Help another Brit Out

Alex needs some help funding his rock and roll lifestyle!

Okay fine! I will be serious. Alex Gabriel is working on writing as a career and needs a little “help” surviving the month.

If you can help? Help him out. It’s okay. I won’t get mad at you. You can fund my Faberge Egg addiction later.

[To those who wonder about the Faberge Egg addiction? It’s mostly an old Simpsons reference and the fact that I don’t spend any of the money I earn on my blog in India. I save it up and spend it in the UK on things considered frivolous by most, however since I lack those luxuries they become an essential escape. A little piece of luxury in a life that is currently extremely spartan. Think of it as my treat day except 3 weeks long. I go out and eat, I order pizza, I travel to see Hera, I go out and watch movies, I buy bottles of beer and drink it. I agree they are frivolous, but I also understand they are what makes life pleasant and it is nice to be pleasant sometimes. The last blog haul also got me a DSLR since I was gone for more than 8 months and I had a good couple of months of some posts that went viral. For those who have noticed? That means more photos for you  guys and indeed on Facebook and on Twitter and they have been trickling into the blog as well.

After 49 weeks of long hours and 7 day weeks you do want to splurge. After 49 weeks of mostly vegetarian carb based diets, you do want to eat some nice meat. To many of my long term readers? You would know that I actually have a glass jar on my table where I put in change for one and only one purpose. To convert into Dhirams for Abu Dhabi where I can buy myself the ultimate in “Faberge Eggs”.

A glass of scotch and water.

And a BIg Mac]

I think Alex needs a little help. Give him some if you can.

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