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I think I am late to the party here. If you haven’t already heard? Ed Brayton is being a sued by a white supremacist. And while I was purchasing a new, sleeker and more powerful hamster to power my Internet, I was reading the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s look at the Stormfront.

I am aware of the Stormfront as I am aware of various racist groups due to contact with racist people on a normal day. It creeps up in a variety of places after all.

And there are some very very strange places where you find racism. Yes even us atheists. For those who haven’t clicked the links? The first is Pat Condell defending the English Defence League. Now I am of the opinion that the best way for English to be defended would be to ban the average EDL member from speaking it. The EDL are racists, the only difference between them and the Nazis is that the Nazis were snappier dressers. They are violent abusive thugs who have made life hellish for the people of the UK who just happen to be brown.

Pat Condell disagrees, after all. It’s not racism if it is against Muslims since Muslims aren’t a race. Whatever floats your boat mate. I just see a bunch of really white dudes and a few token minorities threaten to attack people like me.

And so to read the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s article on the Stormfront is rather amazing. I just never really thought about all the racist attacks that occurred due to the White Nationalist Mindset.

Up to 100 people have died, having been murdered by members of one forum. according to a report released today by the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. The Stormfront.

A brief history? The Stormfront was founded to help fund David Duke’s run for Senator and became the prime location for all things “White Power”. It is the biggest site for anything to do with white supremacism and a big source of a lot of hate Freethought Blog’s very own Ashley Miller. Why? Apparently falling in love with someone who isn’t white is a terribly destructive. But then again these are from the same minds that in the aftermath of the Lee Rigby murder, decided to make the streets safer through the threats of vigilante justice which ended with EDL members fighting each other on the very streets they were planning to “make safe”.

While we know about white nationalist attacks in the past such as that of Timothy McVeigh, the real increase occurred after Obama took power.

Another such person? Frazier Glen Miller, the man who shot and killed three people believing them to be Jews. Apparently they weren’t. Not to make light of the situation but there is an moral to this. Do not judge a book by it’s cover. He was a member of the Vanguard News Network whose slogan is “No Jews, Just Right”. Well apparently Frazier only got the first part of his idiotic, hate fuelled killing spree correct. He didn’t kill anyone Jewish. See, ordinarily I would be appalled by the loss of life but I work in some of the worst places on earth and this has given me a dark sense of humour.

That despite all the claims of inherent whiteness and the capacity to identify races through clearly visible differences meant nothing. This so called expert of race couldn’t identify races himself! It would be hilarious had not people actually died.

Another person? Wade Michael Page. He killed six at a Sikh Gurudawara before killing himself.

Another? Buford O’Neil shot and wounded three children then killed a Filipino-American postal worker.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Stormfront supporters although they wouldn’t know it. I have met the usual idiots who pushed the more “Positive” Racism of the “Warrior Race” (of course, when lead by white officers dontcha know!) and the ones who spoke to me about the intellectual supremacy of people like Oscar Wilde over us faggots with absolutely no sense of irony or never having actually read Mr. Wilde’s works.

I disagree with the SPLC on their portrayal of a racist. There are many reasons racism raises it’s head. It can be due to an upbringing where you are told from day one that you are simply better than everyone else and indoctrinated with the notion that you are superior. It can be due to a slow spiral into hate. It can be due to a single event. It can be determined by media. Racism has a lot of causes.

I think the SPLC’s depiction of a racist murderer is not unique to racism but to any conspiracy theory. In effect, it is a conspiracy theory. Racism is the conspiracy theory that

1. White people are inherently superior to everyone else

2. That racial divides exist inherently rather than as a constructed division created by people

3. That there is a plot by the other races to destroy the white race

4. That despite being so superior, the other races have pulled the wool over the white man’s eyes

5. History is false and written to support the current status quo rather than the reality of the “true history”

Racists come in all shapes and sizes, the SPLC’s depiction of them as male is daft. There are clearly women who fall in love with racists. It’s where little racists come from.

And a lot of the frustration of the racist is the same as anyone else who has seen the truth.

I travel a lot on Indian roads. Indian roads are filled with maniacs who drive their tiny autos, motorcycles and 3 cylinder super minis around crude diesel engine powered buses as if this were a formula one race. At times I must be the only one who thinks that honking your gigantic overpowered horn doesn’t do anything to help the situation and that everyone driving like this must be quite mad.

