Un/Happy – Islam, Music and Separatism

What’s wrong here? Well.

It’s Muslims having fun. Young and moderate Muslims to boot! This is not a good thing to the old guard.

I have often said that the biggest losers to Islam’s unwillingness to accept any criticism are Muslims themselves. It is why such a bizarre defence of Islam takes place.

See many Muslims see the people above as traitors. As people dancing and having fun to portray Islam as peaceful and friendly. And this is a bad thing because it allegedly stops Muslims from being Muslim.

I fail to see how really. Maybe there is something innately flawed about the Islamic Conservative viewpoint that prevents it from seeing it self as part of British Culture despite the yearning of young Muslims to be a part of it.

This is a sad week, mainly because we heard of a young Muslim who did his “duty” by joining the Jihad in Syria with his brother. The two brothers signed on from the UK and travelled to Syria where they joined the rebel Jihadis. One of them was 18 and his younger brother was just 16. So far their mother is distraught, the 18 year old was killed. The 16 year old is missing.

His last words were “give us a cuddle mum”. And these are the young men Islam fails. These are the young men who die pointlessly for Islam’s Jihadi cult. The excuse given that “it’s for a good cause” is bullshit. Whatever cause dooms children to a death and has no qualms about sacrificing minors in war is not a good one. No matter how much you wrap it up in the trappings of gods, Jihad and Allah. It wasn’t for a good cause, it’s just that the target in this case is a totalitarian government. If the Jihadis win we will not see freedom but a new terrible ruler who is just as brutal. Just in a different and more  Islamically acceptable way.

Islam’s greatest victims are Muslims. These people having fun making a silly video may be Islam’s future. But it’s present is denying them the opportunity.

Hey hear me out before you close this page.

So recently a video was shared on YouTube titled ‘Happy British Muslims’. You can see the video on YouTube so i’m not going to describe it in this post.

I’ll start by giving a short background of muslims and the religion of Islam.

Sure, let’s see what he has to say.

Islam is a one of 3 major world religions, with over 1.57 billion followers. Thats a lot of people, from all over the world. From Europe to Asia to Africa, you’ll not have to search too far to find a muslim.

The mix of nationalities & backgrounds of the followers of Islam, means there are a lot of different interpretations of the religion.

Many muslims believe music is not allowed i.e forbidden and sinful to listen to. The islamic term for this is haraam. Muslims for example would say drinking alcohol is haraam according to Islamic law.

On the contrary, many muslims also believe music is allowed and that it’s not a sinful act to listen to it and dance to it.

It’s sad that people think Music is the real sin when this is a religion that exhorts you to beat your wife and effectively encourages some of the most repressive societies out there.

So the real question is what is right? Do the teachings of Islam fobid music?

Well the short answer is yes. Heres why.

The Quran is the muslim Holy book. Just like the BIble to Christians and the Torah for Jews.

Muslims also have a Prophet. Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Through the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah (sayings of the prophet) muslims have established rules and laws. For example what acts are obligitory and what acts are sinful etc.

As an example the Quran states that all muslims must pray 5 times a day, at specific appointed times. But it does not actually state how to pray. What does this mean?

It highlights the importance of the sayings of the prophet. Since it is through these sayings muslims establish how to perform many acts of worship. The most important of those being prayer for muslims. Which is actually the first of 5 pillars of the religion of Islam.

To understand the religion and its teachings the best way. You would have to look at how the prophet Muhammad taught Islam and how his followers/companions at the time reacted to his teachings.

Since his companions were closest to him and received the Quran as revelation from him, we can naturally asume that the prophet and his companions had the best understanding of the religion.

But not of the world. Their world was a tiny and brutish place filled with violence. Islam betrays that origin. It is not suitable in that form for our gentle age. So it has calmed down and become peaceful.

Yet there are people such as yourself who think Islam reached it’s zenith under a man who would think our technology is magic.

Its not as easy as opening the quran and drawing conclusions based on English translations or even just the Arabic text on its own. Since this leads people to interpret the Quran differently to how the prophet and his followers understood them. This is a really important point. To understand the religion of Islam and its teachings, it is important to understand the meanings of the verses in the quran and teachings of the prophet the way they were understood by the companions of the Prophet.

For example the term Jihad doesn’t mean fighting against non muslims. The term Jihad in Arabic means struggle. You would have to read into the explanation of the versus of the quran to understand them.

According to the teachings and sayings of the prophet Muhammad, music is haraam forbidden in Islam. As is drinking alcohol, gambling, stealing and murder.

But not one verse about treating women properly and not keeping slaves.

