana Jones villains” and “Dhalsim”, but it’s changing. Okay DC fucked up with the Indian Firestorm but it did well with Solstice and the other minority Characters. Sure it fucked up Batwoman’s Gay Wedding but it’s generally promoted a better comic book experience by including everyone and not shying away from story lines that are different or which involve people who may not be White, Straight and Male.

Your enjoyment isn’t reduced when you have the Oracle or indeed Gail Simone’s current creation “Vengeance Moth” be disabled. But your enjoyment is reduced when Batwoman cannot marry the woman she loves. What I am saying is that inclusiveness makes stories interesting and new.

You do white, straight men a great disservice if you think they will not be interested in characters who are female, GLBT or not white.

And every time you make a step towards the “Safe” white male demographic you encourage people like Vox Day. You say that you want us to let his writing speak for himself?

What message does that send us? That it is okay to let someone run for an award where his world view is harmful to minority groups within the nerd community? You do realise we have seen similar problems before? Of women cosplayers being harasse. Of the fake nerd girls. Of people of colour being told that their costumes are inaccurate (because of the colour of their skin. The impossible figures and lack of super powers counts for less than accuracy of skin tone).

So when you nominated Theadore Beale what message does that give to the rest of us? That you have no backbone? No spine? No ethic to follow? That you didn’t really care what we thought and that we should judge him without our prejudices?

That our prejudice against racists is not okay but the racism is okay?

You may not explicitly say these things but you are probably wondering why we are so irritated by this.

It’s simple. The Stormfront is running a restaurant. No one shows up and people criticise them for being racists, but then they complain about no black people coming down to eat at the Burning Cross and that people of colour are discriminating against their restaurant.

Okay, Freedom of Speech. Vox Day can say horrible things if he likes.

And we can encourage people to not nominate him, not listen to him and in this case? Vote against his work. There is a “no vote” option on the Hugos. I can only hope that people vote for that more than him.


  1. says

    This is sort of a revenge for Harry Potter having won; bad writers have realized that a Hugo can become a simple matter of getting out the vote. Even dead bad writers like L Ron Hubbard. I can understand why someone like Vox Day would be thrilled to be in such exalted company. Maybe next he can buy himself a spot on the NYT bestseller list; I forget what those cost nowadays.

  2. says

    It’s not like having a Hugo says “you are not a shitty person”
    It used to say “you write good science fiction”
    Now, maybe it says “you can get out the vote”
    But it surely doesn’t say “you are not a shitty person”

  3. Stacy says

    My understanding is it’s very easy to be nominated for a Hugo (Marcus Ranum, he doesn’t have a Hugo, he was just nominated). According to Dave Futrelle, all it takes to get nominated is a few dozen votes by “supporting or attending members of the annual World Science Fiction convention.” For $40, you too can be a supporting member of the WSFC.

    So, Mr. Specious hasn’t achieved anything noteworthy. He managed to get his handful of fans to vote him onto a ballet, is all.

  4. Al Dente says

    Last year Beale ran for the presidency of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) on an anti-feminist platform. He also endeared himself to many SFWA members by referring to out-going SFWA president John Scalzi as “McRapey.” He was overwhelmingly defeated, receiving fewer than 10% of the votes.

    Beale then decided to feel aggrieved at being mentioned (though not actually named) as a “misogynist, racist and anti-Semite” in the context of his candidacy in a speech by author N. K. Jemisin at a science fiction convention. He then responded with a blog post that was chock full of exactly what Jemisin was complaining about, which nicely proved her point. This led to a review of Beale’s SFWA membership, ultimately resulting in him being the only person expelled from SFWA in its almost 50 year history.

  5. says

    In Scalzi’s thread about the Hugo noms, several people bit the bullet and read Day’s nominated novella. It was best described as “An elf tries to find Jesus and fails.” People who did bother to read it weren’t impressed.