I bet the White nationalist feels the exact same way. Only the things he wants to exist simply don’t. The “truth” as he sees it is a delusion. A fantasy created for a variety of reasons. A fantasy that explains why things have gone wrong so perfectly that blames a single cogent source.

The anonymity of the web allows White Nationalists to air grievances. The major one boils down to a very simple problem. White People Used To Get A Free Ride, Now They Do Not. To white nationalists, this is not equality. To them it is pulling white people down from their deserved reward.

They are rebels without a cause and without a clue, because they forget that their privilege was at the cost of others and all that is being removed was the special treatment that occurred at the cost of other people. And the irony of this all was that it mainly attracts a group of people who seem to think the Nazis of Germany (WW II era) would have somehow supported them. Rather than used them as cannon fodder on the Eastern Front. It’s a very rosy view of White Racism throughout the ages.

Deep inside the Stormfronter is the fantasy that had they been born in the past they would have been the Slave master, the Viceroy on an Elephant, the General. Not the poor farmhand or the poor berk who got killed with an interesting spear or a soldier who froze to death in Russia without having fired a single shot. That had they been born in a world where white people had all their historical privileges, they would be on top.

 There are the usual suspects to blame. Richard Scott Baumhammers killed his Jewish neighbour, painted swastikas on her synagogue and then killed a further 6 people. Why? Jews control everything right? In this the White Nationalist shares a delusion with Islamic Fundamentalism.

This is a poisonous dialogue. It creates a hotbox of hate. For want of a better analogy? The racist may be mild to begin with but is exposed to a dialogue of racism

The same can be seen in the case of Ian Bishop. A member of Stormfront Youth who killed his brother because he thought he was gay.

Don Black, the creator of the Stormfront denied providing a forum of homophobia in addition to conspiracy theories, far right beliefs and racism. He claimed Ian Bishop killed his brother because he thought his parents liked him better. And that he denies the role of such an environment on a child. Ian Bishop was just 14.

Remember Richard Poplawski? The NRA were pretty silent about this use of an assault rifle since he killed 3 police officers and wounded another with his AK-47.

The worst incident was Anders Behring Breivik, who set off a truck bomb in front of a government building in downtown Oslo, Norway. The blast killed eight and injured hundreds more. I met one of the survivors in Manchester for dinner a while back.

Dressed as a police officer and armed with a Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle and a Glock pistol, Breivik then boarded a ferry to Utoya Island, where a Workers Youth League summer camp was being held. There, Breivik shot and killed 69 people, most of them teenagers.

Breivik was captured without incident. Breivik calmly told authorities that he blamed the government for allowing Norway to be “invaded” by Muslims. Breivik was registered on the  Stormfront, while not a prolific poster he wrote about “Feminism, corrupt treacherous politicians, a corrupt treacherous media, pro-immigration Jewry and a corrupt academia is the hole in the ‘dike,’ while Muslims are the water flooding in.”

His racist manifesto was mailed to Stormfront members, there was a claim that he was banned from the Stormfront. Later, Breivik admits to lying about that to distance himself from the site to protect them from any fallout from the leftist media. Good job there Mr. Breivik.

In August 2012, after Breivik was convicted and sentenced to 21 years in prison, a Stormfront thread announced the sentence and included a photograph of Breivik defiantly raising his fist in the air. Stormfront lauded Breivik as a “hero” and a “P.O.W.” I claim that he was a douchebag who killed so many people and brought so much sadness and tragedy into a world full of happiness.

We have paradise at our feet and people like Breivik chose to make it worse. The Stormfront’s goal is to make the world a slightly more worse place.

Black provided his own commentary on Breivik. “Unfortunately, I happened upon this thread this morning, just before our radio show. This makes me want to pull the plug on this place and never look back. We attract too many sociopaths.” I think the problem is you attract too many racists who think that the only human beings are white.

But this began a renaissance for Black’s site. As the numbers spiked so did scrutiny of the racists.

As of this point there are more than a quarter of a million visitors to the Stormfront and it makes a large amount of money in donations. To put it into perspective? I normally make between $20 to $80 in advertisement fees a month and an odd donation hear and there. Mr. Black’s hate site pulls in thousands of dollars in advertisment, merchandise and donations.

