Islamic Economics of Sex

This one was particularly idiotic. I had written a fair few articles decrying the Burkha and Niqab. Listen, I don’t mind that it’s a cultural outfit in many parts of the Middle East. I don’t mind that it is a choice for some women.

But for most women the choice is very biased. You are free to wear the Burkha or be a dirty slut who is sullied by the fact that light from the sun/artificial light source has bounced off you and dared to enter the eye of a man. Oh it’s not spoken of like that but the implicit notion is that the mere shape of a woman is enticement to sin.

If all things being equal, then the Burkha would be worn like my Sherwani, it is not. It is part of the system that Islam uses to control women. Maybe one day it will be a fashion choice, but right now it is not.

There are many feminists who defend it, to which I say “the day the Burkha becomes a Fashion Choice is the day I agree with you, but right now? It’s a weapon that kills promise and achievement”.

But there are apologists and they do ask questions.


By what? By whom? By those devious creatures. Women.

One obvious method is our desire. Women have capitalized on this for ages to maximize their inherent need for satiation of their life functions.

I am no expert in language but this doesn’t really mean anything. Women have capitalised on Men’s desire?

Oh? So women are terrible sexual predators and if we didn’t stick them in black, shapeless outfits; they would have their way with us with their sexual wiles.

A desire women have capitalized on is our desire for sex. The woman then states her conditions, be it by cultural norm or stated blatantly to her prospective partner. There is then intimated to the man the guarantee of sex should he fulfill the stated conditions.

There is no guarantee of sex. This is a venn diagram of failure  that includes Pick Up Artists and Muslim apologists. There is nothing that guarantees you sex. Any woman can refuse sex. You can ply her with flowers, jewels and turkish delight and if she doesn’t want to have sex then you assuming it is a guarantee means that any sex that does take place is rape.

Sex is not a contract where sex occurs if conditions are met. Even in the middle of sex the permission to continue may change.

If that occurs? I suggest you communicate with your partner and stop until a green light is provided. This works both ways.

Since women exercise such a power over men it behooves them to raise their standards. And what could be a worse display of reduction in standards than a woman giving away glimpses of herself for free?

Even if a woman was naked it does not say anything about her character. If a naked woman is in your presence and you touch her against her will in any way, it says more about you than her.

And this behooves men to learn to control their libido. My dog won’t eat unless I command it to. I can leave food in it’s plate and walk away and come back 2 hours later to see food still untouched unless I give the permission to do so. My dog is more disciplined than your portrayal of men.

You are hence introduced to the smartest economist, the Muslim woman. She knows how to maximize her benefits and reduce her costs. Costs being exposure to market risk i.e. putting her goods on display and not having any customers and benefits being appreciation of her assets. 

If your only benefit is being a good Muslim woman and the determiner of that is subservience, discretion, quietness, compliance and wearing a Burkha then yes. The Muslim woman doing all this is a smart economist. However this is like suggesting the ideal business strategy is to not expand, not innovate and lose money hand over fist. The ideal itself is flawed, the goal is portrayed and spun as a positive.

The Muslim woman, her conditions are stricter than the average girl. 

wa Allahu ‘Alam, and Allah knows best.

If the only value of a woman to you is how she looks and what she wears then of course her conditions are stricter. Because all that this woman was to you is how she looked. You were more worried about what people like yourself thought about her and how she should avoid you thinking those thoughts.

The problem here is not women who do not wear Burkhas but men who wish for women to wear them under the notion of concern and the guise of honour and chastity.


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  2. A. Noyd says

    The problem is the system where women are blocked from gaining things unless they go through men. But they never think of tearing down that system.

  3. leni says

    Exactly. And the fact that most women in those systems only have pretty much only the one option is a feature, not a bug.

  4. A. Noyd says

    Er, I should make it clear that the “they” in my second sentence is “men.” Though, of course there are women who defend the system as well. Here’s a really awesome response to one such woman by an ex-Muslim blogger.

  5. smrnda says

    Don’t some of these types support arranged marriages, so isn’t the idea that women are even active agents in the market at all false for at least a number of these Islamic fundamentalists?

    On ‘appreciating assets’ if I can’t tell some guy is checking me out, I really don’t care.

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  7. says

    A desire women have capitalized on is our desire for sex. The woman then states her conditions, be it by cultural norm or stated blatantly to her prospective partner. There is then intimated to the man the guarantee of sex should he fulfill the stated conditions.

    Good grief! No wonder they have trouble getting consensual sex: they’re unpleasant people to be around. Like the “friend” who does you a small favor in expectation of a large favor – not a friend at all.

  8. jimboforreason says

    I have a friend who travels to Pakistan and the middle east on a frequent basis. He says that when leaving an Islamic country, as soon as the plane levels off at altitude and turns off the seatbelt sign, all the burka-ed or heavily-covered women rush to the bathrooms, change into western clothes, and then go back to their seats and start ordering alcoholic drinks. What games we humans play.

  9. says

    Precisely, I witnessed this behaviour myself even back in the 1980s, on flights from Saudi Arabia to the (then) more liberal Bahrain, before the land-crossing was built. The busiest flights out of Riyadh and Jeddah were on Thursday evening, with Saudis and their wives/girlfriends fleeing the Kingdom before the Muslim sabbath. The womenfolk emerged from the aircraft toilets in tee-shirts and jeans, and the couples apparently spent the whole weekend occupying the Bahrain Hilton.

  10. says

    I think you are confusing Muslims for Islam.

    Remember, the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia at this time was one of the more moderate nations and was in the process of change to fundie. It still had people who had grown up in the era of fashion shows and glamour. Women just wore the Burkha but still maintained their fashion senses. That’s the nuance I keep talking about. That there are moderate Muslims but with each year there are fewer and the dialogue shifts towards the more radical because we don’t criticise fundies for fear of offending.

  11. says

    I have no doubt I did not understand all the issues at the time. Middle Eastern social politics has always been extremely complex and obscure. But I do remember my Bahraini friends considered Saudi Arabia even then to be very hardline and conservative in comparison to themselves, and viewed the weekly exodus coming their way as somewhat hypocritical. They were particularly not looking forward to the King Fahd Causeway connecting the two territories (it was completed in 1986).

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