  6. Great American Satan says

    Whether he can win anything at all, it is to the Hugo Awards great shame that he can now call himself “Hugo Award nominee Vox Day.” They oughtta change the fuckin rules like right now, to keep this from happening next year. Otherwise the nominees will probably include Glenn Beck’s next masterpiece, or a new book in the “Left Behind” series, etc etc…

  7. colnago80 says

    I would also point out that his asshole father, Robert Beale, is currently serving time in a federal slammer for tax evasion.

  8. Holms says

    His amazing lack of self examination reminds me a little of Kent Hovind’s ‘I’ve lost 20-odd trials in a row… the only explanation for this is that the justice system must be biased against me!’ (paraphrased). While I despise violence as a solution to anything, I would still be sorely tempted to punch this fuckhead in the face if ever we met.

  9. Vicki says

    The last time a dead bad writer tried that, he lost. The Hubbard nomination was also embarrassing, but it’s also evidence that getting your acolytes to join the Worldcon doesn’t mean getting a Hugo.

    Great American Satan: I am as disgusted as you are. How would you change the rules to prevent this happening again? (There are procedural issues here but we’ll ignore that for now: what rules would you suggest?

    I am not saying this to be snarky: if we can come up with something that’s workable, we can get someone to introduce the proposed rule change. The problem is that “icky people shouldn’t get Hugos” is a goal, it’s not a coherent rule in the way that “to win the Hugo, the work must have been published in a specified time period” or “every member gets to nominate up to five works for each category” is coherent.

    A proposed rule doesn’t have to be perfect–if you/we can clarify what you want, there are people who will help write a rule–but “the Beale nomination is hurtful because he is a racist sexist homophobic dipshit, this shouldn’t happen again” isn’t sufficient.

  10. says

    I am as disgusted as you are. How would you change the rules to prevent this happening again? (There are procedural issues here but we’ll ignore that for now: what rules would you suggest?

    This is an ancient problem – if you have popular representation, you’re susceptible to this kind of thing. Typically, you’d respond by having a nominating committee that gateways a popular vote. Supplement that with an open nomination “people’s choice award” that comes with the same trophy but not the trademark, and acknowledge that the people’s choice award may not be anything to do with how well you write and may just indicate that you know how to stuff a ballot box. Also, make sure there’s trademark protection on “Hugo Award Winner” and “Hugo Award Nominee” to stop random asshats from just claiming they are.

  11. smrnda says

    Wow, so much that is just flat out contradicted by reality:

    “Because raising girls with the expectation that their purpose in life is to bear children allows them to pursue marriage at the age of their peak fertility, increase the wage rates of their prospective marital partners, and live in stable, low-crime, homogenous societies that are not demographically dying.”

    Totally, those liberal states full of educated women have so much more crime and violence than Afghanistan, which is a fucking Utopia.

    And yet again:

    ” Because female independence is strongly correlated with a whole host of social ills. Using the utilitarian metric favored by most atheists, a few acid-burned faces is a small price to pay for lasting marriages, stable families, legitimate children, low levels of debt, strong currencies, affordable housing, homogenous populations, low levels of crime, and demographic stability.”

    Totally, crime has swamped Scandinavia and Western Europe, and all those marriages in patriarchal societies are so loving and kind and prosperous, full of happy marriages. There are no unhappy marriages in Taliban country I guess.

    I also think the ‘hyper-gamous’ woman is mostly a myth. People tend to marry within their socio-economic class, at least in the US. It is true that we’re reaching a point where there are more educated women than men, but men are still making more $ than women, and once he busts out with the usual “Alpha Beta” bullshit, I think the guy can pretty much be dismissed.

    The idea that we always need MORE NUMBERS MORE PEOPLE is also kind of false; people have fewer children since we aren’t living in an agricultural society where future success depends on more people to work the farm; we need less farmers (since technology) and more people working in science and technology. The demographic decline freakout is pure racism, since culturally, it isn’t even true. The culture of more egalitarian nations influences both immigrants and people around the world, so it isn’t like what would be called ‘western culture’ isn’t viable.

  12. says

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  13. says

    See the notion that everyone outside Rome and Greece are barbarians is part of the whole dialogue of White Nationalists.

