Foundation Beyond Belief’s First National Conference Needs You

To show up! 

Foundation Beyond Belief, the nation’s largest humanist charitable organization, is holding its first national conference, “Humanism at Work,” July 18-20, 2014 at the Hilton Rosemont in Chicago, Illinois.

This conference, the first of its kind in the freethought community, centers on how nontheists can put their compassionate humanism to work for a better world. It will include TED-style presentations on philanthropy, volunteering, and community building, as well as practical workshops, panels, and hands-on volunteer opportunities.

Look we know that atheists don’t think that the lack of belief in a god is a reason to get together and hang out, but humanism’s about secular charity. Something we need desperately.

I have written about missionaries in the past and about how religion spreads it’s belief through mission work. And how some of the major issues the world faces are due to the unforseen circumstances of replacing one superstition with another. The Palestinians support Hamaas because Hamaas have a humanitarian wing and run schools and hospitals. Somalia’s radicalisation is due to Saudi Missionary work. Hell, the African Witch-hunters are usually baptists, a product of mission work from the USA. That is without bringing up the work of the Roman Catholic Church.

People often don’t wish to participate in this, I cannot fathom why but that’s because I do this sort of work. No I will not be attending this conference. I not only have work during this period but also could not afford to travel there. So go in my stead, see what you can do and maybe do something.

I agree that there is no god, but I think heaven is at our feet. It’s my choice to help others experience a little bit of it or at least ensure that our children have a nicer world. And that is what a humanist charity is about.

Speakers include:

  • Evidence-based giving expert CAROLINE FIENNES
  • Nigerian humanist and human rights activist LEO IGWE
  • Atheist homelessness activist SERAH BLAIN
  • HEMLEY GONZALEZ, a humanist at work with the poor in Calcutta
  • Atheist authors HEMANT MEHTA and GRETA CHRISTINA
  • Social psychologist DR. BRITTANY SHOOTS-REINHARD
  • THE PATHFINDERS, three humanists just returned from a year of global service

To register, go to the Humanism at Work website. We’ve worked hard to keep the conference affordable at $129 before April 15 and $149 after that date. Included in that price is a formal dinner at which we will give away the Heart of Humanism awards to those who have put humanism into action in their local communities and around the world.

You may not agree with the idea of community atheism, but you have to admit these are worthy causes.

The way I see it? There are horrible things out there. Terrible things. The world turns on suffering and pain. If there is a god? Then we are fools to worship any such. Suffering is inherent in the wild. It is our evolution and our tools that make life comfortable. And what we have, we have won through hard work.

And we in the west got lucky, we benefited the most from technology.

Often at the cost of others. I think we should give back.

Now if you don’t wish to give then no one’s going to twist your arm. Just let others who wish to help do so.

I can’t go, but you can. So make this a new event in your calendar of humanist/atheist events.


  1. ImaginesABeach says

    Unless they have, and post, an anti-harassment policy, I will not consider attending.

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