This is Criticism!

Stay Classy Anti-FTB! It’s nice to see Racism in addition to Sexism. May I suggest picking up homophobia too? That way the nicest thing I can say about you is that you are a well round douchebag.

Your parents must be so proud.


  1. smrnda says

    Honestly, how can anyone see the nation of India as one of parasites? India has a solid tech sector, among other things, and people in the US are fearful of Indians coming out and beating our asses in STEM.

  2. says

    Wow. A quick comparison of population to energy and resource consumption should tell you that Americans are probably the most “parisitic” humans on the planet.

    Just goes to show how thoroughly bigotry twists people’s ability to do the most simple reasoning.

  3. anteprepro says

    Wow. Blatant racism is blatant. And also a stupid attempt at a “gotcha”. Because when the fuck could an entire nation not be “contributing to society”? The “society” tends to refer to local or national level and not refer to the entire globe (since we do not yet have any global society to speak of). And if they DID want to refer to the national level, then the implication is that India only exists due to foreign aid. So that means extra bonus racism!

    Simply infuriating.

  4. vaiyt says

    The racist asshole is so used to piggybacking on the accomplishments of vaguely similar people, they cannot process that you are judging him individually.

  5. says

    Ha, and “Meg” claimed to be a WoC as well, obviously forgot what “her” sock identity is supposed to be!

  6. AstroKid Nj says

    Cant say I am surprised. No thanks to the vast amount of negative press that the western media gives India, and Leftist buffoons like Taslima and you whining about the plight of the wimminz, and the Rightist buffoons of the West doing their thing.

  7. says

    Oh silly me! Instead I should speak about the 15% of India that is rich and not about the 20% of India that is below the International Poverty Line or the 60% of India that would be considered poor.

    Because hiding your head in the sand is how you make real progress.

  8. says

    Note the right-wing equivocation of poor=parasites.
    The fact that the poor in developing countries probably work harder in a week than most “productive” westerners in a month is lost on them.

    Oh, and bad Avi, sullying the nest. Writing about how things are, criticising thing, how unpatriotic. Really, if people just stopped talking about things that are bad, people woud no longer hear about things that are bad.

  9. says


    Honestly, how can anyone see the nation of India as one of parasites?

    The descendents of non-Mediterranean Europeans are still lashing out for being some of the most uncivilized, least affluent, and least powerful, for the longest time. They are fooled by their colonial and technological heyday (which rode on the backs of non-European discovery and thinking). And they can’t stand losing some of the privilege they enjoyed over others (or their culture enjoyed, even if they didn’t enjoy it at all themselves individually.)

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