Whether it creates murderers or whether white nationalism is simply an ethos prone to extremism and an extension of the violence it is mired in? You decide. I think White Nationalism as a whole has always been a violent movement and it is not the website that encouraged them to violence but the dialogue of White Nationalism.

Let us not forget, That Don Black… the founder of the Stormfront was jailed for his role in an attempted coup of Dominica where he had planned to overthrow the Island Nation’s “Black” government and create a white nationalist paradise where the endeavour and spirit of white nationalists would wow the world.

Violence is inherent to the movement, Don Black was once willing to kill. His mentor was Joseph Paul Franklin. A serial killer who may have been responsible for the deaths of nearly 40 people who were all killed for being in interracial relationships. What’s puzzling to  Don, is not that the violence is taking place but that people are getting so angry about it. His movement wants to kill other races. His movement wants to kill “race traitors”. It wants to eliminate any mixed race.

It should be no surprise that it is so violent. What surprised me was the scale of the violence and it’s ingrained nature throughout the Stormfront’s lifespan.


  1. says

    It’s been reported Frazier Glen Miller, is an Odin-besotted Asatru, who links Christianity with Judaism. So it’s not that surprising he was willing to shoot others besides Jews.

  2. says

    After watching Pat Condell and Thunderf00t melt down, I’ve changed my thinking – now, when I see someone who’s attacking anything passionately, I doubt whether their passion is honest and wonder if it conceals something deeper. I think a lot of us skeptics/atheists have been fooled by people who are passionately “on our side” but actually are passionate because they just want an excuse to hate. It takes scrutiny and time to figure out what anyone’s motives are, but I’m no longer accepting “they’re on my side” as a good motive.

  3. says

    Yes but the problem with both meltdowns is

    Pat Condell got a major leg up from Dawkins. Like a serious one, so most people still see that endorsement. By contrast Dawkins has not come out saying “Pat’s not correct on these issues”.

    Thunderfoot’s thing is just a mess. You know how you said the problem of “Twitter”? Well the problem of “youtube” is that it isn’t a mode of discussion. Thunderfoot just makes one sided videos with no one really seeing the stuff he is mocking in full.

    The best example was that “Mountain Lion” video. None of the people who defended it watched the original video from an Indian Comedy Group mocking the stupid things people said about rape. The joke was Thunderfoot’s complete lack of awareness of the minefield he had fallen into.

    It’s very hard to pay attention to a 10 minute video and make a rebuttal. Not without people joining in half way with no idea.

  4. Pen says

    I think these extreme racist movements work exactly like cults. They depend on people isolating themselves with only like-minded individuals and no correction on their viewpoint. Under those circumstances their views can spiral almost anywhere . It seemed to be the case with Breivik who was out to lunch on a whole bunch of things. I was reading about his case the other day and it seems that the whole question of his sanity rested on whether his beliefs were those of a bona-fide sub-culture or not. As though we can’t necessarily tell whether a person is sane or insane just by questioning them, but only with reference to a social norm??

    Personally, I find it very hard to understand how someone gets from a culture I nominally share with them to extreme racism… And yet, on the other hand, it has to be admitted that the stuff is out there. I can’t pretend I haven’t heard every racist proposition under the sun, any more than I can pretend I don’t know the ins and outs of Christianity. So somehow, people are switching their belief tags to accept this crap we’re stuck with for historical reasons, or they’re programmed with it from an early age – just like religion. I would suspect their personality types or life situations are similar to those of members of cults. Maybe more so than to those of conspiracy believers. I suspect the latter are more motivated by an anti-authoritarian over-skeptical attitude, whereas cultists and extreme racists often embrace very authoritarian, dogmatic systems.

    They are rebels without a cause and without a clue, because they forget that their privilege was at the cost of others and all that is being removed was the special treatment that occurred at the cost of other people.

    As a matter of detail, I think this may be a fair analysis as far as America is concerned, but it doesn’t really account for the situation of those Europeans who have only lost the ‘privilege’ of having the place to themselves and apparently don’t know how to react other than by having meltdowns. European racists typically rely on indigenousness for their arguments and don’t appeal to white superiority as often or as intensely as racist members of the European diaspora. So I suspect anyway, I haven’t actually measured. Strategically, I think it may be useful to take note of these New World/Old World differences in so far as they exist. It discourages their alliance, also the prevention of conversion and the deprogramming of individuals could depend on it.

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