Dear Salon, What The Actual Fuck Man!

Dear Salon

If this is what passes for good articles today then sign me the fuck up!

Seriously! My grammatical error laden anger rants are more factually accurate and less idiotic than this drivel. I could certainly use the extra cash flow over August to make up for the hit I took during my exam time and this writing malarkey looks pretty easy!

Have some standards. If you let these drivel mongers then how are you any different from the Huffington Post’s fascination with woo?

Your’s sincerely.


(PS – Serious about the writing thing, hire better writers)


  1. says

    PS – your grammatical errors are mostly to do with apostrophes. If you simply avoid contractions and use them for possessives, you’ll be good. It’s that easy. I know you’re a smart fellow and can handle simple rule-systems.

  2. Matt G says

    Yeah, Salon does put out a lot of crap. When they DO publish a sensible article, though, it is descended upon by so many trolls that no intelligent discussion is possible.

  3. Erik Weissengruber says

    What error? What slip is C.D. supposed to have made? Oh, yeah, and England. That country named a city after that man in one of its colonies. Where were the British death camps and deranged racial political parties? What about C.D.’s befuddlement at the role self-sacrifice and altruism had in preserving human societies? Subsequent anthropologists were able to sort out that conundrum, but Darwin himself was aware that you couldn’t just leap from raw evolutionary mechanics to culture in one single bound. And the rhetoric of race mixing and eugenics is just watered down animal husbandry metaphors wedded to authoritarian and militaristic politics. Just awful.

  4. M can help you with that. says

    I could write better articles than what Salon posts, while drunk. And yet I can’t get a job writing anything but marketing copy. (I write damn good marketing copy, but I lose a little bit of myself with every page.) Am I going to have to reduce my quality to get a gig?

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