Sure, Jihad means struggle but in it’s most spectacular form has effectively given rise to terrorism across the globe where thousands it not millions of innocent people have died. Most of them Muslims.

They may not be a true Muslim but in trying walk the line between Jihadi and Merely Devout you just cause more people to fall into the Jihadi category. It’s like trying to get as close to the edge as possible and then wonder why some people fall off.

Music is haraam, and that’s a tragedy. Because you take what you want from the Koran and there are many Muslims who  do enjoy music. But they are moderates by comparison to the likes of the people pushing for a world where Muslims do not enjoy the arts. Islam robs Muslims of the joy of music.

Many muslims have taken it upon themselves to determine what is allowed / not allowed in Islam.

Such as the author and every damn Muslim’s interpretation of the Koran since there are no lines in the Koran that say Music is “evil” but that conclusion can be reached through Mohammed and friend’s general dislike of people having fun.

But to truly understand what is allowed and not allowed in the religion of Islam. An understanding of how the religion was interperated by the earliest generation of muslims is necessary.

Its important to keep in mind the points I mentioned earlier. Not all muslims will agree with what i’ve written in this post. There are so many different interpretations on how to follow the religion of Islam.

But yours is the one true interpretation.

To conclude as a personal note from me a muslim to muslims and non muslims alike. Islam is truly a religion of peace and a religion muslims should be proud of. I leave you with a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), ‘“What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.” (Bukhari)

If you think Music cannot gladden the heart of human beings then you are cloistered. Music has always lifted the hearts of mankind. It hotwires your soul. To dance and sing are so intrinsic to being human that to not do so is just bizarre.

You may interpret Islam as a religion of peace, but the reality is that every Islamic nation has major issues with violence or a socially biased system. The few places like Turkey are in a death roll with  hardline conservative Muslims dragging it away from it’s secular past to a more fundamentalist future.


“Give us a cuddle mum…”

It’s painful to hear those words because if I had my way, no child would ever go to war. Even if you paint his death in the rosiest of pictures, I know that he probably died scared and alone for a Syria which is more fundie. He wasn’t a soldier, he was a kid with a gun. A child soldier. We pretend that these two ideas are different. But this man is willing to ignore the fundamentalism and still espouse the same vile arguments that the Taliban used in Afghanistan and that they used to destroy and kill a culture of music. If your religion takes the time to rail against the dangers of music but not prohibit the usage of children in war then your religion’s moral code is broken.

The biggest problem Islam has is the lie it’s told itself. That it is a religion of peace. That it is a religion of progressive values. That it is moderate. Sure Islamophobia exists, but that doesn’t mean Islam is perfect and that all criticism of it is invalid.

Listening to genuine criticism will help Islam  move forward. Listen to the people dancing and singing, not to the men in the beards who preach hate.


  1. says

    So, he never really explains why music is haram, nor where to find the important bits that say it is. Just his interpretation and those of certain lines of scholars and commentators. What about all the other Muslim sects and individuals that maybe never, ever believed this?

    I think part of the problem is that these guys can no longer really close themselves off in small communities, but reach out to like-minded uptight and dangerous people across the globe. And most not-uptight and peaceful people have a hard time defending against these cultural takeovers and empowerment of existing repressive cultures.

    It isn’t and never was just Muslims, but some of them certainly have the market cornered on exporting religious oppression and violence these days, and especially still against other Muslims. I really can’t wait for them to get to their post-Inquisition and post-Salem stages. And that would give the “Western” and Christian warmongers one less excuse to give their militaries busywork, as a large bonus.

  2. dannorth says

    “Young and moderate Muslims to boot!”

    Actually people of all ages, which makes it all the more happier.

  3. says

    at my high school waaaay back there were a lot of different cultures. I learned a lot about it but as nonmuslim it is not to me to react on something that i haven’t got anything to do with. We should all know by ourselves how we live our lifes. Maybe the movie is shocking to some persons, but when you believe in something you go for it and I have nothing to complain nor i have critical things to spread.


  1. […] The trick was to cause Islamic Fainting Couches to be used is to claim these are compulsory. Prey on parental fears about all that underage sex too with regards to swimming. And you basically create an environment of the witch hunt. I remember Muslim friends and how hopelessly naive they were. Back then it was just “people”. Today I see it as dangerous. In the UK at least, the culture of Islam is a self ghettoised culture where there is an unwillingness to see progressive values. And I think what they fear the most about these things is that it will lead their children to atheism or apostasy. That their daughters  and sons will no longer be Muslim because Muslims cannot have fun.  […]

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