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UKIP – Needlessly Villainous

Elephants will come over here and take the jobs of our common shire horse. Did you know a single elephant can pull two to three times that of a shire? What next? We will be measuring our cars in elephant power and all the numbers will be smaller!

Nigel Farage and five of his MEPs defended the jobs of British Mammals in January.

By voting “No” to a resolution that would strengthen the response to the illegal ivory trade in Europe. Out of 671 MEPs, just 14 said no. 6 of whom (the biggest faction) were from UKIP.

This wasn’t just ivory but wildlife trade and endangered species protection.

Why did they do so? Well UKIP opposes any trend that could expand European control and this would in effect agree that the UK wishes to stand against the trade in Ivory and wildlife.

On a more serious note, if the EU tried to expand European  responses to child labour, modern slavery and human trafficking would Nigel Farage oppose it?



  1. Holms says

    This is depressingly typical of modern politics. “We oppose [proposition] because our political opponents endorse it!” – almost no matter how beneficial that proposition may be.

  2. .. says

    My brother-in-law recently got involved with UKIP. He believes it is the best thing since sliced bread. But he has some quite weird views on many things. Won’t use an Oyster card (public transport payment card) because he believes his journeys will be tracked. Is a man-made climate change denialist. More recently I found he wouldn’t use an automated check-out till at a supermarket. He says they cost jobs, which seems at odds with his otherwise libertarian views. Why would a UKIPer worry about saving someone else’s job? Weird.

  3. .. says

    Avicenna, contrary to all expectations, I did manage to post here. No idea why my username is dot dot though. Thanks for your help, Martin aka Pogsurf.

  4. sheikh mahandi says

    Unfortunately Farage, and the other UKIP MEP’s probably would oppose European responses to the above.

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