    And shows them to be totally ignorant of the likes of the Maurya, Qin, Persian, Kushite and Egyptian Empires, just to name a few that were around at the same time as what are usually considered the peak of Classical Greece and Rome.

    Sergio appears to be a spambot.

  14. angharad says

    I so love that ‘domestic queen’ argument. Because nothing makes you feel like royalty like cleaning up shit. Bleah! Give me a nice differential equation over that any day….

  15. geekgirlsrule says

    New game: Every time Vox Day or his drinking buddies says something stupid, racist or misogynist, buy a book from a female or POC SF/F author. I just picked up one of NK Jemisin’s books on Amazon for my Kindle.

    I think I’m going to enjoy this new game very, very much.

  16. says

    Hehe, for me that was more like a side effect.
    Every time the SFWA blew up during the last year and half it introduced me to more kickass writers.
    Last one was Mary Robonette Kowal
    Sadly, I have way too little time for reading :(

  17. says

    Putting aside the whole ‘What a shitty person and what a crap attitude’ aspects. Surely the one thing the world does not need is loads of additional people.

  18. Vicki says

    The trademark stuff is pretty well covered by the Mark Protection Committee, which occasionally gets mail that has nothing to do with the trademarks because it’s the easiest-to-find piece of WSFS.

    Nominating committees have their own problems, including the possibility of racist, sexist, homophobic dipshits being appointed to the committee by someone who hasn’t done due diligence. (That’s not a hypothetical: the Nebula Awards have a jury that is entitled to add a nomination to the ballot, and Vox Day was on that jury some years back.)

  19. NickT says

    And elf tries to find Jesus?

    Didn’t Judith Tarr do this rather well about 30 years ago with her Hound and Falcon trilogy? it sounds as if Theadore Beale is as unoriginal as he is unpleasant.

  20. says

    Thanks for writing this, Avicenna. It’s much appreciated.

    A few years ago (before I knew about his various views), I attempted to read Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist”, but didn’t get through the whole thing, mostly due to his quote-mining of the people he was arguing against and his bad arguments.

    It always infuriates me whenever people act like judging what would make a better society shouldn’t include equal rights. They have some idea in their heads that by giving all the power to one group and consigning everyone else to limited roles, creating some fantastical homogeneity, society will be more “stable” (where “stable” means that they get to do whatever they want and treat everyone else as inferior).

    I got to this post via Pharyngula, and like I commented there: Though I do believe in judging the work for itself, “Death of the Author”, etc. I also believe in acknowledging that an authors’ views do matter (and can also influence the work itself). Whenever people try to act as though an author’s views don’t matter … I kind of feel like asking them how often they’ve seen nominations where a person who hates them and believes they should be discriminated against was included; how often they’ve been in literature classes in which multiple books had parts that were discriminatory towards them; how many times they’ve been told to judge just based on the “merits of the book” and ignore hateful comments targeted at them. Because from my perspective, it happens *all the time* and it gets tiring.

    @Marcus Ranum:

    This is sort of a revenge for Harry Potter having won; bad writers have realized that a Hugo can become a simple matter of getting out the vote.

    This kind of thing has been going on forever, not just with the Hugos and not just recently. People always try to use popular opinion as an argument, for everything from a book being good to an argument for their discriminatory views being correct. (And yes, I am a fan of Harry Potter, but that aside, I don’t think people got this idea recently; it’s always happened. It’s not like this same tactic wasn’t used for the Hugo Award in the past; there are some questionable recipients of awards throughout history.)

    @geekgirlsrule and Giliell: One of the positive effects of all this criticism of discrimination within SFF has definitely been that I’ve heard about writers I hadn’t heard of before, including stories with more diversity.


  1. […] So it contained none of Day’s usual openly malicious bigotry, and it was just kind of a ho-hum story without much of a point. I suspect all the Vox Day fans who nominated it were also aware of that fact, that it was possibly the most innocuous thing he has written, therefore it was a safe bet to push it, because then they’d be able to whine that it was all leftist anti-Day politics behind any objection, and that it would be unfair to bring up all the misogynistic, racist bullshit that Theodore Beale has written elsewhere. […]

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